5. The Holy Spirit and the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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Why does the heavenly Father want to establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart? Only in this way can there be an Age of the Spirit.

The easiest way to understand the Holy Spirit is through my Immaculate Heart. My Heart is is the way of entering the Age of the Spirit. This will not be a final Age but will prepare for the Second Coming.

6. The Problem of Russia

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The problem is Russia. She is the mother of iniquity. She loves neither America nor Israel. That is why my mother asked that Russia be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. When Russia is consecrated all will be drawn together. For now she spreads her iniquity. All the other evil is nourished by her, for she still wants to be the first among the nations. She uses others for her goals, finding partners in evils.

7. The Demonstrations in the Street

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The media covers the rioting of the people on the streets but the people with real power are not on the streets. They are in hiding. The real evil lies not in the demonstrations that all can see, but in the evil which no one can see. They are like bombs planted to go off. When they explode, they will not hit the center, Israel. I know the timetable of darkness. When they do hit the center (Israel) my plan for the Holy Father will be ready to be implanted.

8. The Earth Tilts Towards Evil

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Everything is tilting towards evil and darkness. This has been going on for some time but there is no longer any balance. All has shifted and there will be a quickening of events. All will culminate in the events that I will describe.

At this point, no one can quell the uprisings. They are fires that will continue until all the wood is consumed. Then, like any fire, they will burn themselves out. However, Satan never intended these fires to accomplish his final goal, the destruction of Israel. The purpose of these fires was to weaken all the protection, all the buffers around Israel. This is what is happening but this is not meant to be Satan’s final attack.

9. Significance of the Egyptian Uprising

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The forces of evil have passed the point of no return. The ultimate clash between good and evil is inevitable. Many view the uprising in Egypt in a positive way. They see that a dictator has been removed. However, you must see it in another way, that a war has broken out. Many see the uprising as good but this is the way Satan acts. He get people to do his work by making them think that they are pursuing their own goals. Later, when they have done his work, he reveals himself. Then it is too late to do anything. See this clearly. Egypt is the first step towards the ultimate confrontation.


10. The Holy Spirit’s Words

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You must not think that I speak on my own.  I conceived the Eternal Word by the power of the Holy Spirit and I conceive these living words only the Spirit’s light.
The Holy Spirit made me the Mother of God and Mother of the Church.  He abides in me and through these words he will bring forth new children of the Father.

Comment:  Mary gives these locutions but the Holy Spirit, her spouse, is their source.


The Encourager

In the gospels, I said little because my Son’s voice had to be heard.  However, the world did not listen because he spoke words of judgment and repentance, which the world did not want to hear.  I am the encourager, inviting the world to listen more carefully to his words.

Comment:  Mary assumes a mother’s role of explaining the difficult sayings of Jesus.


Darkened Minds

Jesus’ words are light but minds are often darkened.  I will explain his words, and give everyone a chance to hear his words a second time.  Listened to afresh, his invitation to the kingdom will be heard anew.  I will explain his most difficult sayings, which Satan twists to create obstacles.  When these obstacles are removed, the sheep will follow the Shepherd’s voice.

Comment:  Mary overcomes Satan’s strategy of using Jesus’ words as stumbling blocks.


“If anyone does not take up his cross and follow me, he cannot be my disciple.”

The cross forces each soul to ask, “What are my motives?  Do I really love Jesus?”  This saying forces the soul to look within.  If it finds love, then it will follow.  If it does not find love, then it must search for it.  Without love, the soul will begin the journey but will never complete it.  The soul will overcome trials only by some inner love for Jesus that forces it to go on.


“Whoever looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

These words challenge the soul to greatness, to conquer their own heart and the passions that flow within.  Only a purified heart can receive God’s gifts, so these words protect the soul from shameless ventures that would defile the soul.

Comment:  It is easier to conquer the world than to conquer your own heart.


 “If your eye is a scandal, then pluck it out.”

These words contain a hidden wisdom which is needed because this world is not perfect.  These words are needed for this time on earth, until that which is perfect comes.  Just a little while.  That is all Jesus asks.  Discipline your eyes.


“Unless a man deny himself, he cannot be my disciple.”

My Son came to gain divine life for you.  Can you receive the new if you cling to the old?

Comment:  Denying self love opens you to God’s love.


“Seek first the Kingdom of God.”

What else should you seek?  Does my Son offer you half a loaf?  Or give you bread that perishes?  He gives you a noble task, worthy of the human person.  He created you for the kingdom.

Comment:  The kingdom is man’s highest calling.


“The seed falling into the ground must die, or it remains alone.”

Jesus has placed great treasures within you.  Will you take these to your grave still unopened?  A seed that does not die is an unopened treasure, worthy only to be cast out.  Its existence has served no purpose.
Comment:  An unopened treasure is useless.


“It would be better for that man if he had never been born.”

When Jesus said these words, his heart was sorrowful and broken.  He had done all he could to save Judas.  However, Judas had made his decision and had departed the Last Supper.  More grace was fruitless.  No one enters the kingdom just because they have received much grace (as Judas had).  The free will must speak its “yes” to God’s grace.

Comment:  God has given you the great gift of existence.  He also offers you graces to gain a heavenly existence.  To these you must say yes.