Locutions to the World



The beginning locutions are very special; focusing on the Fatima Vision (released by the Vatican (June 2000).

Concerning Private Revelations:  These are private revelations and there is no need to believe them.  If these revelations help your faith, then receive them.  If not, you can set them aside.  We are called to believe only public revelations.


Lucy’s Fatima Vision

Since the messages that follow concern the effects of the which Mary revealed to the three children of Fatima (July 13, 1917) I will put here Lucy’s description of that vision as released by the Vatican (June 2000)

We saw in an immense light that is God: “something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it”, a Bishop dressed in white. We had the impression that it was the Holy Father. Other bishops, priests, men and woman religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks, as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there, the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain on his knees at the foot of the big Cross, he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way, there died one after another, the other bishops, priests, men and women religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions. Beneath the two arms of the Cross, there were two angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God.


1. Keep Your Eye on Israel

How long will it be? Keep your eye on Israel. This is the center. By keeping your eye on Israel you will get to know the time. Not exactly, but you will see it coming closer. The more danger there is to Israel, the closer the time will be.

I love Israel and I love Jerusalem. In Jerusalem, I shed my blood, redeemed the world and rose from the dead. It is a sealed city, sealed in my blood and in my Holy Spirit. Even more than geography, I love the Jewish people. They are my people. But Jewish lips do not call out, “Jesus is our Messiah”. I like to hear these words from anyone’s lips. But I have my greatest joy when I hear those words from the lips of a Jew and from the lips of Israel. This is the deepest hope of my heart.

Comment: In these locutions Israel takes center stage, both in the time frame of events and in Jesus’ heart.

I am a daughter of Israel and I dreamed of Israel gathered around the Messiah, for whom they had waited so long.

But then, what did I experience? I saw Israel reject my Son, call him a false Messiah, reject his claims and nail him to the cross. But that was only my first sorrow as a daughter of Israel. After He rose from the dead and the apostles began to preach, I held new hopes. Certainly now, Israel would accept my Son as Messiah. Instead, I experienced a second rejection. My own people did not accept Him as their Messiah. Twice, I have been broken in heart. Twice, they have rejected Jesus as Messiah. But it will not happen a third time. I look forward to the day when all of Israel will proclaim my Son as Messiah.

The moment of the greatest darkness is the moment before the greatest light. The very moment when it seems that Israel will be destroyed is the moment when I will save Israel and all will proclaim that Jesus is the Messiah. I have revealed the deepest sorrow of my heart.

Comment: Mary’s two-fold sorrow brings forth a promise that this time the result will be different. Israel’s moment of greatest darkness will be the moment when Mary rescues Israel.


2. Seeing the Future of Israel


As I stood at the table of the Last Supper, I saw Israel. All its future history unfolded before me, the destruction of the city by the Romans, the dispersal of Israel all over the world and the moment when the Jewish people would be invited to return, as the State of Israel was formed. As they returned, all rejoiced. However, they put their trust in their own strength, as their forefathers had done. They built weapons of war and rejoiced in these weapons. They were on the wrong road, being led down a path that led into the hands of their enemies, instead of withdrawing into the safety of my arms. Now, their enemies gather arms and the tide is shifting. Their protection drops away from them. There is terror on every side and still they do not turn to Me.

Centuries ago, the Father intervened on their behalf and sent Me, hoping that all Israel would proclaim Me as Messiah. But they killed Me. What will the Father do now? He cannot send Me again to die. So, He will send My Vicar, the Pope.

The Pope will enter Jerusalem like I entered it. The city will already have suffered much and Israel will begin to despair, wondering what can be done. Then this figure clothed in white will come, sent by the Father just as He sent me. He will come to save Israel, just as I came. He, too will die in Jerusalem but his death will have a profound effect upon the whole world. For the whole world will weep at his death and his death will bless Israel. Why do I reveal these things now? Why do I bring you to the center of the mystery so quickly? Because the time is short. The events are near. They are not far away.

Comment: Jesus describes what has happened since the State of Israel was formed and why it is now prey to so many enemies. Most important, the Holy Father goes to Jerusalem, dies there, and a series of events begin that save Israel.


3. The Pope Dies in Jerusalem

The Church came forth from Israel, like a child begotten by a mother, but Israel began to reject her own child. The soil rejected the fruit it had brought forth. Then came the saddest time of all. Israel and the Church were separated. Now they stand as distinct groups. The mother has rejected her child and the soil has rejected the roots that should have stayed within it.

Peter was the apostle to the Jews and Paul always preached first in the synagogues. The word was preached and the roots tried to enter more deeply into the soil. However, they could not pierce its resistance. Without deeper roots, the plant could not stay long in its original soil.

However, when the darkness comes and Israel is in distress, there will be a new moment. The Pope, the head of the Catholic Church, will go to Israel in its darkest hour and lay down his life for Israel. The eyes of many Jewish people will be opened. They will say “We have been saved by the Catholic Church”. The soil will be open and receptive again to the original seed. My Church and my Jewish people will be joined as I have wanted them to be for centuries.

As the Church’s roots are placed once more into its original Jewish soil, the other divisions of the churches will be healed because they happened due to this first division of the Church from the Synagogue.

It will be clear to all the Christian Churches that there is a new call to unity, a call to unity at the roots and in the heart.

Churches will see what they have never seen and do what they thought they would never do. Seeing the union of Israel and the Catholic Church, they will say, “We must be one”. All the barriers to unity, put up over the many centuries, will be swept away in one breath of the Spirit.

There will be the ingathering prophesied by Isaiah. All the riches of the nations will come to Israel. This will be true wealth, the spiritual wealth of all the Churches gathering as one in Jerusalem with Israel and the Catholic Church. My prayer will be fulfilled, that all would be one as the Father and I are one.

Also, the world will see something quite different, what they have never seen. They will see the Churches united and all the Churches united with Israel. The world will experience a powerful call to come out of darkness. The Church and Israel will be a light to all nations. The light will not be lessened or covered over by divisions of the Churches or divisions between the Churches and Israel. The world will not be able to escape the invitation. The unity will stand before them inviting them to accept Me as Lord.

Comment: This is extraordinary. The sacrificial death of the Pope leads to a full union between Israel and the Catholic Church which leads to a reunion of all of Christianity, planted again in the soil of Israel. This greater witness will confront the world with a more powerful invitation to accept Jesus Christ as Lord.

A moment will come when I will take my beloved son, the Pope. I will walk with him to Jerusalem. For the second time I will go to Jerusalem to witness the death of a son.

When this happens the eyes of the Jewish people will see for the first time. They will see in the Pope’s death what the Catholic Church has done for them. There will be no mistake about which Church has blessed them, because it will have been done by the head of the Church and by the greatest of sacrifices. Israel will embrace the Catholic Church.

All Catholics will welcome Israel because all will have seen the decision of the Holy Father (the bishop dressed in white) to offer his life for Israel. The union between the Catholic Church and Israel will be a union of hearts brought about by the events that the whole world will have has seen and can never forget.

Comment: By the Pope’s death, Israel’s eyes will be opened to the Catholic Church and how Catholic hearts will be opened to Israel. Both happen from the same event.


4. The Valley of Decision

After the events of Jerusalem and the unifying of the Church with Israel, I will call all the nations into the Valley of Decision. It does not need to be a physical valley because all the nations are already linked by communications. This Valley of Decisions will be a special moment in history.

Just as Israel was in the moment of distress, so the world itself will be in a moment of complete helplessness. But I will gather the nations and there will be a new breath in the air, a new opportunity, when all the nations will be united into the light. Some nations will leave the Valley and return to darkness, but most will stay in the light. Armaments will be limited. Money will be spent on food. There will be international cooperation that has been sought by many but never brought about.

I will give these blessings to all the nations in the Valley of Decision as a free gift from my hands. There will be peace and a new springtime.

Comment: This shows the effects of these events upon world leaders at a moment when all the world is in distress. The crises are solved by heaven changing hearts of world leaders. All of these locutions, extraordinary as they are, merely reveal the full effects of Lucy’s vision of the death of the Holy Father (July 13, 1917)


5. The Holy Spirit and the Immaculate Heart of Mary


Why does the heavenly Father want to establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart? Only in this way can there be an Age of the Spirit.

The easiest way to understand the Holy Spirit is through my Immaculate Heart. My Heart is is the way of entering the Age of the Spirit. This will not be a final Age but will prepare for the Second Coming.


6. The Problem of Russia


The problem is Russia. She is the mother of iniquity. She loves neither America nor Israel. That is why my mother asked that Russia be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. When Russia is consecrated all will be drawn together. For now she spreads her iniquity. All the other evil is nourished by her, for she still wants to be the first among the nations. She uses others for her goals, finding partners in evils.


7. The Demonstrations in the Street


The media covers the rioting of the people on the streets but the people with real power are not on the streets. They are in hiding. The real evil lies not in the demonstrations that all can see, but in the evil which no one can see. They are like bombs planted to go off. When they explode, they will not hit the center, Israel. I know the timetable of darkness. When they do hit the center (Israel) my plan for the Holy Father will be ready to be implanted.


8. The Earth Tilts Towards Evil


Everything is tilting towards evil and darkness. This has been going on for some time but there is no longer any balance. All has shifted and there will be a quickening of events. All will culminate in the events that I will describe.

At this point, no one can quell the uprisings. They are fires that will continue until all the wood is consumed. Then, like any fire, they will burn themselves out. However, Satan never intended these fires to accomplish his final goal, the destruction of Israel. The purpose of these fires was to weaken all the protection, all the buffers around Israel. This is what is happening but this is not meant to be Satan’s final attack.


9. Significance of the Egyptian Uprising


The forces of evil have passed the point of no return. The ultimate clash between good and evil is inevitable. Many view the uprising in Egypt in a positive way. They see that a dictator has been removed. However, you must see it in another way, that a war has broken out. Many see the uprising as good but this is the way Satan acts. He get people to do his work by making them think that they are pursuing their own goals. Later, when they have done his work, he reveals himself. Then it is too late to do anything. See this clearly. Egypt is the first step towards the ultimate confrontation.



10. The Holy Spirit’s Words

You must not think that I speak on my own.  I conceived the Eternal Word by the power of the Holy Spirit and I conceive these living words only the Spirit’s light.
The Holy Spirit made me the Mother of God and Mother of the Church.  He abides in me and through these words he will bring forth new children of the Father.

Comment:  Mary gives these locutions but the Holy Spirit, her spouse, is their source.


The Encourager

In the gospels, I said little because my Son’s voice had to be heard.  However, the world did not listen because he spoke words of judgment and repentance, which the world did not want to hear.  I am the encourager, inviting the world to listen more carefully to his words.

Comment:  Mary assumes a mother’s role of explaining the difficult sayings of Jesus.


Darkened Minds

Jesus’ words are light but minds are often darkened.  I will explain his words, and give everyone a chance to hear his words a second time.  Listened to afresh, his invitation to the kingdom will be heard anew.  I will explain his most difficult sayings, which Satan twists to create obstacles.  When these obstacles are removed, the sheep will follow the Shepherd’s voice.

Comment:  Mary overcomes Satan’s strategy of using Jesus’ words as stumbling blocks.


“If anyone does not take up his cross and follow me, he cannot be my disciple.”

The cross forces each soul to ask, “What are my motives?  Do I really love Jesus?”  This saying forces the soul to look within.  If it finds love, then it will follow.  If it does not find love, then it must search for it.  Without love, the soul will begin the journey but will never complete it.  The soul will overcome trials only by some inner love for Jesus that forces it to go on.


“Whoever looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

These words challenge the soul to greatness, to conquer their own heart and the passions that flow within.  Only a purified heart can receive God’s gifts, so these words protect the soul from shameless ventures that would defile the soul.

Comment:  It is easier to conquer the world than to conquer your own heart.


 “If your eye is a scandal, then pluck it out.”

These words contain a hidden wisdom which is needed because this world is not perfect.  These words are needed for this time on earth, until that which is perfect comes.  Just a little while.  That is all Jesus asks.  Discipline your eyes.


“Unless a man deny himself, he cannot be my disciple.”

My Son came to gain divine life for you.  Can you receive the new if you cling to the old?

Comment:  Denying self love opens you to God’s love.


“Seek first the Kingdom of God.”

What else should you seek?  Does my Son offer you half a loaf?  Or give you bread that perishes?  He gives you a noble task, worthy of the human person.  He created you for the kingdom.

Comment:  The kingdom is man’s highest calling.


“The seed falling into the ground must die, or it remains alone.”

Jesus has placed great treasures within you.  Will you take these to your grave still unopened?  A seed that does not die is an unopened treasure, worthy only to be cast out.  Its existence has served no purpose.
Comment:  An unopened treasure is useless.


“It would be better for that man if he had never been born.”

When Jesus said these words, his heart was sorrowful and broken.  He had done all he could to save Judas.  However, Judas had made his decision and had departed the Last Supper.  More grace was fruitless.  No one enters the kingdom just because they have received much grace (as Judas had).  The free will must speak its “yes” to God’s grace.

Comment:  God has given you the great gift of existence.  He also offers you graces to gain a heavenly existence.  To these you must say yes.




11. The Holy Spirit


Often you invoke spirits whom you fear and do not really know. I will tell you about a Spirit whom you need not fear. He is the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of my Son. This is what happened.

When my Son rose from the dead, he came to his disciples, those whom he had trained from the beginning. They were in deep darkness and feared for their lives.

He came into the room without opening the locked doors. When he said, “Peace I leave with you”, all their fears vanished. He showed himself alive in a real body, but transformed by heavenly glory. He breathed upon the disciples and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit”.

For forty days he appeared to them in this way, telling them to wait in Jerusalem for a full outpouring of this Holy Spirit. He was taken up to heaven and they all saw him go up. This happened right before their very eyes.

They obediently returned to Jerusalem, to that same upper room and they waited for this Holy Spirit that I want to teach you about.

On a day we call Pentecost (meaning fifty) the heavenly Father and Jesus, His only-begotten Son, sent their Holy Spirit. He came with many signs – a mighty wind and tongues as of fire which parted and rested on each one of us. We were all filled with the Holy Spirit. As a proof of the new gift, we all began to praise God in strange languages which we did not understand.

The sounds created by the Holy Spirit were heard all over Jerusalem and people who were there for the feast, gathered around this upper room. When they heard us speaking in their own language, they were amazed. This leads to the next part of our story.

Comment: Many people fear and worship false spirits. Mary wants them to know the Spirit of her Son, the Holy Spirit, the source of eternal life.


12. Mary Sets You Free


Peter in Jail (Acts 12:6-10)

The soul has two chains, its passions within and its culture without.  It feels alone, as if in prison but dreaming of its freedom.  The faintest light of hope still burns within.  But, for how long can this last before the passions and the culture snuff it out.
O soul, you have read my words this far.  I promise that I will do more than break these chains.  Like Peter, you will see them “fall from your wrists” (12:7).  I will lead you out.  All the doors will open.  Just follow me.  Read on.  My words will lead you, touch your heart and convince you that your heavenly mother spoke them.

Comment:  To the soul who has entered her heart, Mary promises total freedom.  Continue to read on.

The Means to Freedom
What chains bind you?  Review your life.  Untangle the past.  Recall the events, the circumstances, the decisions and the mistakes.  Omit nothing.
Then, speak to me of all that has happened.  Your own words, spoken in my presence, will heal you.  The pain will be removed.  The light will enter and you will breathe the air of truth.

Find a Priest
Now, go find a priest.  Do not wait.  You have told your sins to me.  Now, tell them to a priest. He will say, “I absolve you from your sins”.  The chains will be permanently loosed.  Then return to me and we will talk some more.

Comment:  Mary’s path to freedom is quite clear.  Identify the chains of your sins.  Tell them privately to Mary.  Then, go to confession.  After that you will hear more of Mary’s words.

The Source of Freedom – Jesus’ Blood

Did you ever think that the past could be set aside so quickly and with such little effort?  Just a few steps took you out of prison.  Now I can help you.  First, let us thank my Son.  Reflect, “What power set you free?  Why do you experience freedom, with your mind turned away from the past?  Your freedom was purchased at a price.  Come I will show you how it happened.
One day, an angel announced the mystery, that I would conceive a child by the Holy Spirit.  He would be the world’s Savior by the shedding of his blood.  This was holy blood, blood taken from my womb.  This is what God asked – that I would give His Son a body and blood.  Then I was to be with him when his body was nailed to a cross and his blood was shed.
At the cross, Jesus gave me his blood until the end of time.  This is why you are free.  I have touched you with one drop of his blood.

Comment:  The personal freedom, so quickly given in confession, does not come from psychological causes.  In every confession, the blood of Jesus purifies the inner heart of the person.



13. Mary, Mother of the Church

In these lengthy locutions, Mary acts as Mother of the Church.  First, she speaks about the Popes.

The Pope Consecrating Russia

The secret of the First Pentecost was that Peter gathered with me and I was able to prepare him to receive the Holy Spirit, my spouse.  I was God’s lowly handmaid, but I was instructed by the most high God and knew the secrets of the king.
The crowds at Pentecost did not overwhelm Peter. His clear words invited the people to do what he had done, to repent and to receive the Holy Spirit.
I took great hope that day.  I saw that my Son’s message would be preached until the end of time.  I saw all of Peter’s successors, the long line of popes.  They were all placed in my heart.  As Mother of the Church I accepted them all.
How I have watched over them, even those whose personal lives were not in order, making sure that they did not err in faith and morals.  And the holy popes, I have used to enlighten the world.
What should I say of the recent popes?  They have all blessed my Church, opening doors to the Holy Spirit encouraging vast works and inviting all to participate in Church life.
But the great work is still to be done, left to the last minute, so to speak, the work I spoke about at Fatima and which I later commanded to be done. – the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart and devotion to the five First Saturdays.  These two are joined together, the mutual work of the Pope and the faithful.  Do not ask why the Pope delays.  That is in my hands.  My desire is that the faithful do not delay.  No one holds them back.  They must begin to practice the Five First Saturdays immediately.  The power will build and sweep the Holy Father along, then both head and members will be ready with full heart to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart.

Comment:  Although these words center on the popes, the real message is for you, the reader.  Begin now to practice the Fire First Saturdays.  You will be hastening the papal consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart.


The Five First Saturdays

To fulfill Mary’s request, you must do four things on the First Saturday of five consecutive months.

1. Receive Holy Communion  (If this is not possible on Saturday, then the Sunday following)
2. Receive the sacrament of Reconciliation (a week before or a week after)
3. Say a Rosary (5 decades)
4. Meditate for fifteen minutes on a mystery of the Rosary.
Your motive for doing these must be to make reparation for sins against Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

Mary and the Priests

I see my priests.  Some are worthy.  Some are unworthy.  Some bless the Church and some disgrace the Church.  But they are all my priests and for each I have a word that they need to hear, a word that comes from a mother’s heart.

To My Sinful Priests

These priests hear many words from their consciences which reprove them, but they do not respond.  Their emotions are empty and they are helpless.
So, to you my sinful priests, I speak no word of rebuke.  I speak a mother’s word.  Do not act upon my word immediately for you are in too much pain.  First, let my word heal you.  Then, arise from your sickness and walk to your brother priest in sorrow and repentance.  I will greet you there in the sacrament of penance.
Oh, you have been to confession often but without the repentance needed to rise from your sins.  Notice, I will have you rise first.  You will already have repentance before you confess your sins.  When the sacrament is over, we will walk together.  This, too, you have lacked in previous confessions.  You had no one to guide you after you confessed.
The secret lies in my words.  Listen to these words and let them surround your heart.  Do not dismiss them.  They are my messages of hope and healing.  If you take my words into your heart, recalling them and remembering them frequently, I promise that you will arise from your sins.  If this does not happen immediately, remember that these are words of grace which must first permeate you and attract you into the light.
I speak these words to you, yes to you my sinful priests, who have done unspeakable things which cling to your memory and weigh upon your heart.  These deeds are like an anchor which does not allow you to come to Jesus, even though you are invited so often during the liturgical year.  The following are your heavenly mother’s words.  They come from my heart, so listen carefully.
I know your name.  In your heart right now, I am speaking your name.  Listen to your name spoken by the Queen of Heaven.  How do I know you?  Of course, I know you.  A mother never forgets her priest son.
Why did you stray?  What took you so far away from your priestly life?  Who led you down the wrong road?  These questions have answers but does it really matter now?  Why pull up those memories?  Why recall your mistakes?  What good does it do?  That road is too long and you will never come to the end.  You must turn around.  You have wandered because of human love – for things or for others.
By these words, I reveal my human love for you.  Yes, my human love, a mother’s love.
I do not want you to perish in hell.  A priest in hell is a special trophy for the Evil One, a splendid victory that he marches around because it displays his craftiness.
Also, I do not want your remaining years on earth to be filled with remorse, emptiness and darkness.  Satan will claim you as early as he can, dragging you into his darkness long before your death.  In this way, you are his and his victory is sealed, many years before you actually die.
I want you to come into my light and into a new fruitfulness in your priestly ministry.  I want to give you spiritual children whom you bring into the light.  I have waiting for you a happy priesthood, filled with those who love you and will walk with you into eternal life.
Which life do you want for yourself?  Do you want years lived in your sins, filled with indescribable loneliness which lead only to the grave and to hell?  Or a new life, filled with people who need your priestly powers, who will pray for you and be with you.  Yes, I will send them, but you must repent.  These final years can lead to a happy death and to life everlasting.
Look at the two roads!  Look at the two roads!!
Right now you are on the wrong one and are unable to choose the right one.  Your only hope is in my words.  Read them again and again until the tears stream down your face.  Then, go and find your brother priest.  He will be a fountain of God’s mercy.  I will wait for you there.

Comment:  Mary knows that the sinful heart is anchored, hopeless and unable to repent.  Even her loving powerful words do not have instant results.  Slowly they permeate.  Although the process is long, the results are true and lasting – a priest restored to grace, a true pastor of his people.

To My Discouraged Priests

You experience a pervasive darkness, thinking that you are a failure.  You do not say this aloud nor proclaim it to others, but the feeling gnaws away.  It is a truth that confronts you at every turn, in the poor response of your people, in your small harvest and in your loss of enthusiasm.
You try so many remedies!  Sometimes you lose yourself in entertainments.  Sometimes you see new ministries.  O you discouraged priests, return to the initial spring of your call.  Those waters still flow.  You drank from them in your youth but you think that they are no more.  I promise you that I will release them afresh within you.
I ask these questions.  Did I not call you to your priesthood, saying, “Come on this path.  Do not walk another.  Give up wife and children, home and family.”  In those early days, did you not hear my voice?  Did you not turn away from all that your human nature so powerfully sought?
Now answer me this question, “Did I stop speaking to you?  Did I lead you into the priesthood and then abandon you?  Is it my joy to see you overwhelmed with failure, your years spent in darkness?  Go back.  Recall how you heard my voice, the spring of your priestly call.  This voice still flows within you.  Do not plunge into your recreations or into your empty works.  Go back and plunge into the power of my words that brought you to the priesthood.  We will begin again and search together.  As your mother I will lead you by my words.
You have looked outside of yourself but you have not looked inside of yourself to the voice of your mother who led you to the priesthood.

Comment:  The priesthood is an inner call, and Mary highlights this mystical inner spring of her voice that led the young man to embrace his priestly call.  Now, she calls him back to her voice and her words.


14. Cleansing the Heavenly Stream


The world is grasped by a whirlpool of destruction. It tried to delay the inevitable but with little success, It does not understand the stream of heaven which purifies and awakens people to God. However, when sin is committed and there is no repentance, this stream becomes polluted and unable to awaken people to God.

Only repentance and reparation can cleanse this stream and keep it a vital force in human history, bringing forth a goodness in people that pleases the Father.

When unrepented sin enters, this stream loses its power and the Father must cleanse the world by chastisements. This is the only option unless man turns back to God.

Comment: The image is very clear, a stream coming from heaven which awakens man to heavenly things. Sin destroys the power of this stream. So, either man repents or God chastises, the only two ways of keeping the stream powerful.


15. Rome and Jerusalem


Great vision is needed because the devil believes that he is finally able to destroy the Church. He has almost all of his people in place to attack the Church of Rome. However, the heart of my church is not in Rome, but in Jerusalem. The church was transplanted to Rome because Jerusalem would not survive. So, the move of Peter and Paul to Rome was my will.

Rome is not Jerusalem. All the churches see the uniqueness of Jerusalem. After the Pope is killed, there will be a question. Will the papacy stay in Jerusalem or return to Rome? The deceased pope will have instructed his followers clearly. Some people will remember the splendor of Rome and will want to return. They will return but those who are faithful will elect a new pope and the world will know that the soul of the church is in Jerusalem. This small seed will grow strong in Jerusalem and the gift will take root.


16. Attacks on the Worldwide Church


Satan will attack the Church, in its external form throughout the world. How can this be, since the Church exists everywhere, with places of worship in many cultures? You will see surprising things. The Church is different in each country, and has a different relationship with the government and with the people. Satan will know the weakness of the Church and how it can be attacked and destroyed in each culture. However, he does not see that I am building a Church of faith and belief.


17. Heaven’s Moments of Opportunity


This is a time of heavenly blessings because the problems are so great and man has no solutions. Before, man could look to his own resources. Now, Satan has released so many problems of such great magnitude, that man can no longer respond. There is a growing despair.

Yet, this is a moment of opportunity, and heaven will respond. Then, all will know that man did not solve the problems. The heavenly Father intervened. Not just with one gift, but with many gifts. Not just with small gifts, but with large gifts. Those with faith must lift up their eyes and open wide their arms.


18. Mary’s Words of Advice


To the Confused Person

How did things get to this point?  Why is the world in such dire straits?  Mankind has gone in the wrong direction for centuries, unable to cope with the rapid speed of technology.  Quick, so quick.  Everything is quick, with no sense of direction.
So stop.  Do not rush headlong.  Pause, be still.  Ask yourself, “Where am I going? What is my goal?”  In this stillness, I will whisper to your heart, “Come this way”.  It will be a surprising direction.  One you would never have thought of.  It is your Mother who leads you.  Follow me.”

Comment:  Mary’s command is so needed, “Pause. Be still. Examine your goals.  Listen”.  Her promise is even greater, to lead you in a surprising direction.


To the Discouraged Person

As the tribulation continues, the faith of many will be shaken because they have built their house upon sand.  But, is it too late?  Will they collapse?  All things are possible to God.
This is my promise.  Even those whose faith has not been built on solid ground I will receive into the Ark of my Immaculate Heart.
That is why this word must go forth.  No one is rejected.  It is never too late.  The door of my heart will only close at the last minute, when all have had a chance to enter.  Never, never say, “It is too late”.  My word is a constant stream of hope.  Wherever it reaches, hope enters, saving hope.
You, discouraged soul.  You, frightened soul.  Get up from your bed of despair and walk to the Ark.  Just use my name, Mary.  Suddenly, the Ark will be in front of you and the door will be open.  I will await you there.

Comment:  This is a beautiful message because people who have not lived a life of faith, feel they have no chance in these tribulations.  They must act now.  Tomorrow might be too late.


To the Overwhelmed Modern Person

Everything swirls around with no sense of purpose.  Each minute cries out, “Take care of me because the future has no hope”.
So, you plunge into what is at hand.  Why ask?  Why search?  Why look for more than what the present holds?
The whirlpool gets greater.  The helplessness grows.  O child, you get carried away by forces that are greater than you.  So, I stretch out my hand.  My strength is enough.  I am the saving Mother who searches endlessly for my children, finding them in back alleys and deep valleys.
Wherever you are right now, I am with you.  Just stretch out your hand.  I do not say “Grasp my hand” because you do not have the strength.  I do not say “Hold on to me”.  I will hold on to you.  I do not say “Follow me”.  I will lift you up.
Just one act of your will is enough.  Use my name, “Mary”.  It opens the door of my heart.

Comment:  The modern person is so overwhelmed and the way back to God seems too complex.  With these words, Mary provides and easier solution.


To Lost Souls

I am the Mother of Sorrows whose woes will not come to an end until all the events written in the Book of Life are fulfilled.  I am the Mother of Life.  Where there is life there are also sorrows until all my children are gathered into the kingdom.  I am not condemned to sorrows because they are not the final word.
These days, however, are days of travail, of bringing to new life, and of restoring life that has been lost.  Yes, many of my children have lost the life I gave to them in Baptism.  Many have cast aside the life I suffered to give them.  They chose their own life.  Others were carried away from a life of devotion.  So many causes.  So many snares.  So many had roots with no depth.  This is the state of the Church and my deepest sorrow.
Yet, I do not cast them out of my heart.  I take them deeper into my heart, allowing them to cause me even greater sorrows.  I let them surround my heart, hoping that just one might understand, “I am causing sorrow to my mother”.
Dear reader, think of your earthly mother.  Think of her faith and what she taught you.  Did she not teach you my name and to fold your hands in prayer, and to say the Hail Mary?  I ask you, “How does she see you now?  Do you not cause her sorrow even though she is in heaven?  Think of your earthly mother and turn back to the ways which she taught you.  I will be waiting there for you.

Comment:  Mary, like a true mother, is willing to experience even greater sorrow to save her child.  How powerful to recall the devotion of your earthly mother.

Inviting Souls to Return

Little by little.  Step by step.  No need for great efforts.  One step after another, like two feet on a journey.
You have so many questions.  “What will others think?  Am I able to return?   What will it be like?”  Do not ask these questions.  They are of no help.  They are not the way back.
Here are the steps you must take.  First, leave behind what is sinful.  You believe that sin’s grasp upon you cannot be broken.  This is not true.  Just remove your desires for the sinful.  Once you let go, I will take what is sinful from your hand.  Easily, quickly and with little effort, your hand will be empty, easily able to select the good.
Second, search your heart.  It will be able to choose what is above, the gifts which heaven offers.  This is what you have always wanted and it is yours because sin’s power is broken.
Thirdly, seek out others who also want heaven’s favors.  All your hands will be lifted high, freed from what is below you and receiving what is above.

Comment:  Mary describes the steps to a solid conversion in the easiest of terms.


To the Fallen Away Catholic

These are not mere words. They are gifts from a mother’s heart, filled with enticements. I place the needed medicine in a candy so you will eat. As you chew on my words, a power will enter your hearts. You will taste a new hope. What you thought was impossible is suddenly within your grasp, like a lifeboat in a dark ocean.

I will inspire you with new hope and you will say, “I can return to the faith of my parents”. You will know the way back. It is a familiar road. You grew up in the Church. You know its teachings and its liturgies.

When you return, you will meet one stumbling block because you will not be fully reconciled. Some will say that this is not needed but you will know that something is missing. You cannot just overlook many years. You cannot remove your own sins. This violates all that you were taught.