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146. Picking the Vice President


Evil grows in darkness. There men do not see or realize the forces that shape events and the powers that drag them in the wrong direction. Let me explain.

In the beginning of a project, men have good ideas. These offer a genuine hope for the welfare of the earth, but inevitably, the original idea is corrupted. What was meant to serve many soon becomes a source of great evil.

So, it is with the political systems. Originally they were established to bring about good order and allow the voice of the people to be heard. But, these political systems have been corrupted. Officials are bought off. Bribes are paid. The good of the people is set aside. Politicians need large funds to gain office. The system labors under gigantic weights that sap its effectiveness and burdens the people with extraordinary taxes. Good people try to reform the system, but vested interests destroy any attempts to recapture the original purpose.

This is so true in every sphere of political life that the entire system is weighed down and is about to collapse. The money will not be there to support the system. Federal and state governments are in debt. No one can shake out the system and rejuvenate it. How long can Washington continue in this way before everything collapses? The warning signs are everywhere, but people think that things will go on as usual.

So, I say this clearly, Washington, you are much, much closer to financial collapse than you can possibly imagine. It is right around the corner. Yet, you do nothing – deficit after deficit, always making the building higher and paying no attention to the foundation that can no longer sustain your debt.

Who will come forth? Who will the American people trust? Who can secure the economic future of the American government? He is there but you do not see him. He has held back. He has not put his name forward. He stays in the shadows. Is there anyone who will see and go to him and pull him into the limelight? Even if he is just second on the ticket, he will be high enough up to bring about the needed reforms.

Comment: Mary speaks of America’s greatest need, a person as the vice-president who has the skills and the courage to get the financial house in order.


147. Having No Poor in Your Midst


I place you in the middle of all these events, so you can see clearly the will of the Father and the perversity of man who would take all glory to himself, and turn everything to his benefit. This is not how the Father acts. From the very beginning of creation God has done everything for man’s happiness. All blessings pour out from the Father and can be received by man according to the Father’s wisdom. However, man substitutes his own wisdom and loses the blessings. This is what I want to describe.

The world is filled with blessings. There would be even more, but man has ruined parts of creation and has deliberately set aside other parts (as when fields are deliberately left fallow). What was meant to be a mighty flow has become just a little stream. As a results, many are deprived. This has happened for centuries and scientists will soon uncover more and more evidence.

However, I am interested in the modern age, so we will begin there. With the production of modern weapons and of modern technology, the ability of man to destroy creation and to cause human shortages has multiplied. Everything is done with a view to profits and little is ever done to bless mankind. Who thinks of the hungry mouths that need to be fed or of the wounds that need to be treated? Who oversees the flow of destructive arms? Who plans how good water is made available? Who sets aside ten percent of their resources to help the needy, as the bible so clearly teaches. This is my teaching today. Do not say that when people go to Church, they should give 10%. Everyone, in every part of society, should set aside 10% for the needy. Companies must set it aside. Families must set it aside.

People say, “The government takes care of the poor”. Really, there should be no poor. If everyone thought like the heavenly father, people and companies would look around to see who they can help. When companies go to poor countries, they go to rob that country of its resources without even thinking, “How can we bless these people? How can we lift them out of their poverty?” Instead, they leave the people worse off than before they came.

What always happens? People do not set aside 10%. Companies and other institutions do not set aside 10%. The government raises taxes to care for the poor. The politicians pocket the money and distribute what is left over to those who vote for them. You can see how many social and political ills would not exist if charity happened where it was supposed to take place. All who have income and profits should set aside their tithe to help those who sit at their doorstep. I will bless these families and these companies, in good economic times and in poor economic times. However, no one listens and all is done with a view to profits.

Comment: Mary speaks about a gigantic change in the social structure, coming about by setting aside 10% for the needy.


148. Inviting Mary Onto the World Stage


In the power which the heavenly Father has given to me, I walk into the middle of every storm, and I quell it, removing its power. These storms of destruction come from the Evil One who loves to stir up strife and violence. When I calm the storm, I defeat him and set my children free from his grasp. This the lesson I want you to learn today. So, let us begin.

God created man to live in a tranquility of order and enjoy relationships that lift up the human spirit. Adam was created in a paradise where all is in order. He notices only a loneliness in his heart, the need for another. When Eve is created, he sees her as a helpmate and a companion. She is, “Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh”.

Tranquility and peace are God’s plan. Discord, strife, violence and war are Satan’s plan. Learn this well. Whenever you see hatred, lust, anger and violence, know that the Evil One is at work. These are the tell-tale marks of his presence and power.

In the midst of strife, you must say “The Evil One is at work”, but even more, you must say, “I will invite Mary, the Woman, the sworn enemy of Satan. She will defeat him.” Yes, just ask me to come, whenever there is strife. I will come and the sting of Satan will have no power. The issues can be resolved in light and the solutions will be lasting ones.

This is why I ask that Russia be consecrated to me. I am waiting and waiting to be invited. I wait in the wings waiting for my cue to come onto the world stage. When I come, I will overcome the Evil One.

Why do I wait for the whole church to invite me? Why do I want the Pope and the bishops to do this publicly? When a couple invites me, I come on the family stage. So, when the whole Church invites me, I come on to the world stage. By this public worldwide invitation, all will know, “Mary has been invited”. When invited, I will release all my powers and the fires of hell will be quenched. Then, man can solve his disputes according to right reason.


149. Mary, the Fundamentalist


In the world there is always movement. Things are always changing. One thing fades and another comes into prominence, like a show on a stage which moves from one act to the next. Yet, man does not perceive. Each scene leaves behind its effects. This is what I want to describe.

People forget the way the world used to be, how people obeyed God and lived in his light. This was the Age of Faith, when God’s law formed the culture. Then, one thing after another came onto the stage. Need I list them? Divorce, contraception, abortion, homosexuality, in vitro fertilization, Playboy Magazine, Viagra. The list goes on and on. Fashions change and modesty is thrown away like an unwanted coin. These did not come overnight. Each one appeared slowly on the scene, one after another. What will come next? You can see what I mean. What people would never accept if introduced quickly, they gradually accept as it is presented to them little by little. Life is forever changed because they forget the way life should be. Now, all these forces are released in society and children who are born come into quite a different world, a darker world, a world filled with darkness that did not exist before.

How can this society be purified? Anyone who preaches is called radical, a fundamentalist. Let it be known, I am the deepest of fundamentalists. I see clearly the will of the Father. I see how he views all these changes that have moved mankind away from his law. I see the total disregard for the Lord’s Day. I see the scourge that has happened to your children by the introduction of drugs and pornography. I see and I speak so you might see. Open your eyes to what has happened to America! Look at your children. Are they the same as you or has society stole them from you and erased their religious values? Do they see life as you see it? Is their faith as deep as your faith?

What can be done? See the situation for what it is. Awake from your blindness. Cleanse your home. Purify your family. Say to yourself, “My family and I will walk a different road. I will find other families who will walk with me. We will come together to foster the ancient truths and the former values.” I will be with you on this long and arduous quest.

Comment: When the culture was healthy, families were healthy. Now, the family must resist the culture.


Many persons and institutions are hollow, having no inner core of truth. A time of judgment, different for each one, will come. Those persons and institutions built upon a lie will be removed from office or they will collapse. They will be replaced by people of truth and by institutions built on truth. In this way, when decisions are made, the darkness will be put aside.

These people and institutions of darkness, allow the powers of darkness to spread and grab hold. They see absolutely nothing wrong with the darkness. They even agree with the darkness. Because darkness is part of their agenda, they foster the darkness instead of removing it. This must change.


150. The Real Face of the Arab Spring


The time is ripe for rebellion and the overthrow of dictators. However, what happens after he is removed? What forces fill the vacuum of power that is left behind? Those who took the initiative are forced out of the way and the forces lurking in hiding know that it is time to come forth. And come forth they have! Now the true face behind the Middle East uprisings is seen, the dark face of radical Muslims who are quickly taking advantage of the situation as I told you months ago. Now, I will speak about what will take place in these nations which are plunging into a greater darkness which could not be seen by the West.

The radical Muslims will quickly strengthen their hold. They know how to organize. They know their goals and how to attain them. Others will sit on the sidelines, confused and not knowing how to respond. These Muslims will do what they always do. They will show one face to the West, the face which the West wants to see, but they will act for their own goals in a secretive and hidden manner. Some reports will leak out, but these will be set aside in the West because the West wants to see this as the Arab Spring, a fiction which the radicals will use and will even pretend is happening. Oh West, do you think that human rights and human dignity will win the day? You do not want to look. You will not examine beneath the surface.

You did not plan these revolutions. They sprung up from the power of darkness, from Satan who used the legitimate aspirations of the people for freedom from a dictator for his own goals. Now, he has taken control over these nations and he will use the people and the resources to fuel his fires. I say “his fires” because that is what you will see.

Do you believe that he is limited by national boundaries? Does he not set fire in one country, so that it would spread to others? Do you think he is content with claiming Muslin countries? That is not his goal. His goal is Israel and now he has taken the surrounding nations and is tightening his grip. And you call it an Arab Spring.

Comment: In these locutions, months ago, Mary warned about the forces of darkness taking control. We see them in Egypt and will see it in Libya.


151. Safeguarding the Other Children


I wait and wait, never giving up hope that all would turn to me and be saved from the coming chastisements. I plead with the heavenly Father to delay his judgments and to set aside the chastisements which man truly deserves. Is this not the normal approach of a mother, to plead for mercy and forgiveness? I plead like no one else, and the Father sees that I have attained this role by standing at the foot of the cross and enduring my Son’s passion. Yet, how long can I plead and how long can I keep back the scourge of God?

Evil cannot just be passed on. The more that God delays, the more he must allow evil to continue without being removed by divine intervention. This is the dilemma. People commit sin. Out of mercy, God delays in punishing them. Yet, this same mercy allows the sin to continue and to contaminate others. God cannot just look at the individual. He must see how the individual sin adversely affects others and leads them into sin. Yet, I plead and ask man to seek another path. This is what I preach. Mankind must quickly take the other path. They cannot delay. It is unjust for the Father to postpone punishment when others who are innocent will be caught up in the unpunished evil.

Do not say that God’s chastisements are unjust. He must care for the other children who are in the house. Can a father leave an eldest son’s sins go unpunished when the other children will quickly follow suit? No. He must move against the evil, choosing the best method to correct his sin and destroy the evil. No one would call him an unjust or merciless father, when he has other children to protect.

This is the position of your heavenly Father. However, when I see what he needs to do, I plead with him to gain more time for repentance. Yet, I can only hold back the chastisements for a short time. Then, the righteous anger, fueled by the sins of mankind, will pour over in ways too horrible to describe. In those moments, I will weep for my children but I will not say it is unjust or not needed. I will resign myself to what has been destroyed and move on to those whom I can help. Yet, this need not happen. If only you would listen to my messages.

Comment: People wonder why God punishes. However, without chastisements, sins are passed on to God’s other children.