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150. The Real Face of the Arab Spring


The time is ripe for rebellion and the overthrow of dictators. However, what happens after he is removed? What forces fill the vacuum of power that is left behind? Those who took the initiative are forced out of the way and the forces lurking in hiding know that it is time to come forth. And come forth they have! Now the true face behind the Middle East uprisings is seen, the dark face of radical Muslims who are quickly taking advantage of the situation as I told you months ago. Now, I will speak about what will take place in these nations which are plunging into a greater darkness which could not be seen by the West.

The radical Muslims will quickly strengthen their hold. They know how to organize. They know their goals and how to attain them. Others will sit on the sidelines, confused and not knowing how to respond. These Muslims will do what they always do. They will show one face to the West, the face which the West wants to see, but they will act for their own goals in a secretive and hidden manner. Some reports will leak out, but these will be set aside in the West because the West wants to see this as the Arab Spring, a fiction which the radicals will use and will even pretend is happening. Oh West, do you think that human rights and human dignity will win the day? You do not want to look. You will not examine beneath the surface.

You did not plan these revolutions. They sprung up from the power of darkness, from Satan who used the legitimate aspirations of the people for freedom from a dictator for his own goals. Now, he has taken control over these nations and he will use the people and the resources to fuel his fires. I say “his fires” because that is what you will see.

Do you believe that he is limited by national boundaries? Does he not set fire in one country, so that it would spread to others? Do you think he is content with claiming Muslin countries? That is not his goal. His goal is Israel and now he has taken the surrounding nations and is tightening his grip. And you call it an Arab Spring.

Comment: In these locutions, months ago, Mary warned about the forces of darkness taking control. We see them in Egypt and will see it in Libya.


151. Safeguarding the Other Children


I wait and wait, never giving up hope that all would turn to me and be saved from the coming chastisements. I plead with the heavenly Father to delay his judgments and to set aside the chastisements which man truly deserves. Is this not the normal approach of a mother, to plead for mercy and forgiveness? I plead like no one else, and the Father sees that I have attained this role by standing at the foot of the cross and enduring my Son’s passion. Yet, how long can I plead and how long can I keep back the scourge of God?

Evil cannot just be passed on. The more that God delays, the more he must allow evil to continue without being removed by divine intervention. This is the dilemma. People commit sin. Out of mercy, God delays in punishing them. Yet, this same mercy allows the sin to continue and to contaminate others. God cannot just look at the individual. He must see how the individual sin adversely affects others and leads them into sin. Yet, I plead and ask man to seek another path. This is what I preach. Mankind must quickly take the other path. They cannot delay. It is unjust for the Father to postpone punishment when others who are innocent will be caught up in the unpunished evil.

Do not say that God’s chastisements are unjust. He must care for the other children who are in the house. Can a father leave an eldest son’s sins go unpunished when the other children will quickly follow suit? No. He must move against the evil, choosing the best method to correct his sin and destroy the evil. No one would call him an unjust or merciless father, when he has other children to protect.

This is the position of your heavenly Father. However, when I see what he needs to do, I plead with him to gain more time for repentance. Yet, I can only hold back the chastisements for a short time. Then, the righteous anger, fueled by the sins of mankind, will pour over in ways too horrible to describe. In those moments, I will weep for my children but I will not say it is unjust or not needed. I will resign myself to what has been destroyed and move on to those whom I can help. Yet, this need not happen. If only you would listen to my messages.

Comment: People wonder why God punishes. However, without chastisements, sins are passed on to God’s other children.


152. Lanterns in an Emergency


All the world is in my hands and I have been told by the heavenly Father to protect all those whom I can and to make it easy for them to find the right road in the coming darkness. The Father wants to provide for his children. He is like a father preparing for a coming disaster. He sees what Satan has in store. He sees totally what will happen (even though he will not cause it). He knows every moment and every situation of every person in the coming darkness. He prepares ahead of time, not wanting his children to be lost. So, he provides lanterns of light that will be put along the road. All who see these lanterns will know where they can walk in safety. They will not be lost.

The Father has prepared many lights. They are all available, but Satan would cover them over. If anyone listens to my words, this cannot happen. They can return to my words again and again to gain the needed light. So, listen to my words.

First, never fear because fear destroys hope which is needed as the darkness continues and people see no end in sight. When a disaster happens, people seek actively for solutions. However, as time goes on and the problems grow, they give up hope. The Father has entrusted these children to me so that they never, never lose hope. In the darkness, keeping alive hope is the key to survival.

Second, love one another. Stay close to one another. Help one another. Sacrifice yourselves. In this way, something will happen within you. You will find yourself unbelievably strong. Great heroism will be released within. You will see storehouses of inner strength that you never knew that you had.

Finally, believe these words, “I am coming”. Yes, time and again I will come to you. Whatever you need, I will provide. At present, you believe in me but you do not experience my presence because you do not need this now. The darkness has not come yet. When it comes, I will come. It is like the emergency lights that never shine until an emergency happens. When the darkness comes, I will come. Blessed are all those who have learned to call on me. Goodbye my children.

Comment: The heavenly Father will use Mary to light the path in darkness.


153. The Responsibility of Parents


I watch over the world like the most loving mother watching over her sick children. Is there not a special love that goes forth from a mother when a child is sick? Does she not always think of the child and even want to absorb its pain? Such are my feelings toward the children of the whole world. I see all their ills and have a constant desire to bring about their good health.

I see those who are causing them to be ill, who care nothing about God’s law or whom they lead into immoral behavior. They do not feat to scandalize the little ones or to invite them into the worst of sins. Can no one see the evil power of scandal? Can no one see the responsibility for the children? Do you want me to list what happens every day? How the children go unprotected?

Let us begin with the parents, the primary teachers of their children. They think nothing of the literature that comes into the home. They think nothing of the television programs they watch (which means their children watch them also). They think nothing of the products that are advertised. Sometimes, they think nothing of the language which they use, including my Son’s name. They pretend that their children do not see or do not hear. Or, they think that they do not understand. I say to you. They see. They hear. They remember. They understand all too well, even better than you do. Their hearts are innocent and the evil makes a deep impression. There are memories they will never forget. They will always remember your words and actions in your home. Do you not remember what you parents did and said? Did this not deeply affect you? Now it is your turn. This is the way that God made the human family. The parents mold the children. God created them and put them in your hands. “How can I fulfill this responsibility?” you ask. Let your own heart be pure and chaste and right with God. That is where you must begin. Purify your heart and you will purify your home. Nothing is more important. I will help you.

Comment: A purified home is the parent’s greatest gift to their children.


154. Avoiding Foolish Choices


I see the flow of time, the stream which the Father began and which will continue until my Son comes in glory. I see that each person comes on the scene and remains just a short while until all the events of that person’s life are completed. Their choices are forever present in their souls.

They were free and they made their decisions in freedom. Some were wise and chose what would not pass away. Others were foolish and chose the things of earth. They did not realize that the stream of time moved on and what was of earth would pass away. They did not know that they were made for eternal glory and for a life that would be forever and ever. Let me teach on this point – the foolishness of man and the wisdom of God.

Man begins foolishly. He is deceived by his surroundings. He sees the beautiful things that God has made. However, a moment must come when man’s eyes are lifted up. When he looks among all the beautiful things of creation and says, “Although these are beautiful, they will not satisfy me. I am not made for what God created but for God who did the creating.” At this moment, man is being saved from being consumed by desires for created things. He begins to live a new life. He has found his goal. “O Lord, my heart is made for you and it will not rest until it rests in you”. (St. Augustine)

Comment: Without divine wisdom, we are condemned to a lifetime of foolish choices.


155. The State of Egypt


The fires burn brightly but they are not the fires of hope. They are the fires of destruction. At present, these fires burn only in the hearts of those who would destroy Israel. These fires are fanned by all the new developments, especially the instability of the region. This opens new doors to them and they seek to consolidate their foothold. What will happen and why?

As the euphoria dies down after the fall of the dictators, the people will survey the situation. What will they see? What is the second state of their nation? Is it worse than the first state? In truth, some repressions have been removed and the people no longer fear a dictator. But has their state, their daily way of life, gotten better? Do they see their economy humming? Do they see cooperation among all the elements of society? Do people share the same goals? Of course not. They shared the goal of overturning the dictator but, after that, they share no unity. They are diverse, splitting into a hundred parts, with no established leadership, except among those groups that existed before the overthrow – the army and the radical Muslims. These are the two groups which are poised to take control. Who will confront them? Will there be more demonstrations? That is all that the people seem to do well together. Yet, a nation is never built by protests.

So, what will happen in Egypt? The radical Muslims, with their tight knit unity and their Sha’riah law, will make gains, step by step, because they have a clear goal. They know what they want and they have wanted this for decades. They will not change, especially now that the great prize is closer to their grasps. They will unite even more. They will harden their positions. They will demand concessions far beyond their numbers. When they gain what they ask for, they will begin to ask for even more. This is your state, O Egypt. You thought you were gaining your freedom. Instead, you have only gained a different dictator who will impose greater burdens upon you.

Comment: This is a clear prophecy about what will happen next in Egypt.


156. Understanding the Kingdom of Darkness


I walk with you in a great intimacy and I share with you the secrets of my heart. I want to share these secrets with all of the world and I will use you as my secretary. So, record well the sentiments of my heart. Let us begin.

When all of the events begin, many will be confused. “What is happening? they will ask. They will not be able to read “the signs of the times”. They will see these events only by natural eyes. Their mind has never accepted the reality of the two kingdoms, the kingdom of light established by my Son and the kingdom of darkness which belongs to the Evil One.

Satan controls this kingdom of darkness. He rejected the light that God gave to him. In the beginning, he saw the light in his own being. He was called “Lucifer” meaning, “the one who bears or carries the light”. Indeed, he carried the greatest light, but he made one mistake. He thought that he owned the light, that it belonged to him and that he could always claim it. Really, the light belonged to God, who out of love, filled Lucifer with this light. When he chose not to serve (for that is what he said, “I shall not serve”), the light was taken from him and he fell into complete darkness. This is the origin of the kingdom of darkness. His kingdom grew as other angels also said, “I will not serve”. They, too, lost their light and entered into darkness. You can see that his kingdom is always growing. He constantly adds new members, people who say, “I will not serve God”. These people join him in darkness. However, while they still live on earth, they can change. This is why I always speak of conversions, when a person says, “I will serve God”. At that moment, they no longer belong to the kingdom of darkness. They have passed over into the kingdom of light.

From this easy explanation, you can understand what is going on. Satan, who used to be Lucifer, wants everyone to rebel and to refuse to serve God. Then, they belong to him. Those who experience a religious conversion, do not belong to him. His kingdom is always causing disruptions. Then people blame God and ask, “Why did God allow this to happen?” I am teaching you that God wants no harm to come to man, but if men choose not to serve him, then they enter into darkness and immeasurable harm can result. I hope this is clear to all.

Comment: A rebellious spirit that wants to say “I will not serve” exists in all of us.


157. Why God is Misunderstood


I want the whole world to know of the burning fire of love in the heart of the heavenly Father. He is not known because my Son, who came to reveal him, is not known. The Father chose me to be the mother of his Son and to pierce the mysteries. He has revealed everything to me and he has made me the woman clothed in the sun. He has placed all his secrets in my heart and has told me, “Teach these to all my children so they will see as you see and love me as you love me”.

So, look with me into the heart of the heavenly Father. What do you see? Do you see an angry and unjust Father who selfishly chastises his children? No not at all. You see a Father who created you and wanted you to exist. He formed earth to be your temporary home and heaven to be your eternal home. This is his plan. The plan also included man’s free will, the ability to cooperate and share in the Father’s will. You can become like God, blessing others, bringing forth new human beings, and helping others to gain the heavenly dwelling place. This is the source of all man’s problems – a free will that does not share in the Father’s plan.

By this free will, man creates a different world, a harsher world and even a demonic world. This world should perfectly reflect the Father’s loving heart. Instead it reflects the demonic hatred and the selfishness of man. All of this obscures the Father’s loving heart. So, he sent his Son, Jesus, saying, “If they can no longer see my love in the world I created, they will see my love in the Son whom I have begotten”. Jesus came in love. He preached love. He lived love. And, what did the world, the demonic world do to him? They killed him upon the cross. Look at the cross! See how twisted is human life and how it is a distortion of the Father’s heart. That is my message. Too many judge the Father’s heart through their daily experiences in a world that has become demonic. Judge instead by my words. That is why I speak every day.

Comment: So many people suffer bad experiences and judge God by what happens each day.


158. Casting Out the Demonic Lie


The world is like a maze, a puzzle with many parts which no one can decipher. Such is the confusion caused by a diabolical intelligence. He creates confusion and has mankind seek after solutions that cannot work and do not matter. In this way, time is lost and the great problems go unattended. Then, mankind awakens to dangers and threats which it never imagined and to which it had given little attention.

To gain wisdom, you must step back from the maze, set aside the superficial events, stop looking at the surface and go to the center of the difficulty.

The center is this. The Evil One controls so many hearts. Besides these hearts, many others allow themselves to be caught up in the demonic schemes (for their own purposes). Only a few truly see the central forces. They are alert and save themselves. However, this is not enough. I must alert every heart. All must see the demonic presence and they must rise up and say, “We must cast out the demonic”. We must not tolerate his presence”.

That is the problem. People tolerate the demonic presence and power in your midst. All who read these words must see and act. Let this cleansing begin in each one’s heart and home. Let the cleansing spread to the public scene. Because of conflicting views, not everything can be accomplished. Yet, much can be done.

I will tell you exactly where to begin. Satan is the Father of Lies. Begin there. Do not tell a lie and do not let anyone else. Live in truth and make others live in truth. No lies, at any time or for any reason. In this way, you cast him out.

(Everyone must tell the truth. What a different world it would be if the president told the truth, if the lawmakers told the truth and if companies told the truth.)

Hold yourself to this high ideal. Do not stray from it and you will see a great purification. Much of the world you cannot control. Many, especially in high places, will continue to pour out their lies. I will purge them from the scene. For you, the future must always be a way of truth.

Comment: The devil always lies. The child of God never does.


159. The Israel – Iran Nuclear War


What is deep within comes to the surface. What is sown in the field comes forth in the harvest (good or bad). This is the law of nature and it is also the way of the kingdom, except for one thing. The Father wants to intervene. He does not say, “Look at mankind, he has sown evil; I will let him reap evil.” No. He wants to destroy evil. What is planted can be torn up. Even though man has sinned for centuries, even though he has sown evil seeds of terrible destructive power, seeds that are beginning to break through the surface, there does not need to be a harvest of evil and destruction. This is why the Father has sent me, the final preacher, the final word of warning to mankind. He has sent me because although evil seeds are about to bring forth an evil harvest, the Father can and will intervene, even at this last moment, if only mankind repents of what he has done.

All of this seems impossible. There have been so many sins for such a long time (so many abortions for so many decades). How can, at this last minute, the harvest of death be avoided? Yes, that is what man has sown, a harvest of death, and that is what man is about to reap, a harvest of death. Not at the hands of the heavenly Father but at the hands of man himself.

Satan has stirred up nation against nation, peoples against peoples. He has armed them with the most destructive weapons (and he is continuing to arm them at an alarming rate). The nuclear arms are being moved into place. Soon they will be aimed at Israel. All the world just watches, as if it has seen this before. Did not India and Pakistan gain nuclear arms to defend themselves (as they said)? Yet, these arms have never been used. Iran is not arming itself for self-defense. Satan owns their hearts. From the very beginning, they had their target, Israel.

How imminent is this confrontation? Will it not draw other nations into the conflict? Will it not touch a match to all the oil spread throughout the Middle East (I deliberately use that image)? Once that fire it lit, how will it be contained? I say clearly, the hour is late. The great harvest of worldwide destruction is about to come forth. Yet, even at this hour, the Father will intervene but no one calls upon me or listens to these words. I am God’s final preacher.

Comment: The world has gotten so used to nuclear proliferation that it views man as just another country gaining atomic weapons, but Iran is different.