49. Where Mankind is Headed

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All of history is before me – all that is past and all that is to come until the final days of the human race when my Son will come in glory, escorted by all his angels. What will happen from now until then is known to me but it is not yet decided by me. It all depends on the free will of man.

My Son came to Jerusalem on a donkey, an animal of peace. He was not a military Savior but a Man of Peace. He preached peace and accepted the violence done to his own body in peace and forgiveness. He would lead the world into the ways of peace, but the world does not listen to him. Therefore, the Father has sent me. I see where mankind is headed and I come with an urgent message. Do not look for my message only in these words. More important words are spoken in your own heart. Listen to them. The Spirit is speaking to you. They are words of life. Follow them and you will live.

50. A World Receiving Divine Glory

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The whole world can receive the divine glory. This is what I am preparing for, a gift come down from heaven that will touch every heart, a divine illumination, in the interior part of every human being.

But that event must be prepared for. The Church must be aware. The people must be told. But who will tell them? What preacher is adequate for this task? That is why it has become my task to prepare the world through these teachings.

I will be very specific, even though I speak of future events. I will give exact teachings, even though I am speaking of experiences that are familiar to few. Let us begin.

First, there will be a period of signs and wonders. This should alert people to the coming manifestation. Unfortunately, the world will remain in darkness. However, because of worldwide communications, individuals will have access, both to my words and to the news about these manifestations (which have already begun, especially at Medjugorje). At least, part of the world will be prepared. Even some secular media will note these events, not from a religious purpose but merely because they are newsworthy. This, too, will further my purposes.

Now, I will describe some of the forthcoming phenomena. I will appear to many of my little ones. People will hear these reports and wonder how this could be true. Each of these will be a little spring of devotion, some larger and more known than others. This, too, has already begun to happen.

I will also begin to touch the hearts of secular people. These will be good people but not known for their religious faith. Their stories will be told. People will learn of their religious conversion and of the sincere, Christian lifestyle which they have adopted. This, too, will be a special witness of the events to come.

Finally, the graces will be even more widespread. There will be religious stirrings in the hearts of many who have set aside their faith. They will be led back to devotions.

I say all this for two reasons. First, the Church must be prepared to respond. Second, as each of these graces is given, all must be ready to believe.

51. Leaders For A New America

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All of this comes about because of my special care for the world. Only because the world is buried deeply within my heart, does the human race exist in its present form. I say present form, meaning that there are so many people are spread out all over the world. I am the one who led Christopher Columbus and my name was on his ship. I am the one who sent the missionaries and people of good will to these new lands, bringing the faith and the civilization of Europe. I am the one who has kept at bay the atomic power unleashed for the first time so many years ago, but never used since. I am the one who has limited natural disasters. I am the one standing between the Father and the Divine Chastisements.

I have worked through others but now I must intervene directly, openly taking the initiatives which I foretell with these words.

First, I must raise up new leaders, leaders of faith whom I form in my Immaculate Heart. These leaders will have lives of integrity. I will bond them together because if they stand alone they will be ineffective and vulnerable to the world’s darkness. Let these leaders arise. I am calling them forth. Let them be aware. Your mother is calling you. Be stouthearted.

You, who are reading these words, you know I am right now calling you to lead my people. You must gather with others, who could help you in this leadership. Servants of Mary you will call yourselves. Deeply religious in your hearts but totally competent in the secular world, for that is where I need you.

Come close to me. Bond with others. Prepare your skills. Go forth into your culture. I will guide your steps. I am talking now to thousands, leaders of every kind. I need you to be in place, to be accepted by others as just and fair, as a preserver of peace and a force for justice. The gifts come down from heaven but they must be used on earth. Only with holy leaders, consecrated to me, can I fashion a new nation of America.

52. I Will Walk With God

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There is a certain road that the world must walk. By these messages, I will lead. All must follow. Do not swerve to the left or the right, because the road is narrow. I am speaking about the road of life – found by few and walked by even fewer. Now, all can find the road because I will reveal it. All can walk this road because I will walk with you as your mother.

Many will say, “This is impossible. Mankind is too selfish”. But, I say, “Come, let us believe. Let us trust that mankind can change, that men will respond to the light”.

Why will they respond now, when they have not responded before? Because my light is new. It is different. It is not a blinding light that causes men to fear. It is an attractive light that invites them, like a mother inviting her child to take his first steps. Are not a child’s first steps followed by a lifetime of walking? If only I can get mankind to take these first steps, soon they will delight in this new power that they have. “I can walk with God” they will say. “Why did I reject him?” Why did I set God aside?”

These will be the feelings inside the human person. Who does not want to walk with God? This is the greatest call of the human heart. “I will walk with God” is the greatest decision of mankind. This is my goal. Do you see how gigantic it is? I want all of mankind to proclaim “I will walk with God”. I want every heart to make that decision, ‘I will walk with God”. My voice goes out to the whole world. I am your heavenly mother. Your earthly mother invited you to walk. I will invite you to walk with God. Let my voice reach your ears. You are walking away. You are walking to your destruction, but it need not be so. My voice will grow louder. My words will be more appealing. If you continue to listen, you will come to a moment when you will say. “I can walk with God. I will talk with God”. Do you not hear my voice right now? Why not say those words, “I will walk with God”. Walk with God and soon you will be accompanied by others – your friends, your family. They, too, will walk with God.

Comment: Mary has gigantic hopes. She believes there can be a total conversion of all mankind.

53. A Release of the Heart

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I will make these messages so attractive that many will come to believe. I shape the truths of the gospel, putting them in a form that all will say, “I now see Jesus’ teaching in a new light”. I do this because this is the final preaching, the Father’s final attempt to have the world accept His Son. So, let us begin.

The heart of man must be released. All is now pent up. He holds so many things in his heart. These he must let go. He has his sins (infections which poison his whole life). He has his memories of failures, of selfishness, even of cruelty and hatred. There have been moments when he was not himself, when temptation caught him unaware, conceived sin and gave birth to evil.

The person did what they thought they would never do. My Son preached repentance. What does this mean? I will use a mother’s words. Repentance means “to release your heart”.

Yes, repentance is a release. You no longer need to hold it in. You can allow it to flow out. You can confess your guilt. Like a dam that has burst. Where will it go? Into my Immaculate Heart where the fires of divine mercy will consume it forever.

You will have a free heart, a heart that can begin again. That is what I offer to mankind. That is what I offer to you who read these words. My Immaculate Heart offers you a freedom that you have not experienced for years. It is not too late. Let everything pour out. Let the tears comes. There is so much to pour out.

Afterwards comes the freedom and with the freedom comes new responsibilities, but only after you are free. I have come to set mankind free. How can I build a new world unless man is free again?

Comment: As sin multiplies we forget the effects on the human heart. Mary knows exactly where to begin.

54. A Gift for the Secular Person

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The heavens will burst open and it will be a time of unprecedented grace, available to all – to the religious spirit and to the secular man. Those who know me will be more sensitive. Those who do not know me will be puzzled at first, not understanding what I will call “the first stirrings of faith”. It is to the secular man, the person who has no religious faith, that I speak today. Let us begin.

This modern age has stolen from you the greatest power and privilege of man – to be a child of God. The world has given you every possible convenience and pleasure, hoping that you are content with its earthly gifts and will call yourself a “child of this world”. In this way, the world can number you among its members and be sure that you would oppose any intrusion of my Son into the world.

My Son came into the world. I brought him into human life, but the world did not want him. The same story that happened in Israel, happens every day. My Son, risen from the dead, wants to come into each culture, but the world will not allow it. The world makes sure that its members resist the intrusion. This is called the secular spirit, the spirit which now controls you to whom I speak.

The world can only hope that you are satisfied with what it can offer you, that you never examine the treasures put in your heart by my Son. If you do examine your heart, you will discover a special gift that you have not opened as yet. (This is what the world fears.) You are made new when your eyes are opened and you say, “I am meant for God”.

O secular man, I love you. My Son died for you. I do not come to give you a gift. The gift is already within you. You are born with a desire for God. Do not be afraid to open the gift. The only danger is if you never open it, and go through all your life without understanding that you were made for God.

What will happen when you do open it? I will be there with you. I will show you how to open it without destroying anything in your life that is of God.

A voice speaks now in your heart. It is my voice saying, “Do not be afraid. Do not put aside the religious stirrings that I have planted within you. Open the gift. Open the gift. I can nothing for you until you open the gift. But after that, I can flood you with life.

Comment: Mary invites the secular person to become a child of God.

55. A Love Waiting for You

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My heart overflows with love for all mankind. No human heart is excluded from my love. This is why I ascend this pulpit of the world. So, I can reach out to all men. Today I reach out to the neglected, to those persons who have received so little love in their life. You do not believe in a God of love because you have experienced so little love. To you I speak. Let us begin.

How different you were from the other children. You experienced a life of constant emptiness. You did not realize this until you were old enough to understand. Your home was different, empty of human affection, sometimes filled with gigantic disorders (which I will not list). Then came false love, the love you sought from those of your own age. You always met with constant failures. Then, you chose a marriage partner and found yourself inadequate. How could you respond in love, when you had never experienced love? And so it has been. Love, love, love. It has never been there and you have never been able to receive love or to give love, even though you tried so hard to do so.

Now the years go by and your life narrows. You foresee a future in which true love is impossible. The world has cast you aside. You are no longer young (at least as the world defines young). What do I say to you?

First, my heart goes out to you. You have truly been deprived of life’s greatest gift – love. You have searched – oh how you have searched for love – but so many times in the wrong places. Now, I will turn your heart with these words. “It is not too late because my Son has planted a river of love within you called the Holy Spirit, a veritable fire of every kind of love. You will be able to experience his love as so many others have. His is a redeeming love. His first task is to wash away all your sins, quickly and immediately, so that you experience a freedom. The past will have no control over you. Then, this Holy Spirit will release the heavenly Father’s love for you, and you will know you are his child. Jesus will take you into his arms, for you are truly a straying sheep. Then I will grasp you and offer you the warm love of a mother.” All I can do is to tell you that this love is waiting for you. Take my hand and I will lead you there.

Comment: Many are deprived of human love. No one needs to be deprived of Mary’s love.

56. Sin Destroys the Marital Relationship

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People are pulling in all different directions and the oneness of mankind is being shattered. Who can unite mankind? All is divided and the forces of division multiply each day. This is not the Father’s plan. He dreamed of a united human family but this sin destroyed this unity. Dividing man from woman, made them almost enemies in their own relationship. Yet, they had a continual urge for each other and man had a loneliness for a companion in his trials. This is the problem I will address because all other problems flow from this sexual war, the inability of man and woman to fully enjoy a loving relationship. If man and woman were at peace, then there would be peace in the world. But, there is no peace. So, let us begin.

Every man and woman is selfish but they do not understand this. They enter into marriage believing that they can be a good husband and a good wife. Soon, however, the realities of their relationship become apparent. The sinfulness of the husband encounters the sinfulness of the wife and problems emerge. They try to resolve these problems, even in a sincere way, but they are not totally successful. Then, they distance themselves. Their sexual contact becomes less frequent. They even question their original attractions. They function together but the full intimacy is missing, not just of body but even of friendship. Something important is missing in the family. This is transmitted to the children. The fullness of God is not present.

I must reveal the problem and offer the true solution. The problem is the universal presence of sin which lies hidden and unseen in every human heart. The solution is to see this selfishness and by repentance to remove it. This, however, is beyond the power of the husband and wife. Forgiving and removing sin belongs to God. So, every marriage without God is doomed to some level of failure because of sin in the human heart. Let every husband and wife explore my words. Use them to open your eyes. You will see your sins, but also you will see a God who will free you. Mutually accept your need for my Son and a new road will open before you.

57. The Effects of a Home Without Love

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So many parts of human life are bent and twisted that the human person finds it very difficult to turn to God and to seek Him. That is why I am his messenger. Like John the Baptist I am called to “make straight his paths”. Where will I begin? As always in the human heart.

When the person grows up in an atmosphere of loving parents and a home that is in order, free from strife and turmoil, he can easily perceive the goodness of God because he sees life, love and happiness all around. However, when the original plan of the Father for the family becomes far removed from the original model, then a darkness covers the mind and a heaviness comes upon the feelings. The person is not free to choose the light or to respond to love. Everything is bottled up within, the result of years of an unsatisfying home.

What can be done when this is so widespread? The normal, loving home has become the exception, not the rule. Especially, I address you who are reading my words right now. Your lack of faith is not rooted in the lack of goodness in my Son. It has its roots in your family where so many disorders entered and where faith was dim. I have not come to blame anyone but to offer you a very special gift.

I will be your mother. For many reasons, your own mother was not able to provide and nourish you, could not pour out the warmth and protection that you needed. I will wash away those memories that still hurt within you. I will help you to see everything in a different light. I will open up those feelings that have been closed for so long. Believe me. Everything can be changed. Let us begin right away. Know that I am your mother, loving, powerful, always with my eyes upon you. Always saying to you “Come and feel my warm love. Come and listen to different words. Come, there is another world that you have never experienced. Come because everything can change. It is a warm, motherly love that you need and a warm love is what I have for you. Come and you will receive.”

Comment: Mary says the cause of little faith in the world is due to disordered family life and a lack of love which she will supply.

58. Declaring Endless Wars

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There are disorders everywhere – in the family, in society, in governments and in international relationship. Nowhere is there peace. Cannot men discern that this universal unrest comes from the Evil One who stirs everywhere? Wherever there is turmoil, he is there, exploiting it to his own purposes.

I am here on the scene to actively engage in battle. I am the woman. The evil one and I are foes, eternal foes. The battle will be fought to the end. Let no one doubt that I will win and that he will be vanquished. Let no one doubt that peace will be restored, that human life will again gain a tranquility of order. Yet, let no one doubt that until that special moment brought about by my Son’s blood happens, there will be endless wars.

I will fight him everywhere. I will raise up my army, with new skills and greater powers of the Holy Spirit. I will give new signs and wonders to encourage them. I will hold them close to my heart so that they will never be deceived. I will give them the greatest of comforts for the trials they must go through. I will prepare them, send them forth, give them a definite task and bring their work to a completion, even if this sometimes means their own death.

First, I must call them into my Immaculate Heart. Many times they are deceived. They do not see the newness of this situation. They go forth as they usually do but encounter only failure, sometimes falling into the very evils which they are trying to overcome.

Let these words go forth. This is a new and more dangerous situation. Destructive powers have long been at work that have changed the very landscape, not just the individual heart. There is no longer peace. War has broken out and so many of my children are unaware. Many have fallen in battle, not even knowing that a battle is raging.

That is why I say that before going forth, they must come into my Immaculate Heart. I must train them in the new ways of warfare. Otherwise, the enemy will easily destroy them.

Comment: Devotion to Mary does not mean withdrawal. Her army will attack but first they need to be trained.