Those in power lay truth is laid aside and pick up lies instead. Armed with lies, they believe that they can easily conquer and deceive the people. Their lies are spread out before them, like in battle array. They know which lies to send out first (to soften people up so to speak). Then, they can bring out the hard lies that will shake people’s convictions and have them give up what they hold on to as true.

This is the political game which Satan, the father of lies, orchestrates so that people whom he controls can gain power. But, I know his game. I see his strategy and I know what needs to be done to foil his plots. So, let us begin. This is what I will do.

I will take the people whom he holds in his grasp and I will publicly strip them of all credibility. I will use the truth, the truth that reveals their hearts, their misdeeds and their evil intention. When you see this happen, one after another, when one after another of your political leaders and those who share their power are exposed by the truth, then you know that I am working to bring about elections that will be held in the truth.

The great moment of exposure will take place when the Supreme Court passes judgment on the health care. This will force all the truth to the surface. Nothing will be able to be hidden. It will all gush forth for all to see. This decision will be so much in the limelight that no hidden powers (the behind the scenes powers) will be able to cover up the darkness that took place. When this decision is handed down it will level off the playing field. Truth will have a chance to emerge.

In all of this, you can see that your heavenly Mother is doing all she can to make this election an election of truth. But all must do their part. Live in the truth. Demand the truth from your leaders. Propagate the truth by every possible means. There will be surprising moments and unbelievable revelations about what has happened. I am the Mother of truth.

Comment: The Supreme decision on the Health Care Law will reveal much that is hidden.

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