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85. Strangling the Breath of Faith


Holes will open up; even some gigantic holes will appear in society. Some have already appeared. People felt that the walls of protection were strong and that the fibers of society were tightly woven together, but so much is frayed, so much worn away, so much left unattended for so long. The human spirit has not been nourished. What holds together a society?

People will say “the great institutions, the Constitution, the laws, the political offices”. They will point to all those things outside of themselves. Yet, what brought them into existence? What breathed life into this nation? How was it born? What kept it vital? It was the human spirit, fed and nourished by faith. This nation was built upon faith in God. Faith was the breath that breathed life into America. Now, that breath is gasping for life. It is being deliberately choked to death by those who would remove religion from American life. And the death of faith is being witnessed by those who cannot grasp the role of faith in breathing life into the institutions.

Life of Faith

The life of America is the life of faith. It is your churches that breathe life into you. The churches give you citizens who are ready to serve. The churches give you families committed to goodness. Why are you killing the Churches? Why? Why are they falsely portrayed? Why are they slandered? You have taken up another agenda. You have taken up the rights of women to kill their unborn. You have taken up the rights of those who want to change the nature of marriage. You have taken up the rights of so many and you have set aside the rights of God. When the churches raise their voices to challenge your agenda, when the churches speak about right and wrong, you say, “Let us kill the churches. Let us silence their voices. Let us call them radical. Let us diminish the churches”.

Need I say more? And your young stay away. They see the churches as you depict them. You are strangling the faith that breathes life into your institutions.

Comment: As America marginalizes the Churches, the important gifts of the Churches to America are destroyed.


89. The Power of the Culture


Why do all men walk along the same path? Does no one question the conventional wisdom? There is a mindset which I must break and set my children free. That is what my words accomplish. My children must allow me to shatter the worldly chains that keep them bound. Like Peter set free by the angel, they will be able to walk out of their prison. Yes, they are in prison to the thinking of the world which is an enemy to the gospel. Let me begin.

When you listen to others, do not immediately accept their values. Question them in light of the gospels. Yes, make the gospels your light and my Son’s words a guide to your path because no other light exists.

Culture of Light

Form little communities of the word. In this way, the darkness of the culture will be cast out and the little seed of God’s word planted in your heart can grow.

You can see my plan. I must raise up cultures of light, where the darkness of the world is seen as darkness. But even more where the light can be sustained and people can live according to the light because they are encouraged by others

My greatest desire is to break that culture of the world which is an enemy to my Son’s word and which draws so many into its darkness.

Its power grows every day by the propaganda put forth. Yes, the propaganda, the constant drum beating for what is evil and which violates God’s commands. This is the problem. My children awaken each morning to the blare of a thousand trumpets proclaiming the freedom of man to create his own world, when really he is destroying his world. This is my dilemma, the great problem that I face.

Comment: Every day, in a thousand ways, the message of the world reaches everyone’s ears.


90. The Pope’s Death


Although I do not reveal the exact time and dates (for this is not yet needed), I point to the signs of the times which all can read. When the exact moments come closer, I can be more specific because all can understand. Before the culminating events, other moments will happen which will lead up to it. It will not come as a surprise to anyone who listens to my words. This is why I speak, to prepare you so that when all the events occur you will be kept safe. Your house will be built upon rock and will not collapse.

I can see the forces of evil building up. Each of those under Satan’s power are storing up their own evil. They are each in their own houses, so the time is not yet at hand. No one has come on the scene to call them together, to bind them as one. I will delay his coming. I will put obstacles in his way. I will cause dissension among those whom he would want to gather. In this way, the little ones will have more time to prepare.

A Delay Not A Postponement

Yet, I do not want you to be illusioned. Pushing back the time of these events is just a delay, not a postponement. The clash must come. This is the only way to dispel these forces of evil. They have claimed too many hearts and the message of repentance does not reach these hearts. They are intent on a holy war and on the destruction of Israel. They will not turn back. They believe that their cause is a holy one and that they will quickly dominate the world. This force has been building for centuries, consolidating its powers, suffering losses at some moments, but always moving forward, convinced that its cause is true and will inevitably conquer.

What can I do with such an evil force, which uses the sword to gain its goals? My Son told his followers to put away the sword and to lay down their lives for each other. This will be the turning point, when my son, the pope, will lay down his life. Then, the Spirit of Jesus will be poured forth upon a world in shock, a world made ready to weep and repent. Before that, much must take place.

Comment: Mary will win the victory in our time, the same way she won the victory 2000 years ago, by sacrificing her son, this time, the pope. This will be a moment of a great and new outpouring of the Holy Spirit and a gigantic change of events in human history.


91. The Effects of Consecrating Russia


Do not be afraid to pierce the mysteries because these are mysteries of life, which will bring eternal life to those who follow my words. Now, there are towers of death, powerful and seemingly invincible. These will collapse like the Communist system. My son, Pope John Paul II, consecrated a year to me and look at what happened during that year. The wall came down and Communism was toppled, without a single shot being fired and without war being declared. All of this happened before the eyes of all, on the 2000 anniversary of my birth, deliberately highlighted by the pope from behind the Iron Curtain. It was for him that I did this.

Now, I will raise up another person who will do a greater consecration, the one I have asked for at Fatima. All the world will know that this has been done, completed with all the bishops and with the world looking on.

The Collapse of Evil

Slowly, the foundations of evil will erode. There is no need to blow up a building. If the foundation erodes, the whole building will collapse. When the building collapses, then evil will no longer go forth

What will happen when the pope consecrates Russia to my Immaculate Heart? My armies will go forth. I will call all the little ones. They will know that my great request has been fulfilled. They will say, “We are at a new moment in history. It has taken us almost 100 years but at last, the request has been fulfilled.” There will be a new hope and a new spirit. All those who worked so hard to bring this about, will experience unbelievable joy. They will have a new power. They will know that their Queen has finally been proclaimed and that I finally am placed on the lampstand. This will not just be a mental reality. I will send my presence all over the world. My army will experience that I am with them. Then, they will march.

Comment: So many are praying for the Pope to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart. When this happens, Mary’s army will evangelize in joy.


92. People in the Political Field


Who realizes what is taking place? Who can see deeply enough into the true causes of things? Men are just pawns in Satan’s hands, doing what he wants and moved into place because he desires. These men say “I have gained this high place. I have come into this position of power”. Really, they have been moved there by the Evil One to fulfill his purposes. They are given power over 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s, and even more, because he knows when and why he will need them. It is like a game of chess in which he plots his strategy, waiting to pounce on his goal, the destruction of Israel and Jerusalem. I constantly repeat this theme but this is the goal and nothing can be understood away from this.

Mary’s Stirrings

There are also gentle stirrings, people feeling in their hearts a call. This is my strategy and quite different from the Evil One’s. I do not put people in place for evil purposes, to destroy or to ruin. I put people in place to build up and to protect. This is the role of my Church but it is also the role of others in key places. I will put in very special positions, those who are closest to my heart.

I know who they are and I am right now stirring their hearts. I must re-establish the moral order. I must build again an America that accepts moral values. I must have people in place whose hearts I won. How will I block Satan’s evil schemes? I must have my people in place so, when he tries to pounce upon the prize, he will be surprised by those I raise up to confront him.

This time is so precious, the time before the conflict begins.

The elections. I always speak of the elections but what other time is so important for putting people in places of power? Blessed are those who work in the political field for truth.

Comment: Mary is clear. Satan has people in high places but Mary also has her people.


92. Seeking Heaven’s Help


How long a road this has been – this road into darkness that mankind has walked. Now, the darkness surrounds the earth on every side and it seems as if there is no escape. The Evil One, for centuries, has enticed man to come into his house, a house of evil and suffering.

He always knew what was needed to entice mankind, what would get world leaders to take his path and what would get the people to follow. There has been one step after another, but always along his road.

Now the pace quickens. He believes that mankind has passed the point of no return, that it is locked into his path. He has convinced man that there is only one way to solve its problems – to look at their own resources and their human solutions. He has cut off the access to heaven, knowing that if he battles an isolated mankind that he will win. He can easily trick men and use them for his own designs.

Confidence in Technology

Are there no heavenly solutions? Indeed there are. Heavenly solutions abound but they lie useless because man does not seek heavenly solutions. “We can figure this out on our own”, they say. “We have the technology. We have everything we need.” O mankind, you do not realize who your adversary is and how he will use the very solutions that you put forth so as to entangle you. You will die by your own swords unless you seek the help of heaven.

Yes, right now, you must seek the help of heaven. Let the cry go up, “We must seek the help of heaven”. Let it be placed in every heart, “We must seek the help of heaven”. Let it become part of the nations’ consciousness. Let it be ingrained in the nation’s soul. Let large crowds gather. Let stadiums be filled. The ones you built for all your entertainments and for the gods that you worship on your sports fields.

Let the crowds gather to worship my Son and to seek the help of heaven. Then, you will find heaven’s help in the midst of all your darkness.

Comment: Satan loves it when mankind does not seek God’s help. He is the inevitable winner.