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160. Satan Uses People


I lead you even deeper into these mysteries of destruction, the fires that are already burning in the hearts of men who just wait for the opportunities to destroy human life. Why are they waiting? They need to wait until it is the moment of decision. This decision is not in their hands, even though they think it is. This decision is in the hands of Satan. He decides the time and the place, just as he decided to have Pope John Paul II shot on May 13, 1981 in St. Peters Square. This was to be his greatest moment when my son, the pope, would shed his blood in front of all these people.

That moment came. The situation was just as he wanted. The pope was so near. The gun was fired. Yet, death did not take place. I preserved him so he could serve the Church for all of his remaining years.

So, I look into the future. I look into the forces of satanic evil and I see all the other events which he plans. He has already chosen whom he will use (just as he chose Ali-Agca years ago). He knows their expertise, as he knew Ali-Agca’s marksmanship. He knows the evil in their hearts and what he can use to lead them to act. He knows their spheres of influence. He does not need to move someone into a different culture and setting. He has people in every culture and in every setting whom he is easily able to stir to violence and destruction.

What is holding him back? Why does he wait? Because there is a right time to strike, when the most will be gained for his advantage.

If he needs to start a fire in Egypt, he has an Egyptian. If he wants to destroy America, he has an American. Each person is perfectly suited to his purposes. They know how to destroy and what methods to use. I am not just speaking of outward violence. I am speaking about diverse fires that destroy an economy, or a given company, or a person who would do good. Look at the assassination of President Kennedy that ripped apart the very fiber of America from which it has never recovered. That is what I mean by the fires of destruction. Satan owns thousands of people. They belong to him even when they do not believe he exists. They are his finest instruments. They think they see clearly and are more clever than others. They see themselves exerting a gigantic effect over human life. They envision themselves as “game changers”. That is why they are willing to risk everything. They are in his grasp and he will use them at the right time.

Here is the question. Can I touch their hearts so that nothing happens? Can I touch their hearts so that they are no longer in Satan’s hands? I say this to someone who is reading these words, “You are in Satan’s hands and you are ready to inflict great harm. Call upon me and I will come. I will change your heart and remove the destructive power that you hold in your hand. Yes, you are powerful. You have great destructive power, but if I change your heart, you will not use it and you will be saved and live eternally. Otherwise, you will destroy yourself and others.

Comment: Someone who has read this message is now being given the grace to turn back from evil. Is it you?


161. The Satanic Fires Consuming America


As the fires continue to burn and spread, people will ask, “What can be done?” I tell you that it is late. Much time has been neglected and wasted. These fires were fed and nourished. “We need not pay attention to them”, people said. They went about their normal life, just as if nothing was happening. Yet, a fire was burning, more than one fire. There were many fires of destruction, all set by the same hand. Satan is an arsonist. He burns and destroys everything that is standing and he is always searching for new targets. Nothing is out of his reach. He would burn the whole earth and make it like his hell. That is what the earth is facing. Nothing will survive. Never has the human race seen anything like what Satan wants to bring about.

Right now, he is enkindling his fires. He carefully guards them and allows no one to put them out. He has enticed the whole world. He has friends everywhere. Decades ago, he set the fire of abortion and released it upon the world. Suddenly, laws that for centuries had protected the unborn were swept away by a single stroke of the Supreme Court’s pen.

Any attempt to put out that fire is met with swift and powerful opposition. “The woman has a right to choose”, they proclaim. They do not understand that they are friends of Satan, protecting his fire of destruction that has killed millions and gained great profits for Planned Parenthood abortion providers.

Do you not see? People protect Satan’s fires. Attempts to stamp them out are fiercely opposed. Is this what you want, America? Do you want Satan’s fire? Every day you are choosing his fires and I say to you, “His fires will burn down your house. It will burn your fields. It will burn your institutions and it will even burn your Constitution. You will become a despoiled America, an America that is torn apart and divided. I tell you that if you do not put out the satanic fire of abortion, your house will not stand. The decision is yours. Which fire do you want, the fire of Satan or the fire that comes from my Immaculate Heart? The fire of my heart contains all the unborn. If you reject the unborn, you reject my fire and choose his.

Comment: People are totally unaware of Satan and his fires. They protect a fire which they should be putting out.


162. The Forthcoming Failure of the Super Committee


When I give you the words, you record them for all to know. In this way, I extend my influence over human history. Yes, I must influence all of history or else mankind will plunge into the greatest darkness. This has already begun. The signs of darkness are everywhere, in every part of the world and in every facet of human life. The forces of destruction and disruption pour out freely, going wherever they wish because so few are aware and so few even know how to confront them. So, I will speak again of the true sources of these fires and what must be done.

These fires pour out from the belly of hell. They enter into human life through the hearts of those who seek their own interests. Hell gladly fills them with intelligence and power. Yes, those are the two qualities you must look for. Who are both intelligent and have power? Into these, hell pours its fire because through them, this fire pours out into all of society more quickly.

People turn to those in power. They elect them. They feel that these leaders will protect them and guide the nation well. These are the very ones whom hell fills with its fires.

As the people sense that their leaders are taking them astray and when their policies are making things worse, the fires of hell fill the intellects of these leaders with clever words. They are able to divert the people’s eyes and to blame others. They put the clever spin on what they are doing. They paint a false picture and divert attention. The fires of hell use these people’s powers to destroy the nation and their intellects to confuse the people.

I ask you. Have I not clearly described what is going on? America is in the flames of debt. Yet, the leaders multiply the spending. They do nothing to put out the fires and cast the blame on others. These actions and these deceptions come from the fires of hell. Do not expect rational powers to solve this crisis. Do not think that super-committees will come up with solutions. I have constantly preached the same message. “Your problems, America, are demonic and only the power of God can save you, but you have turned away from him. Turn back and I will give you true solutions.

Comment: Some leaders are led by Satan. These powerful people have great intellects which Satan gladly enlightens for his purposes.


163. The World’s Structures



Do not grow tired of recording my words because my words are life and light. They carry powerful gifts to lift up my people in this time when so many parts of society will collapse. Yes, that is what you will witness, a total collapse of many parts of the social structure. Like the parable of the two houses, one built on rock and the other on sand. Both looked strong but when the floods and the winds came, the building built on sand collapsed.

So it is with the world’s structures. I say “structures” because it is not just the economic structure which is built on sand but all the structures are all built on sand, the political structure, the educational structure and, especially, the family structure (which is really the “structure of the structures”, the one upon which all the others are built). What is to be done now? For decades, the family structure, which supports all the rest and from which good citizens are meant to come forth, has been seriously weakened. The true values have not been communicated and when the children became adults they do not have the moral fiber of their parents (who often abandoned them and sought another relationship). These are now the adult children who are staffing the economic and educational structures of the country. They look the same but they are not the same as those who went before them. The tight, moral fiber is gone. The idea of right and wrong is twisted. The role of personal responsibility is absent. All is relative. There is no solid truth. There is no God to whom they feel responsible.

There is a sea of relativism. Can you build systems upon a sea? Can you have firm foundations when no one agrees on what is true? How many police can you hire and how many courts can you build, when the human person does not police himself and does not hold himself responsible in the court of his own conscience? You have banished God, America. You have banished his commandments. Fine! You have external laws but you have citizens without consciences that should tell them to keep our laws. Your buildings are about to collapse. They have no strong foundation. This is why I plead with you. If you listen to my word, we will begin to salvage what can be saved.

Comment: What is wrong with America? Mary says it clearly, people need to have consciences and live by moral laws.


164. A One-Sided War


I watch over all who call upon me. I protect them from morning until night. They are never out of my sight. I want to keep everyone safe, but if people do not believe in me and do not look to me for help, then a wall exists, placed there by the Evil On. A darkness surrounds people and covers their eyes, so they cannot see their heavenly mother and be guided by her. This, too, is the work of the Evil One. By these words, I try to remove the wall and scatter the darkness. If this happens, then the fullness of my protection can come to each person. Even in Satan’s greatest trials, I will provide an escape. Let us begin.

The Book of Revelation speaks of Satan’s plots against myself and my child and when these are foiled Satan goes off to wage war against the rest of my offspring “those who keep God’s commandments and witness to Jesus”. (Rev. 12: 4-17)

This is what is taking place. He has gone off to wage war. The war is raging and the signs are everywhere. They are totally misinterpreted by the world which wonders what is going wrong and which believes that man can solve these problems. The longer these misconceptions continue, the more headway the Evil One can make. This is a ridiculous situation. One side has declared war and is ravaging the countryside, plundering the treasures and killing the inhabitants. (How many have died because of drugs? How many babies have been killed by abortions?) Still, no one realizes that war has been declared. There is no awareness. There is no call to arms. There are no strategies because people do not even know that a war is raging.

That is why I give these messages. You are at war! Yet, for you, it is life as usual. You take your vacations, spend your money (which is not yours) and you do not listen to the voice that would save you because I say “Prepare”! Will the whole land be ravaged?

Comment: When only one side wages war, the other is bound to lose.


165. The Forces of Chaos


Problems break out all over and the human race can no longer adequately respond. The forces of chaos grow stronger and now are overwhelming the powers of mankind to keep order. All of this goes back to creation, when god brought order out of chaos.

Now, the chaos that was conquered by the breath of God is reasserting itself. It is coming to the surface. Man has never learned the first lesson. Any human life without God returns to chaos. Only God sustains creation in its goodness. This is the basic lesson I have repeated so often. Beauty and order, goodness and peace are not innate qualities of human life. They are gifts from above. In man, there are powers of chaos that are always at work and only a purified mankind can sustain the balance of peace and the tranquility of order.

Instead, man turns to himself, thinking that he can subdue the chaos. His efforts are feeble and unavailing. He runs to solve one problem and a greater one breaks out. There are revolutions, disturbances, economic breakdowns and even defaults. Pause a moment. Look at what is happening on your planet. The Father gave it over to you. God set Adam in the Garden of Eden “to cultivate and to care for it” (Gen.2:15)

It was meant to be a partnership, a working together of God with man, a covenant in which both sides had important interests. God has not walked away from the Covenant. He restored it with Noah (Gen. 9:9) and continued it with Abraham. Then he sent Jesus who established a New Covenant in his blood.

You, mankind, have set aside the covenant. You have tried to destroy it and to rip it asunder, but God will never let you go that far. What is the solution to your chaos? Return and renew the Covenant. Become God’s partner again. Only then, will the chaos be overcome by God’s holy Breath.

Comment: Creation is very dynamic, ever moving towards God’s order or returning to chaos.


166. The Coming Supreme Court Decision


Those in power lay truth is laid aside and pick up lies instead. Armed with lies, they believe that they can easily conquer and deceive the people. Their lies are spread out before them, like in battle array. They know which lies to send out first (to soften people up so to speak). Then, they can bring out the hard lies that will shake people’s convictions and have them give up what they hold on to as true.

This is the political game which Satan, the father of lies, orchestrates so that people whom he controls can gain power. But, I know his game. I see his strategy and I know what needs to be done to foil his plots. So, let us begin. This is what I will do.

I will take the people whom he holds in his grasp and I will publicly strip them of all credibility. I will use the truth, the truth that reveals their hearts, their misdeeds and their evil intention. When you see this happen, one after another, when one after another of your political leaders and those who share their power are exposed by the truth, then you know that I am working to bring about elections that will be held in the truth.

The great moment of exposure will take place when the Supreme Court passes judgment on the health care. This will force all the truth to the surface. Nothing will be able to be hidden. It will all gush forth for all to see. This decision will be so much in the limelight that no hidden powers (the behind the scenes powers) will be able to cover up the darkness that took place. When this decision is handed down it will level off the playing field. Truth will have a chance to emerge.

In all of this, you can see that your heavenly Mother is doing all she can to make this election an election of truth. But all must do their part. Live in the truth. Demand the truth from your leaders. Propagate the truth by every possible means. There will be surprising moments and unbelievable revelations about what has happened. I am the Mother of truth.

Comment: The Supreme decision on the Health Care Law will reveal much that is hidden.


167. Earth Detached From Heaven


What is the road that lies ahead? The Father knows and sees but he does not decide. Man decides. Man chooses. However, at some point, the Father intervenes, entering into this process in many ways. At every moment, the Father tries to hold back the evil deeds from flowing forth. Sometimes, he stops people in their tracks. He even brings about their deaths so they do not continue to destroy and ruin.

Every single day mankind makes choices. Decisions are put in place and changes occur. Every day, the state of man is in flux, often like the herd of pigs which went over the hillside and into the sea. Such is the state of man, hurtling toward moments of self-destruction. Why does the Father not stop mankind? Why does he allow the destruction to occur? Because mankind as free will.

Learn this lesson. Heaven is the Father’s house. In heaven, all will be exactly as the Father wants it to be. Earth is different. At one time, it was perfectly attached to God. Then earth said, “I will detach myself from God. I will have my own life and go my own way.” This was man’s choice and in that moment earth no longer belonged totally to the Father.

In the fullness of time, the Father sent his Son, Jesus, so that earth could once more be like heaven. However, earth killed him and the Father raised Jesus from the dead, establishing him as the great high priest, the bridge, the unifier of earth with heaven. Jesus is the one who will restore creation “as it was in the beginning”.

So, I say this clearly. Mankind has chosen to separate from God, to withdraw earth from heaven. This is the source of all the problems and will be the source of greater problems. The Father wants to prevent the disasters. He has intervened in my Son, Jesus and now, he has sent me so earth can be united again with heaven.

Comment: All the problems occur because earth is separated from heaven. The Father has tried to reunite earth with heaven by sending Jesus and now sending Mary to preach.


168. The Middle East Powder Keg


I tell you the truth. I reveal the secrets that lie behind the turmoil and even how those events will unfold if there is not an intervention of heaven. It is difficult to speak of those future events because there will be so few good results. In a war, there is much destruction, while a few people practice heroic virtue. These are the heroes but what are they compared to all the people who have fallen, all the families that have been ripped apart and all the people who have acted selfishly in the middle of the conflict? When there is war and destruction the proportion between evil and good is totally out of balance. Moreover, when war begins no one can foretell what will happen. Secret reserves of destructive power are released on both sides. The conflict cannot be contained and those on the sidelines are helpless. That is why I speak. My words will be on the mark. I will not mince words.

Armed Conflicts

The world is facing armed conflicts, such as never have been seen before. These conflicts will obliterate the memories of two world wars (which should never have happened), so great will be the devastations. These wars are not far away. They are at your doorsteps. Some shots have been fired but, at this point, no one understands. Only looking back will anyone see the unfolding of events and how, what was seen as isolated events, were not isolated at all. When a match has been placed to a line which leads to a keg of dynamite, has not the explosions, in a sense, already begun. So, the fire has been set and the events need only to run their course.

Is everything predetermined? Is the world helpless? Not at all. But there must be new leadership, people who understand the Middle East and see the Middle East for what it is. The Middle East is a powder keg. The fire has already been lit by the Egyptian uprising (what the West calls “the Arab Spring”). Do you think that a war in the Middle East will be contained? Do you think it will touch only a few nations? No one is paying attention. That is why I speak so clearly.

Comment: Although Mary has often spoken about the middle East, these are the clearest words she has ever given.


169. The Coming Muslim Menace Against Israel


These days are so important for they will be filled with many crucial decisions which will not be seen at first, and only later come to light. These are not decisions of light but decisions of darkness, all following and consolidating the basic decisions to overthrow the dictators months ago. These decisions will not be made in public. They will not be made with the knowledge and consent of the people. They will be made in secret by those groups which have their own self-interests at heart. They will be announced to the people, who will realize that their resolutions did not place power in their hands but in the hands of radical Muslims. These Muslims have a clear agenda and are acting quickly to make sure that their influence is solid and that it can grow in the future. The doors are opening, not to the freedom which the people sought, but to a new darkness that will seem small at first but will quickly spread.

The West and Israel

The West is helpless, standing outside of the situation. Israel is threatened, placed right in the middle of the turmoil which will continue to spread to other nations that help the United States. Where and when will this end? It will end in the great confrontation (for which I am trying to prepare all those nations which call on me). It will come quickly, much sooner than anyone can now conceive.

Gathering for Years

These forces have been gathering for years, like dark clouds on the horizon. They are now filled with the rain of terror and destruction. The darkness is coming and it does not come like a thief in the night. It happens before your very eyes. Oh, it comes in disguise, under the mask of a supposedly legitimate government. Do not accept that legitimacy. Do not be fooled. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, covering over their true natures so no harsh measure are taken against them until they get close to their prey, Israel. Then, they will take off the mask and claim that they have perpetuated the acts of destruction. But, they do not know my response and how I will use their acts to bless my Church and to bless Israel. This is the great mystery which is about to unfold.

Comment: Mary expands on the correct interpretation of the Mideast uprisings.


177. A World Without Wine


I watch over my people and those who turn to me with sincere hearts. I do not reject anyone. So, reader, whoever you are and from whatever background you come, you are totally welcome to receive all the blessings that flow from my Immaculate Heart. I do not ration them. I pour them forth for all to receive. There are more blessings than all the world can receive. Now, I will explain why these blessings are so important at this time.

No Wine

At the end of the wedding celebration at Cana, there was no more wine. Without the joy of wine, some would leave early and their celebration would end. Others would stay around, but the joy would be missing.

This is the present condition of the world. Joy is being replaced by desolation and sorrow. People will soon be saying, “There is no hope. No matter where we look there are no solutions”. You are like the young couple. No matter where they looked, there was no more wine. Suddenly, the headwaiter is calling the groom. “You have saved the best wine until last”. There were suddenly large stone jars, filled with the best of wine. Who had done this? How did it happen? Only the servers knew, the woman of Cana. I am the woman of Cana, my role hidden up to now, but no longer.

I am the woman of Cana who desires full life for mankind. I am always working for this life (now more than ever since this life is threatened). My workings are deep in the hearts of people and at the center of human history. God is revealing my role, so people will invoke me. The world must invoke me. The Church must invoke me. Families and individuals must invoke me. It is not too late. The wine of wisdom will flow out to leaders. The wine of hope will f low out to those in despair. But these are not the greatest blessings. Invoke me and I will turn events around. I will confront the deadly powers of the world that limit life and I will confront the demonic powers that will destroy human life entirely. I cannot speak any more clearly.

Comment: Mary saved the wedding couple very quietly. Now, she proclaims her power to save the human race.


178. The Economic Shaking


Why do I speak this way, lecturing a world that will not listen but inviting everyone to come? Does not a mother act that way towards her children? Some will listen and others will not.

My heart is stirred with the deepest of emotions. Never have I seen so many swept into sinful life styles, never so many abandoning the faith which they received from infancy. The great tides are sweeping them along. They are pulled out to sea, far from the safety of land, far from those who could bring them to safety.

People Adrift

We have a world of uprooted individuals, who have been beguiled by a world that promised them everything. They have lost their faith. They have only superficial relationships with those who do have faith. They are truly adrift and so many waves come against them. Yet, they do not see their plight. They are without a clue about their situation. I must speak now, so what happens in the future will guide them back to shore and not push them further out to sea.

The Shaking and the Calm

The world will begin to shake. What was thought secure and certain will be seen as toppling and collapsing. This will cause panic. It will followed by a short period of calm, when things seem to settle down. Do not be fooled. The original tremors are a warning signal calling people to turn back to their faith. The time of calm is given so decisions can be made and the faith relationship can be restored.

I must insist this time of calm is not to be wasted. Otherwise, the final chance will be squandered. After the calm, comes the collapse. Every institution not built on solid rock will go under. All of the weaknesses built into the economic system will become evident. Trust will vanish. People will say, “Why didn’t I see this coming?” Despair and fear will grip many. Earth is all they have and their earth is collapsing.

A Regained Faith

But those who used the time of calm to strengthen their faith, those who again sought the blessings of the Church and returned with their families to regular worship, these will find the light and strength that they need. Their newly-regained faith will be their light in the darkness. I cannot be any clearer.

Comment: So many have abandoned (I will not say “lost”) their faith. The economic collapses will be a sign to them to return to their faith. They will have a short period of time to do this.


179. Open Your Eyes to Russia


I open the doors to the future for all to see. Some do not want to see because they must change their lives. Others will not believe my words, thinking that they cannot be coming from the Mother of God. Yet, the words are true. They come because I love mankind and because the Father has asked me to be his Final Preacher. Should not the Final Preacher use the clearest words, so easy to understand? Should that preacher not talk about the problems of the world and how the Father wants to help the human race?

Let us begin again as I continue to open the door on the future, so mankind is alerted and repents, turning away from all that is destructive. Do not read these words from curiosity seeking to know what will happen in the future. Read them with a religious spirit. Ask “How can the messages help me? How can they bring me more faith and a persistent hope that will allow me to perdure? Let us begin.

The Evil Dismantled

By the grace of God, Alaska was purchased from Russia, otherwise that nation would have foothold in North America. A few decades ago, Russia’s influence was at a peak until I began to dismantle it.

The popes made numerous dedications and whenever a dedication was made, I showed my response by great blessings. Yet, my request for the Consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart to be made by the pope in union with all the world’s bishops has not been made. The evil has not been attacked as I directed, so it still resides in the heart of this country which is so expansive.

The Evil Returns

As a result, the evil has grown back; the Cold War confrontations are being resumed. More important, the evils behind the scenes are multiplying. All of this is clearly known by President Obama but is being hidden, as far as possible, from the American people. A foolish treaty has been signed that is useless and restricts America. Have not the American leaders learned by now? Treaties with Russia do not lead to peace. Evil lurks in the hearts of those leaders and treaties are just instruments of their evil designs.

Coming Back Into Prominence

Now, the stage is set. Russia is clawing its way back into prominence. The goals are clear, the same goals they have always had – to destroy other nations and to co-op other nations by circumstances so that they become a world power.

Of itself, Russia does not have the resources to dominate the world, but if they entrap other nations (as they did with the Iron Curtain), then they can lift themselves to prominence.

The New Tactics

The situation is new. An Iron Curtain will not work because there is too much communication. But other systems can be used. There can be a different binding and tying together. What would connect nations? The answer is selfish interests that look to the destruction of other nations. Evil has a great power to unite. When evil interests are shared by nations that are looking to rise to power, then the bonds become very strong even though the nations themselves seem very different. This is what is happening behind the scenes. So, open your eyes to Russia.

Comment: On a few occasions, popes have made dedications and consecrations that have been followed by clear divine intervention. Now, Russia is involved in Iran’s search for atomic weapons. It has recently threatened military operations against the United States’ efforts to deploy a defense shield in Europe. Other Russian cooperation with evil will be reported.


180. A Few Coins Trying to Repay Massive Debt


If anyone desires the way to truth, I will lead them through these words that come from my heart. Everything comes from the heart, good or bad. From an evil heart comes the fruits of evil. From a heart of love comes gifts of love of every kind. The time ahead is filled with evil, sown for so long in the hearts of men. Reason will not put out those destructive fires. Treaties are like paper for the fire. I say this over and again. God has established one antidote; “Fight fire with fire” is the saying.

The fires of destruction are burning powerfully. They have been stoked for centuries. They have claimed many hearts and are now claiming many nations. They are becoming evident and man has no power to contain them or to extinguish them.

Yet, another fire exists. It, too, has burned for centuries and is now becoming manifest, open for all to see. I constantly speak of this fire in my Immaculate Heart. I have revealed it at Fatima. I have spoken about it at Medjugorje. I have spoken to many others of the flame of my Immaculate Heart. Many know and practice this devotion. These I will keep safe but the others, the rest of the world, I must also save. So, let me begin my teaching.

O mankind, you have no defense against the demonic flame which is now sweeping world history. You do not even know the true source of all your problems. You are like a man with a few coins in your pocket trying to pay a bill that amounts to trillions. How futile are your efforts. You switch money from one bank to another, from one country to another. You sell bonds that are worthless, and constantly downgraded. People riot when austerity measures are imposed. One nation is entangled with another. Solutions are short-term, just buying some time but never solving the problem.

Do you not see? The problem is not with your accounting but with your hearts. The destructive fires are planted in the hearts of the people and of the leaders. Nothing is accomplished because of Satan’s fires in your hearts. I have another fire and it is in my Immaculate Heart. I would gladly place this fire in the hearts of everyone. In this way, I will destroy his fire. How long will you wait? How long will you allow the destructive fires to hold sway? I have spoken clearly. Your hearts need my fire and I will gladly give it.

Comment: We forget that all the economic problems begin in the hearts of people.


181. True Devotion of St. Louis De Montfort


I move about the world, always trying to make my presence felt, inspiring those who turn their hearts to me and filling them with divine wisdom so they make all their decisions in the light. What I am doing by these messages is to offer this light to all. A person does not need spiritual sensitivity. By these words, they know my thoughts. They do not even need to be seeking me. By these words, I seek them. This is the extraordinary purpose of these words. The help that I give regularly to devout people I give now to everyone who reads these messages.

Yes, O reader, I want to influence you. I want to enter your life. I want to guide you. I am your Mother, even if you do not yet know me. Even if you have not yet awakened to the woman who would bring you forth to birth and nourish you at her breast. I say “would bring you forth” because for some this has not yet happened. Let me explain.

Everyone has a physical mother. All spent months in her womb and came forth from her womb. Concerning this, you had no choice. Everyone also has a heavenly mother who would bring you forth to heavenly life, but this you must choose.

So, I invite you right now to choose me as your heavenly mother. Once this choice is made, all my powers of being a mother begin. Also, as you constantly choose me to be your mother, as you ask me each day to be your mother, my care and protection over you increases. This is the secret which I am now revealing to you.

You are a child and you need to be nursed. As you grow, I will help you to walk. And as you come to adulthood, I will guide your every step. This is called “The Secret of Mary” and has been revealed, especially to St. Louis de Montfort. I call all to learn this “True Devotion”, so that the spring of living water is yours. Learn it now. Do not delay. So many helps and favors are not distributed because people do not know about the True Devotion of St. Louis de Montfort. Read his books and they will open your eyes to hidden treasures.

Comment: Devotion is the door to Mary’s blessings.


182. Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan


Iraq and Afghanistan have worn down the American desires. They have depleted American resources and sapped its energy. They have cost many lives and yet America has brought only temporary stability to the region. As all the forces are withdrawn, the fruitlessness of these endeavors will become evident to all. There will be a collapse of all that America has spent so much, in terms of lives and money, to build.

That the structures will collapse is evident, but the question is, “What will take their place? What will happen in this region?” There will be a growing power of Iran and of Pakistan, two countries who have or will have nuclear arms. So, the situation is quite grave and their influence will spread. This influence will be evil and destructive, and will totally change the region into a hotbed of potential violence, that will not go away and which cannot be dealt with. These two countries survived even when there was a large United States military presence. What do you think will happen when this presence is removed? The field is wide open. Their enemy has left. The structures that they left behind will collapse quickly. There will be little resistance. Deals will be struck and a facade of legitimacy will be put on but the spoils of power will go to the winners and Iraq and Afghanistan will not be the winners.

In Iraq, America removed the source of stability, even though he was a dictator. Now, the people who hate America and hate Israel will gain uncontested power.

Where will all of this lead? Is there anyone or any group that can or wants to oppose this evil? They are nowhere in sight and those that would have some vital interest to oppose them are woefully inadequate.

Can you not see, O West? You are helpless before these enemies. Your technology and weapons have not conquered because the evil is so deep. When the troops pull out, the next chapter will be written, far worse than this present chapter. Let the reality set in, a reality that my words have tried to express so often. “The battle is between heaven and hell and because you do not seek heavenly help, hell is destroying the world.” Seek heaven’s help. Return to faith and belief. Invoke me and I will help you. Iraq will be swallowed up. Afghanistan will be infiltrated and eventually controlled.

Comment: This is what will happen after the America withdrawal.


183. America Erases Its Name


One step at a time. That is how I lead you so you can look back and see the path which you have walked. This is far safer than trying to look ahead, trying to see where the path will lead. So, let us take the next step as we talk about the nations.

In the bible, the “nations” always meant those who were aligned against the Lord’s anointed. Yet, there were special moments of divine actions when the nations would align themselves with God’s will and share in the blessings of Israel. So, “the nations” can be both friend or foe. They can be destroyed or blessed, the object of blessing or curse. It all depends on how they line up according to God’s will. No nation is prejudged. No nation is consigned to destruction. Those who listen to God’s will are blessed. Those which defiantly seek their own will are destroyed, because they themselves have chosen their own path.

Every nation is on a path, a freely chosen path. Each has its national goals. Each determines its own way of life. Each nation chooses to have God or to reject God. Because many do not see the importance of that choice, I speak so clearly.

How does a nation choose? These are hundreds of choices. These include the decisions of their courts, the legislation that is passed, the people they vote into office; what is tolerated and what is rejected. Every day a nation is making decisions. The people make decisions – to worship God or to forget God. In this season, I must point out a truth. America used to be proud to highlight my son in a crib, the Nativity scene it was called. It was placed on government property and accepted by all. Now, these scenes are gone. This represents a nation’s decisions. Need I go on? Christmas is now called the “holiday season”. It is all too clear. America does not want my Son. We are banished. This is the decision of a nation.

How dangerous this becomes. A nation that was firmly inscribed in the book of blessed nations is stripping itself of its Christian identity. It is erasing its own name from the book of blessings. God is not erasing your name or blotting out your identity. You, America, are making the decision. Your courts, your legislatures, your president, they are erasing America from the book of blessings. How dangerous. When this action is completed, what will be your fate? Who you are and what will happen is in your own hands, America. Where will you line up? Which nations will you join? Where do you want to be listed? You are quickly moving from blessed to cursed (and it is not God who is moving you).

Another movement must stir. New voices must be raised, “We will not turn our backs on God. We will not renounce our Christian roots. We will not have our identity changed. We began as a Christian nation. We prospered as a Christian nation. We will only continue to exist if we remain a Christian nation.”

Stop holding back. Come out of hiding. Speak up. Confront this erasing of Christian identity. You are the majority. Your voice should be strong. Look at your numbers. All you need is a voice, my voice, saying to you, “Take back your nation. Reclaim your house, before it is too late! I will help you.”

Comment: For decades, the wrong voice has been heard, destroying America’s Christian identity. Mary wants a counter-revolution.


184. Israel’s Second Chance


All over the world the tensions increase and the suffering multiplies, especially in Syria where there seems to be no end in sight. The same is true in Egypt, where the problems are deeper than anyone suspects. Today I want to speak of Israel, which to some degree, just sits on the sidelines and watches all of these developments which are so important in its natural security.

O Israel, I am your security. I carry your blood in my veins. I have always identified myself as a “daughter of Israel”. I will not disclaim the religious heritage that you gave to me. In your synagogue, I learned your history. I learned about the Messiah, the anointed one who was to come. I learned the names and the teachings of your prophets. In every sense, I was your daughter, in my flesh and in my spirit. I loved you, Israel, more than any other of your daughters. For you and your salvation, I brought forth the Christ. I nourished him in your faith. I taught him your psalms and your hymns. I took him to the temple and prayed with him in the synagogue. I answered his questions and formed his soul, all in the mold of Israel.

We were Jews, faithful Jews, who sought only God’s blessings upon Israel. We were Jews who looked forward to your salvation, not your freedom from the Romans but your true salvation, the inner-salvation of your spirit and a re-establishing of a true relationship to the heavenly Father. That is what we sought but you rejected the gift. Time and again, you rejected us. You rejected my Son. You rejected his disciples and you still reject the Christ.

I am still a daughter of Israel and you are still at the center of my heart and the center of God’s plan. Your prophets told you correctly that you were his child and he could never reject you. “Even if a mother could reject the child of her womb, I will never reject you, O Israel”.

Now you have other enemies, with even greater weapons. They, too, surround you on every side. Your future is no longer in your hands. Do not trust your weapons and your armies. Your forefathers did that with the Romans and failed. Your Messiah came to save you and you rejected him. Now, I come, a true daughter of Israel. I come with my words to save you. Listen to these messages and I will lead you by a safe path. Then, I will send my son, the Pope, who will bring the gift of peace.

Comment: History is repeating itself and Israel is getting another chance to choose the Messiah.


185. The Two Fires


Open wide the doors! The time is short. This is a time of abundance, the abundant helps of God that man needs so desperately. Even if man does not seek me, I will come. Even if he does not call upon me, I will answer. The time is short and too many will perish. I will act quickly and powerfully, like a mother saving her children when the house is on fire.

Yes, soon the house will be on fire, ablaze in violence. When it is unleashed, who will not feel its wrath? This is not the wrath of God against man. It is the wrath of man against man, of neighbor against neighbor. It is already happening. Open your eyes. You are seeing only the first sparks of the great fire. They are coming forth so you might go and see. Yes, go and see the fire that now still burns beneath the surface. That is the fire that is coming. Look at it well. Do not minimize it. Do not say, “That section of the world has always been a tinderbox. Israel has always been threatened.” This time is different. The fires will not be contained. The world will be dragged in. This is why I speak so often and, today, I speak so urgently.

The time is close. The fire is great and it will not be contained. When Satan wants a fire, is he content with one nation or one region? Does he not see himself as ruler of this world? Does he not want the whole world to become like his hell? This is his plan. He just waits until the final pieces are in place, so when he releases the fire, it will spread everywhere.

My Son has said, “I have come to cast fire upon the earth” but you have rejected this saving, purifying fire. So, you have no defense. There will be another fire, a destroying fire. This is why I speak. It is not too late. (Although at some point it will be too late for some.) Which fire do you want – the fire of my Son or the fire of the Evil One?

I will place a new fire in the Church and the bishops must be open to this fire. They must stop walking away from the messages of my Immaculate Heart. This is the fire which I offer my people and if they do not find it in the Catholic Church, then where will they discover it? Now, I am revealing my plan in more detail. Before the destructive fire is released (and this is inevitable), the Church and the people must have received the divine fire within my Immaculate Heart. Only if they have been deeply touched by this divine fire (which will bind them together) will they survive the satanic fire.

I speak to the bishops and the Pope. Begin now. You use so many other means that are useless against the satanic forces when the fire in my Immaculate Heart is ignored.

Comment: So many times, Mary has asked people to seek her help. Here, she shows where that help must be found, the primary place of the Catholic Church.


186. The Medjugorje Visionaries


Arise and come, so I can reveal my words and the nations will be enlightened. Yes, I can enlighten even the nations that live in darkness. My Son is a light to all the nations. If only they would walk in his light. That is why I speak. My words do not extend my light but his light. I do not speak by my own powers. The Father has sent me to extend the light of his Son to all the nations.

O nations of the world, you walk in the darkness of your own thoughts. You sign treaties, make agreements, align yourselves according to your own wisdom and your own light. You have cast aside my Son’s light. “We have come to the enlightenment, to the age of reason”, you say. “We have cast off the Dark Ages and have liberated ourselves. We use the light of natural reason to guide our course”.

I say to you, “Is there no selfishness? Cannot the light of reason be used for evil? Does reason correct itself? When does reason say “I am wrong”? Only when it is too late. Only when all is destroyed. Then it must conclude, “I have taken the wrong path” (if it is even willing to be honest).

Do you not see? The wrong path is now nuclear. The stakes are too high. The mistakes are too costly. There is no room for error. How can you entrust the human race into the hands of reason when reason has led you to two world wars and constant conflicts? Why entrust yourself to reason when you can give yourselves over to your heavenly Mother?

These are my clear words. You are on the brink of nuclear war. You are helpless. Your rational approaches cannot defeat the evil that is being unleashed. Your treaties are useless. Your diplomatic approaches have failed, one after another.

I wait for you. I can lead you away from the coming catastrophes. These catastrophes I have revealed to the children of Medjugorje. They already know them. They are my ten secrets. Yet, I gave them a message of hope, but their words are muted. Many have not heard. The Church must proclaim them with full voice. How long must the visionaries persevere until the Church sees their words as so vital? Why not bring the story to the center? Why not bring the visionaries into the limelight? No longer keep them in the shadows. The validity of these apparitions is attested to on every side.

Comment: When nuclear war is a possibility, the stakes are high.