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How deep are the mysteries of the human person, created to live forever in the heavenly realm yet beginning its existence on the earth.  This mystery is complicated by the separation of heaven from earth which is caused by sin.  Now, darkness covers the earth.  The human person, created in the bosom of the Trinity and destined to return there forever, must search in this darkness to recover what was originally a gift, namely, a clear vision of the road each person was to walk.
That is why the Father sent me.  I am the way and anyone who walks with me, walks in light.  All else is darkness and futile searching. Paths constructed by man can never lead to the Father.

When will mankind realize the darkness?  When will it cry out for the light?  This darkness is growing.  More and more are enveloped.   The lights of faith are being extinguished.  Will the world return to the darkness that existed before I gave birth to Jesus, the light of the world?  My words are light, casting out the darkness and freeing you, O reader.  The world is always extinguishing the light but I find new ways to ignite it.  There will always be light.  I will always speak.  I will not be silent.  I will not allow the darkness to win the victory.