19. Libya

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Why do they hesitate? Why do they look at one another waiting to see what each will do? The people are at the mercy of a dictator who wants to subjugate them. This is how the world acts. It seels its own interests, and waits until it is too late, when nothing of real value can be accomplished.

Where is America? Have I not given it a special role in the world? It wastes its resources and cannot respond to the real needs. To those who would want my light, I say, “In Libya, rescue what can be rescued as quickly as possible, protecting what can be protected. Then wait for another day when America will have a different leader who will judge by truth.”

If people pray to me, I will raise up this leader. Let this word go forth. America must pray for the right leadership. If they raise their hearts and hands to me, I will touch that leader’s heart and he will accept the mantle of justice. Otherwise, he will just stay on the sidelines, because there is no divine anointing upon the political scene.

20. The Woman Who Conquers

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All is turmoil with the constant shifting of world events; all is turmoil. Human minds are helpless as new forces of evil and new forces of destruction emerge. The enemy has become legion, far too overwhelming and far too intelligent for mankind and its leaders. Destruction is everywhere, pouring out from its source, the human heart. There is no end in sight. Man cannot regain control.

Why does the world not turn to me? Am I not The Woman and mist not the serpent await the crushing heel of my Son? Satan laughs and rejoices because I am set aside. He does not fear as long as man seeks no heavenly help. What must happen before man realizes, “We need the help of heaven.”?

Must devastation continue? Continue it will because heaven is not asked to respond. Stubborn man keeps his back to heaven even when the road ahead grows darker. Hold your meetings! Call your conferences! Pile up your weapons! All to no avail. If you do not invoke me, I cannot save you.. This is my message. This need not happen. This destruction could be avoided. IT is late, but I will never say, “It is too late.”. There is always a moment when mankind can invoke me. However, the more it delays, the fewer people I can help.

Comment: Mary is the Woman (Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12) the great enemy of Satan. She is saddened that the world does not invoke her, and tries to solve the problem by human means.

21. Conversions through Signs and Wonders

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I speak to you whose hearts have no religious faith; to you who have never lifted your eyes to heaven, to you who have never sought a heavenly favor and to you who do not even believe that God exists. This is your hour, the hour when the stranger will become my son and the foreigner will become a citizen of heaven.

The old order is passing away. All is new. Those who have never listened to the message of faith will suddenly have ears of belief. I will take back those who have been stolen from me and I will bring back what has been carried away from me.

All are my children, the Muslims and the Buddhists and even those who claim no religion. In an instant, they will see what their culture has hidden from their eyes. I will no longer use ordinary means. In a moment, a nation will come to me. In a day, a whole tribe will turn to me. I will give signs in the heavens and will plant stirrings in their hearts. All from the least to the greatest will have a chance to believe.

What do these wonders mean? It is a moment of mercy flowing from my Immaculate Heart. A moment for the world. When all seems lost there will be a intervention of the Spirit of God, my spouse. Who can understand? Yet, in the moment of truth, all will be clear. All will have opportunity to become a child of God through the Immaculate Heart. The stranger, the alien, and the person far from faith will be united through these signs. I will be saying to them, “You also are mine.”. Some will believe and be saved.

Comment: Mary will reach out to the whole world by signs and wonders. Everyone will have an opportunity to become a child of God.

22. Explaining Divine Chastisements

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So many of my children are lost in the world’s darkness.  How will I find them?  I will send forth my word in all directions.  My children in distress will hear my word.  It will claim their hearts and they will return.

The Goal of Divine Justice
When mankind fails in the basic duties of justice, the heavenly Father must inflict Divine Justice to remove darkness and restore truth to the land.  During this time, my children must remain in hope and light.
When Divine Justice removes the architects of darkness, I will place the children of light on the lampstand.  Until then, they must live in faith until the powers of darkness are toppled.

Need For Words
To prepare for this cleansing of Divine Justice, I give my words to the little ones.  My words, my words – I am always speaking about my words.  Yet, this is the way I enlighten them.  If they do not hear my words, they will not be prepared for my helps.  I will provide many helps, but my words are needed to reveal these.  If they do not listen, they will not have my helps and very few will survive the times of Divine Justice.

Becoming Mary’s Children
I speak these words to all, even those who are not my children.  By reading these words and being touched by them, they will become my children.  All can become my children!

Revealing the Problems
To my children, I will reveal the enemy strongholds which Divine Justice must destroy.  If my children stay away from these strongholds, they will not be harmed by Divine Justice, which is like a surgeon’s scalpel, cutting only what is infected.
So, to my children I say, “Stay away from sin.  Do not go near it and do not tolerate sin in your midst.  Be encircled by goodness.  Then, the sources of sin will be evident to you so you can stay away from them.  Each chastisement will be perfectly suited to cleanse an evil.  Flee all evil.  Have nothing to do with evil.  God will expose the evil done in secret.  This is his greatest glory.”

Protecting the Little Ones
How can I protect the little ones?  Listen to my words.  In the present, they must gather together in love for one another and in their desire to safeguard the family.  I will open to them the doors of economic security to provide all that they need.  Trying to act only at the moment of economic collapse will be too late.
Let them make decisions now.  They must love one another.  Be of one mind and one heart.  Let the father be the head of the family, listening to the words of all the members.

As they agree on what to do, let them act in unity and in wisdom. If their hearts are correct, wisdom will be poured out. If each family seeks my wisdom about their finances, I will be in their midst, guiding their decisions.

Comment: Mary’s words are clear. God’s Divine Justice will chastise evil. To prepare, her children must withdraw from all evil.


The Coming Divine Justice

Everything is bubbling beneath the surface of world events, like water with a flame beneath it.  As the heat is enkindled, the hot, destructive water overflows.
The fire is God’s wrath and the water is the world events, the interactions of man.  When the water boils over, the events become destructive.  If the flame is increased, then the boiling over is inevitable.
Sins are enkindling God’s wrath and the water will boil over where the sins are committed.

Stay Away From Evil

To my children I say, “Stay away from sin.  Do not go near sin and do not tolerate sin in your midst.  Be encircled with goodness and the places of sin will be evident to you.  The smell of sin and the vision of sin will be warnings to you.  Stay away.

Evil Movements

Many times people join their hearts together to bring about evil, for their own profit or to destroy their enemy.  This is a great evil, but I will show you a greater one.
Some individuals have hearts that are seedbeds of evil (like Hitler).  They enlist others to their cause.  This becomes a gigantic evil, a movement which others join.  They are drawn in because the movement appeals to their selfish instincts.
This evil takes on many faces and disguises so that even good people unknowingly contribute to this evil.
I must unmask these evil movements and reveal them for what they are.  So, listen to my words.  Do not judge new movements by what is on the surface, by the disguises it assumes.  Look at the heart.  Look at those who began the movement.  Then you will discern the truth.

Comment:  As society is threatened, some will take advantage of confusion.  Jesus warned about “false messiahs”.  Mary does the same.

Each chastisement will be perfectly suited to cleanse each evil.  If the evil is violence, there will be death.  If the evil is hatred and false denunciations, the evil will fall on those who spew these out.  If the evil is dishonesty, they will be caught and exposed.  For each evil, there will be a chastisement.
Flee all evil.  Have nothing to do with evil.  Evil done in secret will be exposed.  This is God’s greatest glory.  What is done in hiding will be exposed in the streets.

Comment:  Clear away all evil, within you and around you.  This is the best preparation.

Divine Justice touches the problem like a surgeon’s scalpel, cutting away only what is infected.  To prepare for the time of Divine Justice, I give my words to the Little Ones.  My words, my words, I am always speaking about my words.  Yet this is the way I enlighten them.  If they do not hear my words, they cannot prepare for the other helps I will offer.
There will be many other helps, but my words will reveal them.  I speak these words from the deepest love of my heart.  If they do not listen, very few will survive the time of Divine Justice.

Comment:  Mary promises many helps but only her words will reveal them.

Preparing for the Time of Divine Justice

I will reveal to my children the enemy stronghold which Divine Justice must destroy.  By staying away from those areas, the little ones will not be harmed by Divine Justice.  This is easy to understand.  God restores justice by destroying places of injustice.  He destroys greed by attacking those who control wealth.  To avoid suffering seek only the necessities of life, which the heavenly Father will always provide.

Comment:  Mary provides wisdom so the little ones are not touched by God’s chastisements.

23. Our Lady Speaks to the Nations

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To the Church in the Middle East

How dark it is for my Church in the Middle East.  Satan is uprooting the Church that has been planted for centuries, but I will place a new vineyard there.
The strife will continue and believers will be caught in the crossfire of constant turmoil.  The Church will be severely damaged.  I will weep and I will wait for my son, the pope, to come and place a new vine in the old vineyard.  Many will see it as small, but it will be young and vibrant, freed from the past divisions, a new Church, a free Church, an Israel Church, planted in the right soil.

Comment:  The first part is already happening.  The number of Christians in the Middle East decreases dramatically due to war.  The second part is consoling.  A new Church will come forth.

The following locutions speak to countries and continents, revealing Our Lady’s thoughts and desires, always giving directions that can be followed.

The time is short.  Soon the events will begin.  At first, they will seem small and isolated, but then, like a match touched to a forest, the conflagration will spread.  How can this happen?  Are not the walls put up, the pacts signed and the treaties made?  What is wrong?  The sins of the past have not been removed by repentance.

To Europe

Setting Aside the Church
You have set aside the Church that presided over your birth.  The papacy is no longer heeded.  You say, “We have no need for the Pope.  We have created our own union”.
In the Ages of Faith, I blessed Europe because the Vicar of my Son provided a oneness.  Nations turned to him in the disputes and went to him in their crises.  Even when the popes were unworthy, his office was accorded a role in peacekeeping.  Now you say to the Pope, “Speak only to the Church.  You have no voice and no role in modern Europe.  We are secular now.”

Europe’s Past Greatness

I still hold Europe in my heart. How many saints it has given me. How many missionaries it has sent forth, bringing the light of faith to Africa and to the Americas. All these came from the countries of Europe which were bathed in great faith. These missionaries went forth to save souls. How great were their sacrifices and their heroic deeds. They went in the name of my Son and of the Catholic Church, planting the cross on every soil. Theirs was a noble mission.

A Secular Union

O Europe, now your churches are empty and you brazenly proclaim, “We are a secular union”. Yes, a secular union which will be overwhelmed by the religious Muslims. They will devour you, not with their weapons, but with their faith, their beliefs and their religious practices.

Turn back to me or your European Union will collapse like the paper building that it is. Do not say, “Our economies are flourishing. Our way of life is succeeding”. You have forgotten your Mother, the Church. Your union is like a little baby compared to my Church. How long have you existed? Not even a century. What is that compared with 2000 years?

Return to your mother. She awaits you. You need her wisdom. You need the spiritual life which flows from her womb and the nourishment that comes from her breasts. Your hearts are joined in money and in your economic system but not in the Catholic faith.

If you exalt my Pope, I will exalt you. If you listen to his wisdom, I will lead you along a path of survival. Otherwise, your destruction is near at hand because your union is a union of convenience, not of faith.

I ask you this. Would you die for one another? Would you shed your blood for your common faith, when you have no faith? Return now, while it is not too late. Fill the churches and I will drop down blessings from heaven and you will say, “The Age of Faith has begun again”.

Comment: Mary points out the obvious. Europe’s oneness came from their unity in the Catholic faith. The European Union rejects that source of unity and has adopted a secular model, making it vulnerable to the Muslim religion.

My messages are not judgments or condemnations. They are warnings, spoken from love. People must understand what is weak and about to collapse because not built on solid ground. So much more to say …

To America

I hold America in my heart. It is so special and formally dedicated to my Immaculate Conception. It is built upon religious principles which are now covered over. What has happened to America? It is awash in material goods that it cannot afford, drowning in a debt that it cannot pay and killing its young before they are born.

What has happened to the light set upon the mountain? To the city set on the hill? America’s foundations have been shaken. Slavery began the problem. Human beings were reduced to cattle. Then, blood was shed in the Civil War. A seed of evil was sown and not recognized – the seed of violence, brother killing brother.

The Problems of America

A century later, a president was gunned down, the victim of a conspiracy that was covered over, and the seeds of lies were sown. America ceased to be the country of truth. Social institutions were bent to the will of the powerful. Truth was banished from the land and the institutions meant to uphold the truth were sold to the highest bidder.

Money. Money is your false god, America, and money will be your downfall. You will drown in the very money which you print so plentifully. It will not be worth what it says it is. It will become the laughing stock of the nations. The mighty dollar will be like a sick man who has no strength.

You are already sick. You must be carried by others, by the very people, to whom you do not want to pay allegiance. They do not at all share your Christian faith. What have you done, America? You have sold yourself like a prostitute to whomever will buy your notes of credit, selling the heritage which the heavenly Father gave you, a heritage that stretches from sea to shining sea.

It is not too late. Turn back. In your years of prosperity, you helped those who were destitute. In your years of good fortune, you brought back to life those nations who were broken. Never will I forget your generosity. But if you do not repent, I cannot restore you. If I do not restore you, many will have nowhere else to turn.

Comment: Mary touches on America’s special call, on its present problem of over-spending. America’s future still lies in the balance, yet to be written.

To China

To a land that does not know me and to a people who have not heard my name.  You are mine and soon I will take you to my heart, not just individually, not one by one, but as a nation, all at once.  I will take you into my arms and you will ask, Who is saving us?  Who is setting us free?  Who has suddenly loosened our bonds?
Yes, you are in bondage to the darkness of your religious teachings.  These bring you no light even though gods are invoked and prayers are said.  These fall upon deaf ears, said to gods made by human hands.
I will give you a new God, a true Lord, my Son, Jesus.  He is already walking among you in great signs and wonders.  He is preached and adored in house churches.  However, your government fears him and tries to control him.  He will break out of their grasp.  It is already happening.  What is sown will break forth.  New life is already in your midst, but you know it not.

A day will come when you will renounce your other gods and embrace Jesus. On that day, I will break your chains, the chains that have bound your hearts like you used to bind your children’s feet. China will be free and the world’s largest nation will proclaim my Son as its Lord.

Comment: For decades now, Jesus has brought forth great signs and wonders in China, resulting in a multiplication of believers. These gather in house churches, which the government strongly resists. Mary says that China will come to Jesus, not just individually but as a nation.

To Russia

How gigantic you are, spread across two continents, encompassing various people and called a union of republics.  A union you are not.  You are splintered and fragmented, formerly held together by force and now united by political strategies.  How I wish you were a people united in professing my Son.  If his name were upon your lips, you would truly be one.

You beat down your people and tried to build an atheistic system on their backs.  You took whatever was in your grasp, deceiving the West and making gains at the bargaining tables, destroying the rights of people who were not your own.  This is your twentieth century legacy to the world.
Where are you headed now?  What new fields do you want to plunder?  What new alliances are you forming?  Why are you consorting with people who do not love my Son and who do not proclaim his as Lord?  They exalt a different prophet unknown to you and foreign to your religious tradition.

Turn back.  Your flirtation with the Middle East will not gain your goals.  What are you seeking?  A new role?  A new identity?  A return to greatness?  If you had been truly great I would not have humbled you by breaking your system.  I indeed have humbled you but you did not repent.

You just sought another road.   “I will return to my former greatness”, you say in your heart.  “I will find new friends with whom to conspire.  I will make new arrangements in the Muslim world.  With these, I will rise to power again”.  You fool!  They are plotting your destruction, just as they are plotting the destruction of the West.

You are not one of them. They laugh at you. They play your game but they will not let you rule with them unless you become one with them in their religious beliefs.

Will you sell them your religious traditions as you have sold them your uranium? Will you sell your people, the way you barter your secrets? They will not be satisfied with your wealth. They want your soul. Jesus, my Son, is the soul of the Russian people. Someday, they will be consecrated to me by my Pope. Then they will be mine and I will snatch them from your hands, from you who are so ready to sell them to a people who hate you.

Comment: Our Lady loves the Russian people and their deep religious traditions. These words are directed to the Russian leaders who embraced an atheistic Communist system in the twentieth century and are now selling arms, uranium and technology to Muslim countries.

To Latin America

To you who are poor, who gather your little rations from your tiny fields while the world enjoys its banquets. I have not forgotten you and you have not forgotten me. I am sown into your hearts through the missionaries I sent to you.

Your religious traditions (placed in your hearts centuries ago) are fading and wilting as the modern world enters by its powerful media and messages. The new replaces the old. The young leave for the city or for other countries. Noise invades your quiet and restlessness spreads through the land. Change is everywhere. All is unsettled. How widespread is this march of progress, a progress which is rooted in the expediency of the moment. What can I do for you, a people close to my heart?

I see the old and the new, what was and what will be. How can I guide you from a past, so deeply rooted in the Catholic Church, to your future? How can I help you, so the values of the past are not surrendered to gain the blessings of the future?

I give you the rosary. The rosary will link you to one another and will chain you to me. Yes, chain you to me with chains of love which will never be broken.

You will need these chains. Only your mother can help you to survive the years ahead. The shaking will begin with the prosperous nations but will be felt most in the poorer countries, with a poverty you have never seen. Do not follow false leaders who preach a secular progress without religious values.

Who still calls on me? What people still seek me? These I will bless and sustain. Do not walk away from me as others have done. I am your mother.

Comment: Mary confronts the problem that material progress can cause the loss of a religious tradition. She asks the people to say the rosary. They will be chained to her when they suffer new economic hardships.

To Muslims

To all who proclaim Allah as your god and Mohammed as his prophet.  You have set aside my Son as the light of the world and have put another in his place.  He has used clever words and strict rules.  He has laid burdens on your backs and told you that you are a holy people.  Yet, he himself cannot confer this holiness.
He tells you that you must work for holiness that you must pile up good deeds that are greater than your evil deeds.  What a bondage he places you in!  What fears he plays upon.  Is this religion – to pile up good deeds?  Is there not a loving Father who has sent his only begotten Son to redeem and to make holy?  Has not your prophet blocked the springs of living water that flow from my Son’s side?  Has he not turned you away from the gift of saving grace?

When will you learn? Salvation does not come from below, as you pile up goods, as if these could reach to the heavens. Salvation comes down from the Father of Grace. It descends upon mankind as a gift from above. It came through my womb which gave flesh and blood to the Eternal Son of God. All of this is yours, given as a gift and a grace offered to your freely.

Yet, you turn away from this gift to what you yourselves can earn by your good deeds. This is what your prophet has taught you. He has displaced the Son of God who pours out life freely and he tells you to work for your salvation. He removes the gift as if it had not been paid for and says, “You must pay again. Why pay again for what has already been bought by my Son’s blood? Why bring the coins of your good deeds, when the Father will give you salvation paid for by His only Son?

This is the mystery which your prophet has set aside and is now hidden from your sight. Why has this been done? Why has the gift been set aside? Because you would go to Jesus, my Son, instead of to Mohammed. By these words, I reveal what is waiting in my arms, your salvation. Come quickly and I will give it to you. You know me well. I am Miriam of Nazareth.

Comment: Mary points out the basic failure of Mohammed. He has removed grace, the divine life freely gained by Jesus’ death and rising. He has reduced Jesus Christ to a prophet, lower than himself.

To Israel

Would I not speak to a people who gave me birth and nourished my faith – a people I have always loved. Yes, I will say it – people I have always loved. You are my people, not just the people of my heart but the people of my flesh and blood. You are my Son’s people, of the same flesh and blood.

You are a wandering people. First, you wandered in the desert and now you have wandered for centuries. Dispersed and not gathered together. United only by the word, the Torah, the teachings and prophets. Yet, these have kept you together and given you an identity.

“I am a Jew” you say, a member of a proud race, begun by Abraham and gathered together by Moses, united in the glory of King David, sent into exile, gathered again in Jerusalem, dispersed by the Romans and now present in every land, waiting and waiting for the Messiah.

Have you ever asked, “Has he already come? Who is this Jesus, whom so many proclaim as Lord?” Have you ever asked, “Were we mistaken? Did the forefathers kill the Son sent by the Father? Did they not kill the prophets before Him? Yet, today, you acclaim these prophets. Why do you not acclaim my Son?

No need to recall your history. Even more important, there is no need to allow these centuries to stand as an impregnable wall. Let us go back. Let us go back to the beginning. How did we get separated? How did we part our ways? How did those Jews who believed in Jesus get set aside?

Were their voices not heard? Were they not persecuted? Look at what Saul did before my Son appeared to him on the road to Damascus. Saul is my key witness. Study his life. Study his message. See him as one who persecuted the believers. Why did he change? Was he bribed? Was he forced to become a believer? Or, did he really see my Son? Did he encounter Jesus in the fullness of his resurrection? This is the question you must face.

You are a Jew. You will always be a Jew. I am a Jew. Paul is a Jew. Do not believe those who say that you cannot believe in my Son and remain a Jew. A believer remains a Jew, a Jew who has come to a fullness.

Comment: Mary’s words strike at the heart of the question. Did Jesus rise from the dead? Did Paul see the Risen Jesus? Cannot a believer remain a Jew?

To Africa

Africa, beautiful Africa. You have been ravaged by the colonial powers. Your sons and daughters have been sent to faraway lands and placed in inhuman servitude. I love you. You are mine.

A fresh wind blows across your land. A new fire of faith has been planted in your hearts. In so many places, that faith is flourishing, due to the sufferings and toils of so many.

I have come to you and visited you Kibeho. I am yours. I belong to you. I have embraced you and your many cultures.

The spirit of Kibeho will flow throughout your continent, not just the waters of Kibeho but its many seeds. They will be planted everywhere, North, South, East and West. There will be new Kibehos because I will continue to appear to those who call on me and obey me. So, listen to this word.

My Son will pour out the Holy Spirit with diverse tongues and powerful gifts. Do not be afraid of these new phenomena. They are part of my Church and were present from the very beginning. Do not be afraid of this New Pentecost. Do not close your doors to these new fires. These fires are sweeping your continent and I do not want these fires to be all around you while your doors remain closed. Do not lose these moments which is are important.

Learn about the new fires. Study and prepare to receive. Let the priests be first, so the people are guided correctly. Then let all the people seek the fire. All must be done in order, but the fire must not be quenched.

You will dedicate this new fire of the Spirit to my motherly guidance. I will not let you lose your way. Then, when you send your abundant missionaries to every land, they will not just bring the solid Catholic teachings, they will also bring the Pentecostal fires, which they have personally experienced. This will be your gift to the nations. The youngest in the faith will lead his older brothers.

Comment: Mary stresses two great sources of spiritual life, her personal appearances and the Pentecostal fires sweeping the continent. She wants the Church in Africa to be immersed in both of these streams.

To Ireland

To a land that I have separated from others so it can be totally mine. A land that I visited decades ago at Knock. A land which has walked with me for centuries.

I know the path that you have taken. You have followed another woman – Dame Prosperity. Now she has abandoned you and your house is in shambles. It is well that she has left you. You were drunk on her wine and corrupted by her lewdness.

“Where shall I go?” you ask. “Return to Knock”. There you will find the answers that I gave you long ago and we will begin again.

It will not be easy. Much has been destroyed and you have not yet recovered from the shocks of your indebtedness. But we cannot wait.

I promise I will send someone to lead you and I will send others to help him. I will raise up a new priesthood. It will rise from the ashes, bold, vibrant and true, serving others not itself, close to the people and not claiming its own privileges.

If you follow me, I will raise up a new Ireland. If you do not, I must abandon you to those who will continue to rape you and destroy you. There are so many forces of division while time is wasting. I will be waiting for you and we will begin again.

Comment: Mary speaks of the great religious centuries of Ireland, which has, in recent years, abandoned the Catholic Church and gone into deep indebtedness. She promises a new leader, a renewed priesthood and a new Ireland flowing from a religious stream of Knock.

24. Mary Speaks to the Broken-Hearted

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To the Mother of An Aborted Child

Your child is with me, grown to full stature, just like every other child of God. It is you I am concerned about, and the burden you have carried for years.

First, let us go back to that moment of decision, when you said, “I will have an abortion”. Recall the father of your child, and the role he had in your decision. Recall your fears, your qualms, the pressures you felt from so many sources. Recall the despair that filled your heart and the hopelessness of the situation.

Now recall the years of suffering since that decision – the sleepless nights, the endless questions, the despair, the darkness and especially that question which you always ask, “Why did I let it happen?” Recall all of this so I can respond.

You have suffered long enough. No need for greater pain or greater sorrow. No need for further accusations. There is need only for my saving word which will restore you. Listen carefully.

On earth, you will not be called the mother of this child because you did not give birth, but in heaven you will be called the child’s mother because you gave life. In heaven you will hear the child call you “Mother”, and its mother you will be. You will see your child in full maturity, grown to full stature. Your child will be waiting here to embrace you and I will be here.

There is only one difficulty. I must get you here. So, think about my words. Think of the child who so wants to have you in haven. Think about what awaits you. Set aside the past. Set aside the sufferings. You will be the mother you so much want to be. We both are waiting for you.

Comment: Certainly the child is in heaven and the child wants its mother to be there also. The woman should not look back but forward.

To Women Who Have Never Conceived

I speak to women who want to conceive a child but have been denied this privilege because of circumstances. One has not found the right person to marry. Another has a husband who does not want children. With another, the mutual spousal love has never conceived. With another, conception has always ended in a miscarriage. Oh, the loneliness of a woman who so desires to bring forth new life! Each month there is the womanly flow which painfully reminds her that time is going by. I do not say “is being lost” for, in God, all time is holy.

Begin with hope. Always and everywhere, hope that God has a plan. Seek God’s light. “What can I do? What steps can I take?” Often, there are surprising answers as you cast the light of hope upon disappointing circumstance. Finally, know that never to have given birth on earth is not God’s rejection of you, nor does it condemn you to a fruitless existence. Look at those who have embraced virginity for the kingdom. Is their life fruitless? How many of these are saints that have blessed the world more than anyone else. I say this clearly. In your failure to give birth there is a seed of great life, a call to a fuller fruitfulness. Let me help you to search and we will find it together. As the psalm proclaims, “The woman who was barren becomes the mother of many children”.

To the Woman Who Experiences Unrequited Love

I speak now to the lonely wife, who gives loves but receives none. She would embrace her husband but he flees from her embraces. An unrequited love – going forth but returning empty.

The house has no love. Life is just an existence together. Two lives that pass in the night. Two streams that flow in separate river beds, never enjoying the fullness of a joining.

Can love be reawakened? Even your own love, because it has never been returned, has grown cold, even though still present. Let us try again. This time slowly and with great patience. Always await in hope. Always keep the door open. Treasure even the smallest coal of human warmth. When he needs you, be there for him. I will arrange the circumstances so that he sees that you have remained at his side, even though he has not always remained at your side. When the streams begin to join again, let his love flow freely. This will be a great sacrifice for you but there are too many years ahead for you to live mutually alone. The gift of reciprocal love does not return over night but it is a gift worth waiting for.

Do not seek the love of another man because his love would poison your heart. In loving your husband, you act like God who continually loves many who never return his love.

To Parents Worried About Their Children

You see that your child is in deep trouble. Your child has spun out of control and walks away from you. You are helpless. All that you do is not enough. Learn much from my words.

I am with your child, walking with him, accompanying him in the darkness. I will be with him whether he is able to turn away from these destructive forces or whether he is unable to free himself.

So, I say to you, “Call upon me. Invoke my help. Use my name. Teach him to say, “Mary help me”. Do not cease to cry out to me. I hear your every prayer and see your every desire.

Learn this lesson clearly. Everything is possible in my Immaculate Heart. This is a lesson which the whole world will soon learn but I reveal it to you much earlier because of your special need. “No one need be lost”.

Comment: Mary teaches total confidence in her Immaculate Heart. Parents will see true miracles in the change Mary will bring about.

To Parents Whose Son/Daughter Has Committed Suicide

The lonely hours and the constant questions, “What did I do wrong? Why was I not there to prevent this? The memories still fill your heart, the memories of First Communion, the birthday parties and the graduations. These all flood your mind.

How much time has gone by! Yet the pain is still there, like an unquenchable thirst. It is a wound that seems never to heal, an unending agony.

Listen to my words. They will draw you to me. Then, read them again and they will touch you more deeply. As you continue to read them, these words will go to the center of your heart. A moment will come when my words will replace your words and you will be free. Let us begin.

Did he make a true decision, a real choice between good and evil? Was there not a narrowing, a closing of doors to other possible solutions?

Did you know his inner thoughts? How much inner light was present? What darkness had he stumbled into? Can anyone see the way when no light exists? These are the questions that I place before you.

Now, let us go on. Have you not prayed for him? Have you not asked God to have mercy on his soul? Do you not ask God to see your child as you see him? Where are those prayers? Did they get lost in eternity or are they gathered up in my heart?

Look at my heart. Your every prayer and sigh is there. Also, there are your tears, those tears which you have shed so abundantly. These, also, I have gathered up. They are not useless.

Now, come deeper into my heart so you can grasp the thoughts of the heavenly Father. The Father created him, brought him to life and charted his ways, recording every step he took. This path was not a sudden decision. The seeds of this decision were quietly slipped into his heart while he was asleep, like the parable of the enemy who sowed weeds at night. These weeds were numerous and they appeared everywhere, too numerous to root out, destroying all the wheat. This was the heart of your son/daughter. Your child could only see the hopelessness.

I was with your child in those hopeless hours, because you had called upon me. (I remember your prayers.) You had asked me to save him, because he no longer seemed to be yours. He walked a road that you did not understand.

So, I walked with him. I did not abandon his side, even for a moment, and especially, not in his final moment. I was there, within him, I whispered my name. I told him to call upon me. I could not save his earthly life because those weeds of death had grown too numerous. So, I offered him a chance for eternal life. In the little corner of his will, where freedom still had sway, I asked him, “Do you want me to save you?” “What was his answer?” you ask. I say, “Come to heaven. Seek always God’s kingdom for yourself. All is not lost.”

Comment: Mary pierces the darkness of a suicide, and speaks of what we cannot know. The parents must seek to gain heaven for themselves, trusting that their child will be waiting for them.

To Those Who Have Lost A Loved One in the War

The memories are so sharp and clear. You remember the moment he told you of his decision. Suddenly, he was off to war, to an unknown land and to a people whom you did not know. These are the ways of war, the gathering of an army and the sending forth, while those who stay behind are filled with a thousand anxieties.

So it was, as it has always been, with the constant prayers for a safe return, so that your lives could begin again.

But this was not to be. Others returned, but not the one whom you loved so much. The place at table was empty now, never to be filled. The clothing he had stored away never to be used, at least by him.

What shall I say to you whose heart was broken by the cruelty of a war waged in a far off land? How can I console you, when he will never return? When you will never see him again? When you will never hear his voice or listen to his words? Let me speak because my words will bring you consolation and direction.

Some are meant to be here only a little while, to fulfill their task and to pass on, leaving behind a gift, the memory of their heroic deeds and of their great sacrifices. These memories live on. Do not drown them out. They are the seeds of new life. Remember what he stood for and what he tried to achieve. Remember his sacrifices. Tell them to your children. He gave his life for others. And when these memories overwhelm you and when the loss seems too great, call on me. I, too, lost a Son to violence. I will come to you and we will pray for peace so others do not share our sorrows.

To the Young Person With a Broken Relationship

Your friend, your companion, the one who was always at your side is no longer there. The friendship is broken and you have gone your separate ways. A loneliness sets in. Before you plunge into another relationship, let me, your mother, speak to you.

You have much to learn. Examine yourself. What blame must you shoulder? How will you be better in the future? Will your friend take you back, if you change?

There are other questions. Who can help you? Who will speak the truth to you? Who will speak a bold word? Who will be a good friend? Who will lift you up and ask you to live by higher ideals? Learn from a true friend before you begin another relationship. You will be different next time.

Comment: Many experience the heartbreak of a broken relationship. Mary asks the person to be truthful and to seek out someone who will lift them up to higher ideal.

To A Young Person Experiencing Guilt

Guilt covers your soul like a darkness, with the pain of a sharp wound, always present and never going away. You ask, “Why do I feel guilty? Can I find forgiveness? Can anyone remove my guilt?” Let me answer your questions.

You feel guilty because you are a person, conscious of self and of how you should have acted. Your guilt is telling you that you did not act as a person. To be freed from guilt, you must do some things that only a person can do. Be honest about where you have failed. If you hurt anyone, seek their forgiveness.

Then, come before God who created you as a person. Seek his forgiveness. If you are a Catholic, seek out a priest. He will absolve you and tell you what else to do. Take these steps and you will be restored. I am your mother.

Comment: Mary offers some simple steps to allow every human person to be freed from guilt feelings.

To the Young Person Experiencing a Call

What is that feeling which washes over you, calling you to serve others? What rewards and sacrifices does it hold in store? What will happen if you listen and follow? And if you don’t? Let your mother explain what is happening.

My Son stirs within you, revealing the mission he offers to you. You see only the beginning steps. The rest of the road is hidden, so you must trust.

Listen to your heart. Follow your inner dream. Trust what Jesus has placed within you. Do not measure the sacrifices or allow others to discourage you. All is prepared. The next time you experience the stirring, say “Yes, Lord, I will follow you”. You will see what to do.

Comment: Mary promises that the inner call will lead the young person to fulfill God’s plan.

To the Young Person Who Cannot Find A Spouse

You have prepared yourself and made yourself ready, always looking, always hoping that you would find the right partner. The years slip by, but the desire perdures. In moments of great hope. You say, “It will surely happen”. Then come moments of despair. You ask, “Where can I even look and hope to find someone?”

Questions are everywhere. “Should I take this opportunity? Yet the other person is so far from what you had hoped for. Is not time running out? But what is the alternative? Many look for sexual favors. Few seek a relationship and even fewer share your dreams of marriage and family. What do I say to you who are caught between your desires and the reality which frustrates your hopes? Let us begin.

Listen to my voice within. Say often, “My mother will provide”. Then, walk where I would walk. Seek relationships that only I would have. Stay free from those who do not share the desires of your heart. They will only absorb your time and leave you empty.

Go where I send you. Search and seek. Do not be afraid to knock on some doors. Seek new groups, always with the noblest of purposes. I have placed within you a desire for parenthood, to bring forth a family with a spouse who shares your faith and your values. What is wrong with that? Is this not a noble ideal? Then believe that I will help you to achieve it.

Trust that I have placed in you those qualities which will both attract the other and help the other. See what you can bring to the relationship. If you do this, you will be more sure of yourself and your relationship will be based on mutual support. The relationship can then grow. True love can spring up and a moment will happen when you see that you are meant for each other. That is the important moment.

Comment: Mary teaches many things – hope, good choices, active seeking, and looking out for the other’s needs. Only these lead to a good marriage.

To the Young Person Who is Not Ready for Marriage

There are others to whom I must speak. You seek to marry but you are not ready. You have not prepared. Your values are too superficial and your choice of a partner would be the wrong one.

Deepen your life. Seek true values. Return to Mass. Grow in your faith. Stay away from debaucheries. Form your own lifestyle. Choose friends wisely. Do not be led astray. Marriage is a serious enterprise and few are adequately prepared.

When you have done all of this, when you have matured, then you can seek a partner because you will choose much better. You will reject that person whom before you would have selected and you will be drawn to the person whom you formerly would have shunned. The right person was there all along but you were not yet the right person for the other. Lift up your lifestyle and you will choose a partner at a higher level.

Comment: A person tends to choose according to their level. If the person is lifted up by a better lifestyle, they will meet and choose a better partner.

25. To Those Who Never Heard the Gospel

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I speak to you who have never heard the gospel because you have been deprived of a great light. Everyone on earth has a right to hear the gospel of my Son, but sometimes missionaries did not reach you. Governments have refused them entrance or even ejected them from your land. No more. Governments can no longer banish a word that goes forth electronically.

I speak first to you because others have had their chance to hear the gospel. It is a new day. I will preach and you will hear. No one will stop the gift.

The Conception of Jesus

I begin with a mystery which was hidden in my womb and first revealed in a Jewish culture, 2000 years ago. God became man. He took flesh and blood. He came among us and was seen and heard by those who lived in Israel.

Why Israel? Because God had prepared them for centuries. They knew there was only one God. He had spoken to them through the prophets. As a young girl, I was instructed in these sacred books. I was a daughter of God and a daughter of Israel, prepared by my sacred culture to be the mother of God. Yes, I am the mother of God and I want to be your mother.

Life of Jesus

My Son’s name is Jesus. He performed miracles, signs and wonders. He proclaimed that the Kingdom of God was breaking through and that his life would begin this great event. The leaders of Israel were jealous. They were angry because my Son denounced many of their practices. They feared him because large crowds followed and believed. So, they killed him, nailing him to a cross. I was there. I saw my Son die and his heart pierced by a sword. We buried him in a new tomb and I sorrowed, more than any other mother. He was my only Son and I was a widow.

However, all of this was only a preparation. He entered the tomb to deprive it of its power. That is the great message that I bring you. My Son won the victory. He destroyed the power of death. On the third day, he rose from the dead. His body is now in glory – unable to die or to suffer. This same glory is for you. That is my message. You do not need to fear death if you believe in my Son. This is my first message. It is basic but even now you can see how deprived you have been by not hearing these words. I promise I will make it up to you.

Comment: The good news of Jesus Christ will go forth electronically, preached by God’s greatest messenger – Mary, God’s mother.

26. Gaining Holiness in Mary’s Heart

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Everything that is holy is in my heart. You are free to enter because my heart will be open until the end of time. Then it will be sealed for all eternity.

What is not in my heart is not holy, not of God’s kingdom, worthy only to be cast out on the final day. All that is in my heart is the Father’s will. When you enter my heart, you will receive a desire to do the Father’s will. As you remain in my heart, that desire will become pervasive and deepen, extending to every thought, word and deed. This is not the work of just one day or one year, but it is the sure and easy way to goodness because you will experience a vehement desire to do God’s will. I will show the easiest way to accomplish what the Father wants.

Comment: In these few locutions, Mary has invited the soul to a conversion from sin, to fidelity to God’s will and to holiness – all accomplished easily if the soul enters Mary’s heart.

27. Receiving the Holy Spirit

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Peter, the leader of the disciples told the crowd about the events which I have told you. He explained the purpose of my Son’s death – to take away every person’s sins and to send the Holy Spirit into their hearts.

The people experienced great sorrow for having killed my Son and asked what they had to do. Peter said that they had to repent of their sins and be baptized in the name of my Son. In this simple and easy way, they would receive my Son’s Holy Spirit. Peter baptized 3000 persons that day.

This little story raises many questions which I will answer. Who is this Holy Spirit? He is the Spirit of the Father and the Son. The Father is God and my Son is God. Also, the Holy Spirit is God. When you receive the Holy Spirit, you become a child of God. God lives in you and, on the last day, He will raise you from the dead, just as He raised my Son from the dead.

I told you that my Son conquered the tomb and you do not need to fear death. By the Holy Spirit, you will live forever. Death is not the final state. My Son gained eternal glory for himself and He gained it also for all who believe the story. I will explain more the next time.

Comment: Mary gets quickly to the great gift of Jesus – the Holy Spirit who bestows eternal life.

What You Have to Believe

Many books form the Christian Bible, but you need not read all of them before being baptized and receiving Jesus’ Spirit. In these little talks I will give you all that you need to know. Let us begin with God.

There is only one God. We call him the “heavenly Father” because Jesus taught us this title. Centuries ago, he created the whole world – the earth, sun, moon and stars. He created all that lives – the fish and the animals. When earth was ready, he created the first man and woman, from whom comes every man and woman on earth. They are our common parents.

You have a body and a spirit. Your body came from your parents. Your spirit was created by your heavenly Father. But this was not enough. Your human spirit can receive God’s Holy Spirit. As your body lives because of your human spirit, so your human spirit lives because of the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, your human spirit has no life. My Son died on the cross so He could give you his own Holy Spirit and you could live forever with his heavenly Father. I will talk about that the next time.

Comment: Mary is so clear about the human person. The human person has a material body taken from human parents and an immortal spirit created directly by God. This human spirit can live forever by receiving God’s Spirit. What great mysteries explained so clearly!

28. Mary Ascends the Electronic Pulpit (the Internet)

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So many of my children, who used to be in my heart are missing. They were baptized and taught the truths but they are not here. I am their sorrowful mother and I must look for them. I will ascend the pulpit of the world. I will call out to them in the clearest of words. No matter where they are, my words will reach them.

Since their world no longer includes the Church, I will enter their world through the Internet. I will find new pulpits and give the clearest, most inviting teachings. At the same time, I will touch their hearts. They will know that it is a mother’s voice which invites them.

Translated into All Languages

I ascend the pulpit of the world to speak to all people, in their native language. The words will go forth on the Internet and will be translated into all languages by the little ones whom I hold in my heart. You will accompany me into the pulpit and record the words as they go forth.

Explaining All the Truths

The God who created the world wanted to reveal the mysteries of heaven. To do this, he chose a people to be his very own – the Israelites, also called the Jews. These are my people. He formed them by his word, which they collected into books.

He revealed many things but the most important was that there was only one true God. This truth separated the Israelites from the other nations. Although they knew that God was one, they did not know God’s inner life. Only Jesus, my Son, who is God, could reveal and explain God’s inner life. This is what Jesus explained.

God is a Father who brings forth his Son. The infinite love which they have for each other brings forth the Holy Spirit. The Father so loved the world that He sent his Son, Jesus, to save the world, (All of this I will explain later.) and to give to the world the same life which the Father and Son enjoy together. This life was given when the Father and the Son sent the Holy Spirit who begins to live within you when you believe in Jesus and are baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Comment: Mary gives a clear summary of Divine Revelation. God is one and in this oneness are three divine Persons. By the Holy Spirit, all can share in God’s inner life.

Disobedience and Obedience

Having spoken of what God did, I must now speak of what man did. Inside of you are powers not shared by the animals. You have a mind that can know God and a will that can obey him or disobey him. You can say “yes” or you can say “no” to God.

The history of man is filled with “no”. This is called “sin”. This tendency to sin (to disobey God) is now planted in every heart. It is a selfishness which destroys all that God would do.

Because I was going to be the Mother of God, God did not allow this power of sin to be planted in my heart. No power of disobedience ever touched me. I always said “yes” to God. Jesus, also, always said “yes” to his heavenly Father.

Because he was obedient to the Father, the leaders of Israel crucified Jesus. All the way to his death on the cross, Jesus said “yes”. I, also, said “yes” as I stood at the cross of my Son.

The heavenly Father heard this perfect “yes”. So, the Father and the Son poured out the Holy Spirit (their mutual “yes” to each other). This Holy Spirit empowers people to say their “yes” to the Father. Therefore, the Father can glorify us, just as he glorified Jesus. I want to explain exactly what will happen.

Comment: Jesus saves us from our “no” which separates us from God. He gives us the power to say “yes” which joins us to God and allows him to glorify us with Jesus.

The Glory of God

My Son, Jesus, always enjoyed life with his Father. This life we call “God’s glory”. By disobedience to God, man had lost God’s glory.

Jesus lowered himself and became a man. He even accepted death on a cross. His Father exalted him, raised him into glory and made his name above every other name. All who call on this name can be saved.

You are “saved” when your human spirit receives God’s Holy Spirit. This is God’s glory. This Holy Spirit raised the human nature of Jesus from the dead. This Holy Spirit will do the same for you as he did for my Son, Jesus. The important proof of this truth is that He already did this for Jesus. Let me tell you what happened. In this way you can believe that Jesus rose from the dead.

Comment: By becoming man and dying on the cross, Jesus made God’s glory available to us.

The Appearances

When Jesus was 30 years of age, he left our home and began to preach that the kingdom of God was at hand, the special moment that all of Israel had awaited for many centuries.

Jesus told everyone that God had sent him and that he was God’s Son. To prove this, he healed sick people, drove out evil spirits and even raised people from the dead. Many Jews believed and placed faith in Jesus. Some became his disciples, and from these he chose apostles, who were called the twelve.

Jesus predicted to these disciples that he would die on a cross and that he would rise from the dead. The disciples did not believe that he would be killed and they did not understand what “to rise from the dead” meant. Yet, both took place. After Jesus rose from the dead, he appeared to these disciples for 40 days, proving to them that he had risen and instructing them about their future tasks.

These disciples were the important people in God’s plan. They told this story to the whole world. They had no fears. Many were killed because they preached this new way of life.

These disciples believed because they had seen the risen Jesus. Those to whom they preached believed because of the disciples’ words. Also, the disciples healed people and drove out demons. This little group was not educated, yet they preached to the whole world. This is what I am doing now. By their preaching, many received the opportunity to gain eternal life. Those who heard believed, were baptized and received the Holy Spirit.

This is why I am preaching now – preaching to the whole world by the Internet – so all receive the same opportunity for eternal life.

Comment: Just as the disciples went to the whole world, so Mary’s words go forth, telling what Jesus gained for us and giving all an opportunity for these riches.

A New Way of Living
 (Jesus is Lord)

Jesus proved to these disciples that he was God, the Lord of all creation. He was God’s only Son and, with the Father, the source of the Holy Spirit. These disciples went forth telling the whole world to put aside their many false lords and to accept the true Lord, Jesus, into their hearts. This meant adopting a new way of life. The disciple has to live like the Master and the servant like his Lord.

Jesus lived in obedience to the Father and to his commandments. He lived in truth, in service to the Father and to others. He lived in chastity and purity of life. All of this I will explain now.

You human nature is selfish, controlled by your passions. You are a slave to sin. Baptism frees you from your slavery to sin and makes you a servant of goodness. You are a new creation,  called out of your selfish darkness into Jesus’ light. This is how Jesus is different from your pagan gods. You offer them sacrifices but you go on leading your selfish lives. With Jesus you are lifted up, made a child of the light, guided and helped by God’s Holy Spirit. I will take this up again.

Comment: Many reject Jesus as Lord because this requires a new way of life. Choosing the true Lord demands a change.

The Christian Community

When the believers were baptized and received the Holy Spirit, they could not return to their former way of life. So, they supported one another. They joined together for prayers and the teachings of the apostles and the sharing in the Eucharist.

This same method was used by the missionaries. Baptism demanded that the new believers leave behind their sinful way of life. To accomplish this, the believers formed new Christian communities. They came under Jesus who had promised to stay in their midst until the end of the world.

This is true even now. The baptized must remain with the community. Jesus has already given himself as the food for the community. That is my next teaching.

Comment: Mary stresses the communal aspect of Baptism and the believer’s duty to gather.

The Eucharist

The Holy Spirit forms the Christian community. He lives within each member and unites them. His goal is that every member proclaim Jesus as Lord. To gain this, he recalls all that Jesus did and taught.

Even more, he overshadows bread and wine so that Jesus himself lives in their midst and is food for their divine life. I will tell you how this gift was given.

One day, thousands of people gathered to hear Jesus preach. This was in a deserted place and the hour was late. Jesus took some bread and fish into his hands and blessed them. He gave them to his disciples, who distributed them. All 5000 were fed. This multiplication of food was a sign to everyone of Jesus’ special powers.

The next time that they gathered, Jesus used this miracle to promise a greater gift. He would provide bread come down from heaven, his own body and blood, to give them eternal life. He promised that if they ate his flesh and drank his blood, he would raise them up on the last day.

At this time, many did not understand the promise. First, Jesus had not yet died and been raised to glory. Second, they did not understand how he could give his flesh to eat and his blood to drink. I will explain this the next time.

Comment: Mary leads into her teaching on the Eucharist by describing the preparatory events – the multiplication of food and the promise of the Eucharist (John, Chapter 6).

The Last Supper

On the night before he died, Jesus was at supper with the twelve apostles. He took bread, blessed it and gave it to them to eat, saying, ‘This is my body that is for you. Do this in remembrance of me”. Then he took a chalice of wine and said, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this, as often as you drink it, in memory of me”.

Now the twelve apostles understood the promise. The bread and wine had become the Real Presence of Jesus. When they would say the same words in his name, Jesus would always become present. As they ate and drank, he would enter their souls with the divine life he had from the Father, uniting them to God through his body and blood. Celebrating the Eucharist is the central act of Christian worship.

Comment: Mary explains clearly the daily Catholic practice of Holy Communion.

The Apostles Creed

I have taught you long enough, explaining all the basic beliefs. Now, I want to gather you. Your world is filled with darkness and Jesus is the light. If my words have stirred you, then read them again and again. I have instructed you as simply as I could.

Our names are important. I am Mary, the mother of God. Jesus is my Son. He was born to give you life, to save you from darkness and from the evil spirit. Do not wait. If you believe, seek Baptism from Christians in your land. If there are no Christians, then believe and baptize each other. First, learn this prayer:

I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified died, and was buried. He descended into hell. On the third day, he rose from the dead. He ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God, the Father almighty. From there, he shall come again to judge the living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and life everlasting. Amen.

Comment: Mary prepares all for Baptism through the Apostles Creed written explicitly to prepare believers for Baptism.

Explaining the Creed

I have explained these truths in the course of my teaching but let me review them in a systematic way.

God created the world. Jesus is God’s son. Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, sentenced him to death in Jerusalem. I was there when he was buried in a new tomb, not used by anyone else, made out of stone with a large rock across the opening.

On the third day he rose from that tomb and began appearing to the disciples for 40 days. Then they saw him taken up to heaven to prepare a place for all who believe in him.

On the final day, he will come down from heaven and will judge everyone. Some he will take to heaven. Others he will send away because they did not believe in him and did not receive his Spirit.

The Holy Spirit forms the community of believers called the Catholic Church. This spirit forgives sins through Baptism and other sacraments. The Spirit will bring about your resurrection into eternal life. Jesus promised his disciples, “I go and prepare a place for you. I will come back for you, so that where I am you also may be”.

“Amen” means “I believe”, “I say it is so”. If you believe all these truths and want Jesus to be your Lord, then you are ready for Baptism. Just begin. The one who is baptizing you should plunge you into the water three times saying, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. You answer “Amen”. These names Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are familiar to you.

Comment: Ideally, only a baptized person should baptize another. However, these words might reach people who are not baptized. A non-baptized person can baptize as long as they do three things:

1. Plunge the person into water three times, or pour water on their head three times.

2. Say the words, I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

3. Do all the above with the intention of accomplishing what the Church and Mary want accomplished, namely, to make the baptized person a child of God.

29. Preparing for the Chastisement

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A Chastisement of Mercy

A time of great trial will come upon the world, a great distress of the nations. Many will die. Others will not know what to do. However, those who know me and know my words will have enough light to get through this period of darkness.

The world will be purged by this extraordinary divine intervention. This is the purpose of the trial because the Father would not do this if he had any other choice. He cannot allow the world to go on as it is. If he did not intervene, as drastic as this is, life on earth would be even worse. Man would inflict on man unheard of sufferings as the weapons of mass destruction are released by those who are under the control of the evil one. So, what looks like divine chastisements are really acts of his mercy. God will purge the world before man destroys it.

Comment: Mary says that God must act to cleanse the world and also to avoid greater suffering inflicted by man himself through nuclear arms.

God’s Care for the Living and the Dead

Those who live in light and believe my words will know this is true. Even in the worst moments, they will see God’s purposes and know what to do. Some will die but they will accept their deaths in a spirit of faith, knowing that they have used their lives to love and serve God. They will have no regrets and the Spirit will console their inner being.

Others will be preserved from death by the Spirit so they can form the new Church that will arise, the light of the new mankind that will be fashioned by the Father. This will include people from all over the world. They will be people of faith, even if they did not believe before. They will have come to faith in the middle of the trials because of the signs in the heavens and the wonders upon earth. They will know that God has saved them and they will tell the story to their children and their children’s children.

Comment: Both good and bad will die. God’s rain falls on the just and the unjust, but the Spirit will be able to console the good. He will also care for those who survive and have come to faith.

A New Creation

It will be like a new creation. Man will once more realize that he owes his existence to God’s choice. He will no longer say, “The earth is mine to do what I want”. Instead, he will say, “The earth belongs to God and I am the caretaker of his creation”.

Man will once more stand in God’s presence and will rejoice in the title “Children of God”. Faith will be everywhere. Man will see clearly that all life comes from God. A new world will begin, “as it was in the beginning”.

Man will still be free, still able to choose good and evil, but man will be so filled with light that good will be easily chosen and evil will be easily rejected. All of this can only take place after the world is purged.

Comment: Seeing the final result of the purging gives hope and purpose.

New Lights for People of Faith

I say all this to prepare you for these events. Prepare, you must. Whoever is not prepared will perish from hopelessness and despair, devoid of all light and understanding. Satan will put out all the lights of the world, all that men hoped would save them.

However, I will shine my light, new lights, extraordinary lights, seen only by people of faith, words heard only by those whom I have trained to listen. Let me explain.

The heavenly Father wants to communicate with his children by the powers of the Holy Spirit. This Age of the Spirit has already begun but too few are aware, even in the Church. I have appeared to some and have made certain places sources of divine messages. These are a sign to all, but my plan goes much further. The Father will pour out the Spirit on all mankind and I am his messenger.

Comment: The Father speaks to his children by the Holy Spirit. We must learn how the Spirit speaks and guides us.

True Light – Extraordinary Yet Essential

Two things must happen. All must be open to this new inner light and all must be aware of false lights. There will be extraordinary true lights and extraordinary false lights.

I will raise up leaders in my Church who will know the true light by their own deep personal experiences and by their solid theology. They will point out the true light and will reject the false light. Follow them. Plunge into this true light for it will be the only light that you have in the darkness. Get used to the light and learn how it guides you.

All of this is extraordinary but the darkness will be extraordinary. The deep personal light of the Holy Spirit guiding individuals and families will become essential

Comment: God’s light will be new and, before the darkness, we must become familiar with it.

Gathering in the Light

You cannot be like the foolish virgins who believed that they could get oil for their lamps at the last minute. You cannot gain this new light when the darkness comes upon you. You must become a child of the light now. I say “now” because the Spirit’s light is available and he will train you in the light. You will learn to act in his light. You will also gather others, because many must walk in this light.

You must gather. Gather in praise, exalting my Son, Jesus. This is the Spirit’s method to give light. Gather daily. Lift your hands in praise and the Spirit will descend upon you. Otherwise you will never learn his gifts or receive the light that I intend.

Do not ask me to tell you when these trials will begin or to give you signs. Doing that is useless. Even with the clearest signs, people will not listen. My words are enough and they are clear. Why talk about some future sign when I have already told you to begin now. If you do not believe and if you do not start now, will you start in the future? Will some sign jolt you into belief? You will be jolted but not by my signs.

My words are signs and I tell you clearly that this is the Age of the Holy Spirit. If you invoke him, he will give you personal signs, especially a unity with others.

Comment: Mary tells us to invoke the Holy Spirit. Gather with others. Praise God in unison. Learn the charisms, how the Spirit reveals his words. Special signs are useless. Her instructions are enough.

The Scattered Children Must Gather

I sorrow over my children because they are scattered. Their little light cannot overcome the darkness and they cannot survive even now, before the great darkness comes. What will they be like when Satan puts out all the lights?

When people invoke the Holy Spirit, he joins them together. They find a common voice of praise. They lift their hands to the Father. While they pour out their praise, the Spirit joins their hearts. They are no longer alone. They have others are their side.

I will be with all of these little groups. They will be called Marian Gatherings of the Holy Spirit. Even if just three or four gather, this will be enough. I will teach them and they will learn together. This advice is very easy but this is how you will prepare for the darkness. Gather with others in a Marian Gathering of the Holy Spirit. Do not put this off. If you go and search, I promise that you will find others. Then you will discover my plan for you. You will rejoice and say, “Mary has provided me with others. Together we will prepare for the darkness. May I find you together when I come”.

Comment: Mary’s advice is easy. Her children are too scattered. They must come together in a Marian Gathering of the Holy Spirit. They will be blessed as long as they stay together.

A Clear Plan of Action

What will you do when you gather? You will read my words. They will teach you. More important, you will give me your hearts as slaves of the Immaculate Heart as taught by St. Louis de Montfort.

This is only the beginning. Let each one use their gift of the Spirit. Let each heart, touched by the Spirit, bring forth a word, a hymn, a revelation. Serve one another with the spiritual gifts. Do not wander into other concerns. The Spirit must do his work in you and you must learn his ways. Enough for now. I have given you a clear plan. Begin to act.

Comment: You are told what to do in these gatherings. Read Mary’s words. Consecrate yourself to Mary in True Devotion. Use the Spirit’s gifts. Learn the Spirit’s ways. Do this right now.

Family Preparations

Different structures must be built. Tiny structures which can multiply and be present everywhere. These structures will survive. They can be built right now. Whose authority do you need to gather in your home? Whose blessing must you seek for family prayer? I give you my authority and my blessing. Begin now, before it is too late. Gather your children into the Marian Gatherings of the Holy Spirit. Since this is where everything must begin, I will speak to the parents.

Comment: Mary wants these groups to start immediately. The easiest place is in the home.

Anxieties of Parents

How anxious you are. You have brought your children into the world, but now you see, only dimly, the great questions about the future of the human race. What will be the future of your children who have so many years ahead (years when you will not be with them)? Even now, fear covers you. You can see all the problems on the horizon. When you hold them in your arms, do you not ask, “What is in store for them? How will I keep them safe?” These questions must lead you into action. Follow the safe path which I offer to you.

Comment: The future problems can be seen on the horizon. Loving parents inevitably suffer from anxiety. Mary will provide a plan of action.

Four Pieces of Advice

First, you must believe that I will keep you and your family safe, but only in my Immaculate Heart. That is why the heavenly Father wants to establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart. Do not follow any other path. This is the sure, the easy and the short road. You will never arrive by any other means.

Second, you must give me your heart so I can purify it of all its sinful desires.

Third, you must bring to me all the members of your family so I can purify their hearts. There is no salvation without purification.

Fourth, you must gather together in my heart. This is not optional. I can only bless those who gather. I can seek the scattered sheep but only so that I can gather them with the others. A scattered sheep is a lost sheep until it learns to stay with the flock.

Comment: These four pieces of advice are basic. They must be fulfilled for Mary to give greater help.

More Advice

Now I must go deeper. My words are true treasures that come from my heart.

First, read God’s word. Take it to heart. Love that word. Let it be a light for your path. Let the word live in your family. Live by the word. Study it. Memorize it. Too many Catholics are ignorant of the word. I pondered the word that I was taught at the synagogue. You, too, must ponder it.

Second, purify your home. Remove whatever I would not want to be there. Make it a Marian home. Clean out the secret recesses. Let nothing unclean enter your home. I will bless a purified home. I cannot bless a home which tolerates sin.

Now, let us go still deeper. I want love among the family members and peace in their relationships. I want truth to reign, together with honesty and purity. I want family meals and time for the children. I will make all of this possible if only you have faith in me and allow me to act. I ask only good will and a willingness to begin again when you have failed.

Any home which does this, I will bless and I will make it a light for others. When the darkness comes, these lights that you and I have set in place will not go out.

Comment: These are perfect guidelines. Each parent will be touched by different sentences. Each command also carries some promise of Mary’s help to implement it.

30. Mary and World Events

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The Darkness of the Mideast Uprisings

Some nations are already in darkness. Others are in twilight, retaining some light. However, nothing is secure. Everything can change and much will change. Many nations are now in tumult, faced with the uprisings of their people. The West looks on, unable to comprehend what is happening, unable to see what will be the final result.

These uprisings are the beginning of the darkness, the first stirrings, the early signs. Yet, no one sees them for what they are. Many in the West think they are the first stirrings of freedom and democracy. You fools. These are not stirrings of light. They are stirrings of darkness. These nations are in twilight and these uprisings will put them into complete darkness.

I want these people to be free, but years have passed and who has preached the gospel of my Son to these nations? The West has never understood. Only the Spirit of my Son can set free. Whomever the Son sets free is free, indeed.

These are not religious revolutions, where people of light throw off the darkness of a dictator or the darkness of a system. These are secular revolutions and these nations will go from one darkness to another. What is secular is dark. What has no roots in God’s word cannot bring about life and freedom.

The West has forgotten this. It has pulled up its own religious roots. You have only a light which is left over from centuries of abiding in God’s word. This word you have rejected. Soon, your light will go out, also.

Comment: Mary sees all the uprisings in the Middle East quite differently than Western leaders. These nations have killed Christians and the missionaries. How can they now have a true light or true freedom?

A Son Whom I Will Call to Jerusalem

I will call a son from the West and he will go to the Middle East. He will bring no armaments of war, no secular powers, no large bureaucracy. He will come because I have given him my word. He already knows to come. To come and to lay down his life and to plant afresh the seed of God’s word. He will be my Pope. With him, will come others, not to conquer any land or to claim any kingdom. They will come only because I said to them, “Go to where I lived. Go to where my Son preached”. All of them will go in faith and when they come, they will do only

what I tell them to do. There will be only a short time, just as my Son preached only a short time. They will find disciples and they will carry on the word.

“What can be accomplished by a Pope?” you ask. He will plant a light, a light at the top of the mountain, a light that will never go out, a light that all the nations and all the Churches and even all of Israel will walk by. It will be the Lord’s mountain and all will say, “Let us climb the mountain of the Lord”.

When nations climb the Lord’s mountain, then their weapons will be beaten into plowshares and peace will come to the nations. This is the true light and I will bring it about, but only after a long darkness that convinces the world that it possesses no light at all. It will be a seed, planted in faith, which will become a gigantic tree that all the nations can rest in. Jerusalem will be the city of world peace as all the nations realize that my Son’s blood was shed there, the blood which still cries out to the heavenly Father for peace to men of good will.

Comment: Jesus’ blood, shed in Jerusalem, still has power to sanctify the city so that Jerusalem will be the light of the world. However, many events must happen before that takes place.

America’s Shriveled Roots

America, you have killed your enemy, Bin Laden, but you have not solved your problems. Your difficulties lie in your roots. The roots of your life have shriveled and the roots of your desires have grown. These roots are planted in a lava waste and drain away your life. You are dying from within, unable to reverse the tide that has been unleashed by your turning to the secular.

Your roots were religious, based upon the strength of the Churches and the high morality of your people, in the sanctity of life and the holiness of marriage. You guarded your young against pornography. All was in order. You flourished in the discipline of your life and in the discipline of your spending. This was the high level, the truly American life, where human life was human life meant (always) to be protected.

You can see what has happened. The roots of life have shriveled and the life that you enjoy now is a remnant from the past, given to you by your religious roots which brought forth America, one nation under God. I ask you, “Who is under God now?”

I want to draw you back to where you belong and where you will thrive again. I would draw you to a nation under God, but you will not come. You want your freedoms, even those which violate God’s will. You do not want to be a nation under God. You cry out, “Do not speak to us, O God. We do not want to know your will. We do not want to ask, “What is God’s will?” When voices are raised about God’s will, you say, “We have separation of Church and State.”

Shall we go our separate ways? Do you want to form your secular state? Is this what you want? Are you asking for a divorce? A divorce from the woman who gave birth to a nation?

Think it over again. Ask yourself, “What course am I choosing? Do I really want to follow the road of Europe? Or, should I go back to the Churches? Should I ask them to teach me again? Should I say to the Churches, “Teach my children for they no longer know right from wrong. I have taught them what works. I have given them skills. But, they have never learned who created them or the way of true life. Here, take my children and teach them the ways of the Lord”.

It is not too late, America, but our separation must be ended. You have listened to the wrong voices and have cast out the mother of your children.

Can it happen? Can religious life be restored to its proper place? Just open your doors. Do not listen to those who want to kill your religious spirit. The roots are shriveled but they are not dead. Restore your roots and they will give life.

Comment: The disease of the removal of religious thought from public life is pervasive, resulting in the least religious young adult generation in America (shown by all the statistical polls). Religious life and thought must be invited back in America’s public marketplace.

The Need for Peacemakers

Slowly, ever so slowly, I reveal my plan, a plan of love where every heart is turned away from hatred and revenge. From the evil in men’s hearts come wars and exploitations, now seen on a scale never imagined before. Only love, forgiveness, repentance, reconciliation, a putting aside of the past is the road to walk. But who walks this road?

Where are the peacemakers? They have vanished from public life. I must raise up a new army and once more stir the consciences of the world. These peacemakers will be gunned down, as were the others who preached non-violence. The blood of these martyrs calls out. They ask, “Has our message been forgotten? Has the soldier become the hero? Have the weapons of war become the new idol of America? Where is the stream of peace that used to flow so strongly in the hearts of the young? Where are the peace movements? Where are the prophets who would shed no blood but would allow their own to be shed?”

Do we no longer raise the question about a just war? About appropriate means? About the costs of armaments? Or is it the blank check which we provide to the military complex, saying, “Produce the best technology at any cost?”

You have wandered down the wrong road, America, taking to yourself prerogatives that you do not have. Return to the heart of the republic. Let the voices of peace be raised. They have not been heard from in a long time.

Comment: Mary recalls an earlier era when political leaders had to pay attention to peace groups that protested the Vietnam War. Since there is no more draft, these voices have not been heard from recently.

31. Mary’s Role – Statesperson to the World

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Mankind must be lifted up. It needs the words of statesmen and poets to form a conscience, to call political leaders to higher ideals. Since these voices are missing in America, I will become the statesman and the poet. People will hear a new voice, because others have forsaken this task.

I will touch the heart of the country which I love so much and which I have made so powerful. Its greatest moments and its most important tasks lie ahead. First, its heart must be lifted up, or else it will falter. Even worse, it will turn aside to a goal that is unworthy. This is the real temptation for America.

Listen to me, America. I have not raised you up to conquer the world. I have not raised you up to invent new weapons. I have not raised you up so you can sell your weapons to whomever will pay our price and support your economy.

America, I have raised you up to feed the world. Look at the farms I have given you, a fullness of natural resources.

I have raised you up so you could export your medicines, not your weapons. I have raised you up to eradicate disease and to bless the poor. Instead, you send forth your soldiers; not your doctors, your weapons not your food.

You must see all that you can accomplish with your discoveries and your methods. Fund governments that will welcome your help. Use your farmlands that deliberately lie fallow. These unused lands are an abomination to me.

Open up new rivers of aid, let your riches flow in new ways. Then you will have friends among the nations.

Do not listen to your bankers. Listen to the cries of the poor and the hungry in other nations. If you care for them, I will care for you. If you let them grow hungry, I will let your children also taste the evil of famine.

I have given you a destiny but you have turned away from it, ignoring the prophets of peace.

Comment: Caring for the world demands a heart that loves the world.

32. A Commentary on the Modern World

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Revealing Her Secrets

All the doors will open – the doors to nations, the doors to leaders, the doors to the hearts of the people, the doors to my secrets, and the door to my heart. Nothing will be hidden. All will be revealed to know and to see and to believe. The words will reveal the truths behind the reality. Just let the words flow like a stream. Let us begin.

Comment: All will be touched by the words that follow revealing the realities beneath the surface.

The Streams of Heaven’s Blessings

When men harden their hearts, the stream of heaven’s blessings cannot flow into that place. God did not place every blessing in creation. He reserved some powers to himself. He held back the power to create the human person, reserving that to himself.

This is only the first “holding back” because the Father also holds back every spiritual blessing. He “held them back” in the sense that they are not in the power of man. God did not give to man the power to create the spiritual. Man cannot create peace or goodness or forgiveness. He also cannot overcome spiritual evils – hatred, envy, lust. Overcoming these is beyond his power.

Yet, look at mankind. Does it not believe that everything is within it powers? Then, when society is pulled apart, when violence erupts between nations, mankind is surprised and asks, “Why does this happen?” Man does not understand the heavenly stream that flows from the throne of God. This stream contains every blessing that mankind so desperately needs. The Father has provided everything but mankind does not look to the Father. Mankind operates with the false notion that he contains in his hands all that is needed to form human life and world peace.

Mankind wants creation for himself. He wants to take it and say “this is mine”. O foolish man. Creation is not yours. Creation belongs to God. You do not have everything in your hands. The Father knew you would take everything to yourself. He knew you would appropriate what is his. Creation is not owned by man but by God. Let your wars, your killings, you revolutions, your intrigues – le them all speak to you. You will not listen to the churches so listen to your worldly news. Just listen to what is broadcast each night on your televisions.

Tell me, O conceited man, do you have peace? Look at the stirrings on every side. You do not have enough bombs, enough drones, enough technology to bring about peace. War, war, war.

There is war everywhere and the seeds of greater wars are already planted and waiting to be harvested.

You have forsaken the heavenly stream that flows from the throne of God. Come, turn back. If you begin again to drink from this stream, you will not need your guns and your bombs. Whoever drinks from this stream tastes peace and when anyone tastes peace they say, “Never again. Never again the war”. That is when you have true peace. I am your mother, sorrowing over her children as they kill one another.

Comment: Mary pinpoints the problem. Mankind does not have all power. Many needed blessings come only from God but mankind does not look to the Father.

The Collapse of False Hopes

Can you dream only of material goals? Are your hearts limited to the sensual? Is this the way the Father made you? Did he not place a different dream in your heart? You ignore this. You are a stranger to your own heart. So many truths are planted there. Read them all. I will be your teacher. Let us begin.

It is spring. The flowers are fresh. The winter is over. All is hope. Nothing has come forth yet but all is beginning. Who placed hope in your heart? What is its purpose? Hope is often mangled, twisted to false goals. When this happens, hope becomes ambition, greed, a climb to power. False goals abound. When they are gained, they bring disillusion. You ask, “What is life all about? Why did I seek this? Why did I believe the false promises?

You have misread the hope which the heavenly Father placed in your heart. You have misused the promise of your life’s springtime. Go back. Find true hope, a hope that deals with heaven and with a life that you cannot see.

It is not too late, even if your earthly career has crashed. Do you not see? It is your false hopes that have collapsed. Now that they are scattered to the winds, you can search again for the true hopes. These are planted in your heart by the heavenly Father. You are made for God. Nothing else will satisfy you. You are made for heaven. Earth passes away.

Do not say ”I am without hope”. Look again in your heart. An unopened gift still remains there. It reads, “If you wish, you can be a child of God and a citizen of heaven.

Comment: This is a beautiful teaching on hope. Directing hope to earthly goals mangles it. Destroyed earthly hopes recalls that a true hope is still an unopened gift planted in your heart.

Mary Sorrows Over Lost Souls

I want to share my sorrows. There are some who died today who will never live with me and some who will die tomorrow and not be with me. Many do not hear the gospel because they live in cultures of darkness. So my words must reach the darkest places of the world.

At first, my words will not be accompanied by signs but the time will come when my words are challenged. Then, I will give signs, not for those who challenge, but for the little ones, that they would continue to believe. Therefore, be open to the greatest of divine favors, even revelations of events that will take place. I will speak of the future actions of God and man. I will speak of diabolical actions and reveal them ahead of time. I do all this because of my great sorrow for souls. The greatest divine favor is to love souls as I love them and to share in my sorrow over lost souls.

Comment: Mary’s heart is broken over souls who will not enter heaven.

33. Understanding Worldwide Evil

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The Trojan Horse

Good and evil are not separated. They are intertwined in every event and in every moment. Evil inserts itself into all that is good and good is present even when evil seems to be triumphant. This is the mystery I will explain. Except in those actions which are totally divine, all of human history is a mixture of good and evil.

Not understanding that human events are a mixing of good and evil, man often proclaims as good what is only partially good. He, then, opens his heart to it, not knowing that evil enters with the good. If the evil is not impeded, it takes over the good and destroys it. There remains only the selfishness of man, not the goodness of God which initially inspired the action.

Look at human history. So many events and movements have begun with the good but have ended with evil. See the French Revolution that began with high ideals but soon became the tool of evil, causing social disruption, overturning the divine and making reason the new god of mankind. So much evil goes back to that revolution because man was not aware that evil attached itself to good, like the Trojan horse, to enter unnoticed into the city.

Comment: Mary points out what man often overlooks, the evil mixed with the good that enters history unnoticed until the effects are seen.

Explaining Why Man is Confused

Now, let me explain good and evil. Each has its own fruits and its own source. Good comes from God alone and is given freely to all creation. God saw that everything was good as it came from his hands. Man and woman were created in God’s own image. They were rooted in divine goodness, more than any other material creation. Man was meant to be the bearer of divine life and the purpose of material creation. Yet, man became the door to evil, the only door that Satan could have used, the only creature with free will. What was good (the free will of man) was used for evil and became the door to chaos.

The world is now filled with a goodness that comes from God and an evil that enters by man’s free will. Man does not understand this. It is like light and darkness. As if man forgot that all light comes from the sun. So, he walks away from the sun and is plunged in darkness and he does not know why. Man forgets God. He turns away from God and wonders why the world is plunged into evil. Then, he blames God for the evil that does not come from God.

Progress That is Not Progress

O Man, you must turn back to the source of all goodness. Purify your works of evil. Otherwise, you are blind. Your solutions will be no solutions until you understand that everything which man brings forth is a mixture of good and evil. Without God, the good will always carry evil with it. Without God, the good that was originally intended will soon surrender to the evil that accompanied it. It is a purified mankind that I seek, when creation will once again be creation, “as it was in the beginning”.

Without God, progress is not progress. To each new invention, evil is attached. I do not say, “Halt all progress”. I say, “Let your progress be done in God and it will be true progress. Progress without God carries only greater potential for destruction.”

O Man without God, look at the world you have brought about. Is it progress that your bombs are atomic bombs? Is it progress that your technology destroys the very earth that you live on? Look at all your technology. Look at the powerful Internet that causes so many problems. Look at everything. Everything you produce for good is taken over by evil. This is the mystery that I put before you. You are building a world without God. You are building a destructive creation. God must purify creation before creation destroys itself.

Comment: Mary answers a confusing question, “Why is the world less safe when we have had so much progress?”

Approaching a Disastrous Moment

The world is approaching that moment when the power of Satan will have two aspects. First, he will have linked his evil into what is truly a worldwide system. Second, this system will contain the power to destroy most of the world.

I say this. The heavenly Father will not allow this but he has only two alternatives. Either he purifies creation by divine chastisements that totally disrupt what Satan is putting in place so that all of creation is not destroyed. Or, the world comes into my Immaculate Heart and I reveal a much easier salvation, by which hearts are touched and the evil attached to progress and inventions is purified. In this way, the power is used for good and not evil.

The choice is a solemn one, filled with a thousand ramification which touch the hearts of people and the fibers of society. I say this again and again – the secrets of God lie in my Immaculate Heart. That is where the Father has placed them.

Comment: What Mary says is almost self-evident. Man is approaching a moment when he not only can destroy himself but the forces of evil are present that are willingly and even hope to destroy large segments of humanity. What she reveals is even more important. The only way to avoid world-wide disaster is to listen to her wisdom.

34. Jerusalem – The World’s Center Stage

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Killing the Pope

For years, I ministered with my disciples in Galilee. I placed in their hearts, the treasures of my words and the memories of my deeds. However, the culmination of my life was in Jerusalem. I went there in the heavenly Father’s time. It was Passover, with great expectancy in the air. The Jewish leaders wanted to kill me. Pilate, the Roman governor, was in Jerusalem for the feast. All was according to the Father’s plan.

Jerusalem is the world’s center stage, where two dramas are played out. The first was 2000 years ago. The second will be in modern times. Jerusalem is the world stage where the kingdoms of good and evil clash.

There will be efforts to gain peace for Israel but these will fail. These efforts are good but the world leaders do not see the depth of the problem, or the deeper clash that only faith reveals.

I preached for some days in Jerusalem so all would know that I was present. Then the drama began. Violence was the force used against me and death was the result. However, the victory was won. The great treasures were placed in the hearts of the disciples who preached my word to the world.

There will also be a modern drama. At just the right moment in the Father’s plan, the Pope will go to Jerusalem. Again, there will be anger and hatred. He will go as a man of peace. The enemies will use violence, as they have so often used terrorism. Their hatred against Israel will spill over. Their weapons will kill the Pope. Yet, he will be the victor. By his death, the weapons of violence will be seen for what they are – weapons that would strike down my Vicar, the great man of peace, who came to Jerusalem in my name. His death will usher in the gift of peace for the whole world, especially for Jerusalem.

Comment: Jesus again highlights the importance of the death of the pope that will take place in that city.


Jerusalem held two dramas for me. When Jesus was a boy, I found him in the temple. He said, “Did you not know that I must be about my Father’s business?” I realized that he was no longer a child who belonged to me. He was a Son, who belonged to the heavenly Father.

Years later, when I went to Jerusalem for the Passover, I knew this drama would be repeated, but in a greater degree. I again would lose him to the will of the heavenly Father.

There will be another drama. I will go with another son, my Pope. He will enter the city like Jesus, a messenger of God’s peace. But, I will no longer be just a daughter of Israel. I will be the Woman, clothed in the sun. I could not control the events of the crucifixion or the cruelty of  the Roman soldiers, but I will be able to control these events. There will be the Pope’s death, but I will temper the sufferings and remove the unnecessary torments. Death will come suddenly and quickly.

Comment: Although world leaders give no special notice to Jerusalem, except for its political importance, both God and Satan see the city as the place of their first clash. This resulted in Satan’s defeat, but he is confident that he can conquer, using the same force, hatred and violence, that he used previously.

35. Reactions to Scarcities

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When some darkness enters human life, Satan stirs people to react selfishly so that a much greater darkness results.

This first round of evil will begin with scarcity, but the greater evil will result from the selfish response to scarcity. When nations and groups see themselves as threatened, they will begin to horde for the future, setting aside much greater resources than they really need. This creates even greater scarcities because they do not think of others and they overestimate the problems. The unity that has been forged in what is called “the global economy” will be tested, stretched out, and, in some cases, broken.

Leadership in America

Even in the greatest of all unities, the United States, the scarcities will begin to affect life. America was built upon abundance and, with abundance, the belief that all should share. Scarcity will be a new experience for modern Americans. I say that it is not too late for America but people must pray for new leadership.

I say this strongly. America must come out of its darkness, led by new political leaders. Now these leaders sit on the sidelines. I do not say to them, “Get off the sidelines”. Rather, I say to America, “If you pray, God will change your political climate, so that those who can lead you will be stirred to step forward and assume the responsibilities. If you pray and repent, changing your goals, then I will send people to lead you. America, it is not too late but you must act quickly.”

Comment: Mary again addresses the need for constant prayer to create a political a political climate of change.

36. The Middle East Disruptions

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Human life is a drama. The heavenly Father does not write all the parts because everyone has free will. The Father does not control the timetable (although he knows what will happen) nor all the events. Much is left to man’s free will.

The Father’s original drama was destroyed by sin. Then I came and preached that the kingdom was at hand. This new drama began with my death and rising. Yet man remains free. He can accept the kingdom and become part of the Father’s drama. If not, he remains outside of the drama and his life is useless.

World events involve the clash of the kingdom of God with the kingdom of Darkness. In all of this there is man’s free will. This determines the timetable and even the specific events.

A person who loves the kingdom and always seeks the kingdom moves up the timetable of completion. A person immersed in evil slows the timetable and tries to place obstacles to the kingdom. From these obstacles come the events of darkness which are now happening. An important event is the widespread disruptions in the Muslim countries. Many do not see the great evil contained in them. I will explain what is happening.

In the Muslim world, there are people of light. These accept those parts of the Koran which are shared with the Jewish-Christian beliefs. They live these values in a Muslim culture. Other Muslims are neutral, so to speak, they are not children of light but they are not given over to radical darkness. Then, there are Muslims who accept and follow the darker teachings of the Koran which are totally at odds with my teachings on love and peace.

In these Mideast disruptions, the radical darkness of the Muslim world is hidden but when the current leaders are toppled, they will use this opportunity to diminish the number of the other Muslims, to increase their own converts and to assume leadership in these countries,.

These deceptions will not bring about an Arab spring but an Arab winter of desolation and destruction. They will not bring about the kingdom of God. They will only enhance the powers of darkness which oppose the kingdom.

Comment: These disruptions, although toppling dictators, will lead to a greater darkness – the rise to power of radical Muslims.

37. The Center of the Darkness

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The wisdom and power of man are as nothing. They have no force and are totally ineffective in the face of evil.

Does not the heavenly Father have a plan and does he not have power? All of the darkness of evil has a center. From this center, the darkness emanates and receives its life. This center will be overcome by the light of truth.

All of the events of the Passion had one purpose, to lead me into the center of darkness which I could overcome the Evil One. I was captured, led to Pilate and then to Calvary. All of this took me into the center of darkness.

Previously, my life had been threatened but the Father preserved my life because I was not at the center. The center of darkness was in Jerusalem.

Comment: The worldwide darkness that we are all experiencing has a center. Trying to overcome the darkness is impossible. God will get to the center and remove its power and life.

The Wounded Side


Why was Jesus’ heart pierced when the redemption of the world had already been accomplished? Jesus had no more free will. His soul had left his body. He had already entered into his glory.

This piercing took place for me and for all who would gather with me. The wound guaranteed that the Precious Blood would pour out constantly. The wound is also a place where all can enter. The wound was for me and for my accomplishing my task.

Comment: Mary explains the two-fold importance of the wounding – so Jesus’ blood can pour out and so we can enter.

38. Raising Up A New Church

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Throughout America, the enemies of the Church are united. They share their secrets and their methods hoping to ruin the Church entirely and reduce it to silence. The Church is my bride but she has fallen into the hands of her worst enemies, who want to tear her to pieces. How I weep. What will I do?

I will raise up a new Church, a Church that worships in Spirit and in truth. While my enemies are destroying the institutional structures, I will raise up those individuals whom they cannot destroy. Suddenly, it will happen. A new Church, built upon the Spirit, so that those who attack the structures will be helpless.

On this Pentecost Sunday (when the Church was born) I begin right now to give birth to a new Church. Within a year, you will see before your eyes what I have done, whom I have raised up whom I have touched, and the methods I have given.

Later, I will deal with those enemies who have wounded my bride so seriously.

Comment: Jesus loves his bride and he will respond by strengthening the Church spiritually and, later, dealing with her enemies.

On the first Pentecost, I saw the Spirit guide Peter from beginning to end. He knew what to preach, what to say when questioned and how to complete the gift by baptizing the new believers.

I left Jerusalem for Ephesus with the Beloved Disciple and there emerged a new Church. John’s Church was held together by love and not by structure. So, there were two churches, the Church of structure and the Church of love. Often, the latter is set aside.

Now is the time to focus again on the Church of the Spirit because the Church of structure is under attack. There are two Churches, united in one. When one is attacked, the other must respond. That is what is needed today.

Comment: As the official, structured Church is under attack, the Church of the Spirit must grow powerfully so it can support the structured Church.

The Lights Going Out

The lights of the structured Church will go out. This seems hard to believe because these lights are all over the world, but much is possible for Satan, especially with the new means of communication.

Once the light of the Church was strong in North Africa, but it is no longer. Once it was very strong in the Middle East, but it is no longer. So, do not be secure. What exists can be destroyed and what you have can be taken away.

Comment: Jesus is not trying to scare us. He is warning that in this great darkness, Satan, by using the modern means of communication, can totally discredit the Church. We see this happening already in America.